2023 Mazda CX-60 Review: A Sneak Peek at Whats to Come

When it comes to the 2023 Mazda CX-60, what matters most is the stuff that can’t be seen. OK, that’s not entirely true, but with the similarly sized CX-5 and CX-50 models already on the market, there are no plans to offer this two-row crossover in Canada.

Mazda motor europe that’s where i’m standing right now and this is the 2023 mazda cx60 now it’s interesting because this is an suv we’re not getting in canada we do have two slightly larger versions on the way in the near future but the important part is this is built on mazda’s new large vehicle platform it’s also got some new powertrains including a plug-in hybrid

And that’s what this thing is so what are we doing here well we’re getting a little bit of a sneak peek at what that powertrain is going to be like as well as what this new large vehicle platform delivers thank you for more expert card reviews don’t forget to share our channel and subscribe so you can catch some of this and maybe even a little of that so here

I am just outside of dusseldorf germany driving a mazda seems a little weird also a little bit weird this is the mazda cx60 which we’re not actually getting in north america so let’s clear up some of the confusion while a we are here at mazda’s european headquarters it’s r d center because that’s kind of where the development of this new large platform is being

Led and the cx60 is the first of five products that are on their way that are underpinned by this new large vehicle platform we will be getting both the cx-70 and the cx-90 i believe the cx-90 is the one that’s coming first so mazda canada thought hey why not bring some journalists out here so we can check out the cx-60 because it does have some similarities that

Extend beyond the platform and a big one is the plug-in hybrid powertrain that is powering this one i am driving now there are some inline six cylinder engines that are on their way as well mild hybrid systems but this is a proper plug-in hybrid it’s also being done the mazdaway what does that mean well a little different than the norm that you might expect from

A brand like toyota so for starters it’s got an 8-speed automatic instead of a continuously variable transmission and that’s very much like hyundai and kia but the cool thing is this doesn’t have a torque converter and it’s also not a dual clutch automatic okay it’s got a clutch system it’s a multi-plate clutch system but it’s not a dual clutch setup there’s also

A clutch that separates the gas engine from the electric motor so that it can make those switches between power sources but it’s an eight-speed auto no torque converter because apparently there was quite a bit of loss there efficiency loss with that torque converter because of the slipping it’s basically wasted gas you’re burning gas doing nothing that leads to

That kind of slipping feeling when you’re accelerating in an automatic so this multi-plate clutch is a little bit different does make it a bit more responsive and i think mazda said it’s about 22 percent better in terms of efficiency loss compared to its previous six-speed automatic that you’re used to in something like the cx-5 and then as far as the powertrain

Goes well it’s a two and a half liter four-cylinder engine but very unique it’s mounted longitudinally instead of across the engine you know usually if you look under the hood of something powered by a four-cylinder and you see it aligned across the engine bay well this is front to back and that’s because of this new platform that it’s a rear wheel drive platform

Which also seems a little bit confusing because this is an all-wheel drive vehicle but it’s because it’s sort of like a rear bias system it’s sort of designed to be rear-wheel drive but mazda has its set up for all-wheel drive for this cx60 and yes the 70 and the 90 that we will be getting it’s kind of cool it gives it that sort of premium vibe that you might expect

From a brand like bmw or mercedes-benz which is what mazda is going for but it won’t really tell you that they said to us earlier today that we think we’re kind of reaching into that premium space but that’s not up to us and we’re not going to call ourselves a premium brand so it is a little bit confusing what i can tell you right away the driving dynamics do feel

Different it feels very engaging for a crossover this size for a mainstream crossover and that is very mazda mazda is all about that driver-centric approach to its vehicles but i can also tell you at least least in this one i’m driving there are some imperfections it’s not as smooth as i think mazda hopes because it made a big deal in this presentation earlier about

The suspension setup and the way the dampers are positioned so they’re actually moving in the same direction they’re kind of tilted towards the back of the vehicle and it’s supposed to lead to sort of up and down motion instead of that bucking and pitching back and forth but i can tell you out on some of these roads it’s still doing that pitching so it doesn’t feel

Quite as well executed as it maybe could be it’s just even over some of these little tiny potholes and pock marks that you can feel that suspension and the vehicle does seem to kind of pitch a little bit and maybe i’m just hyper sensitive to it right now but here’s my theory if you’re an automaker and you’re going to make a big deal out of something you’re gonna

