2023 Mercedes Benz EQS SUV

The 2023 EQS SUV is the latest to join Mercedes’ growing portfolio of electric models that fall under the umbrella of the company’s EQ sub-brand. It’s the first SUV built on Mercedes’ modular electric vehicle platform, which also underpins the EQE and EQS sedans, and it’s expected to go on sale sometime later this year.

The 2023 eqs suv is the latest to join mercedes growing portfolio of electric models that fall under the umbrella of the company’s eq sub brand it’s the first suv built on mercedes modular electric vehicle platform which also underpins the eqe and eqs sedans