Really tell us about all of this fine tuning to the suspension and all the work that’s been done to really hone it well obviously i’m going to be paying attention into the behavior because i’m expecting something different it’s not that this is an uncomfortable suv it just feels like i don’t know any other suv maybe a mazda cx-5 it doesn’t feel that different

So the fact that this is this all new suspension setup but it feels kind of the same as before now something you do notice is all the weight being kind of contained within the wheels it’s all under the passenger cell kind of neat because if you take a look at something like that rav4 plug-in hybrid the battery pack will it’s under the back seat but this one is

Still mounted in the floor it’s under where i’m sitting as well as the passengers in the back but it really contains all that weight too between the wheels and it’s that kind of like yeah the cornering that that optimal range that kind of center of gravity it’s really in the middle of this vehicle and you can feel it around the corners this thing’s dynamic but

It’s like i always say about suvs does that really matter i’m not totally sold on it but i can’t tell you that this thing is fairly nice to drive and then in terms of the powertrain well again specifics probably going to change a little bit when we get our versions of these new large platform vehicles in north america this thing makes around 320 horsepower and

370 pound-feet of torque combined which is quite a bit even for a plug-in hybrid so here we are on the autobahn an unrestricted stretch which unfortunately i’m stuck in a little bit of traffic hey it’s friday afternoon everyone i guess is heading out of town for the weekend now to talk about this powertrain performance well it’s actually fairly peppy the issue

Becomes it is noisy and it’s not noisier than any other hybrid i’ve driven plug-in or otherwise but it’s definitely a bit buzzy but the cool thing is that eight-speed automatic transmission i said this about the hyundai tucson kia sportage kia sorento having an automatic instead of a cvt is such a difference maker it leads to kind of more natural performance it

Behaves more like you would expect from a gas powered vehicle and so it does make that transition a little easier for those of you who may be getting into your first hybrids the other cool thing about the eight-speed automatic is that it channels that electric power through it which again is rare that’s not always the case and so it is nice because even when you

Have it in that ev mode you can actually feel the power channeling through the automatic transmission doesn’t feel really kind of that still has that instantaneous nature but it doesn’t feel kind of strained and stretched and like it could wind out endlessly i’ve said that before about other hybrids and evs so it’s a nice setup and for the most part well i can’t

Really tell you how efficient it is because a we haven’t been driving that long and b it’s that whole wplt method the five cycle method that we use fuel economy numbers aren’t going to be the same same with electric range now i think mazda says this thing’s good for somewhere in the low 60 kilometer mark for on a full charge that battery should get you somewhere

Around 62 kilometers or so competitive i think the toyota rav4 hybrid is like 67 kilometers so right in the ballpark but again whether that comes to fruition at home where we use our different testing methods remains to be seen but i do see mazda making some strides here to make its plug-in stand out and that to me is the important thing and the same goes with

That overall vibe that kind of sort of premium you can definitely feel it in some ways cabin quietness not too bad even out here on the highway we’ve got some big trucks around us but it’s fairly well insulated even some of the materials aren’t too bad but then some of them do come up short and there’s some i think we are going to see in those vehicles that

We are getting like the cx 90. this stuff here looks really cool but it’s not actually textured it’s just flat smooth plastic so it’s kind of disappointing to the touch and then even these arm rests on the door they’ve got these kind of like hollow pockets to them when you poke them it feels like it’s missing some material so that doesn’t quite hit that premium

Market but the rest of it does i understand what mazda is saying about this thing kind of reaching up market a little bit it’s been part of its strategy for a number of years now it continues with this plug-in hybrid as well as the other four large platform vehicles that are on their way and i will say my impressions here are that i’m very much looking forward to

The vehicles we are getting at home but until then i’m going to continue to enjoy these stretches of highway here in germany and i’m looking forward to driving the cx-90 when it arrives sometime next year so my test drive was a pretty brief and there weren’t just a few issues i found but i do have to say i’m very much looking forward to what this platform is

Going to deliver especially with slightly larger vehicles like that cx-90 we don’t know what it looks like we don’t know exactly what to expect but this does give us a bit of an idea and i think with a few tweaks mazda is headed in the right direction with this rear-wheel drive base platform and this plug-in hybrid powertrain

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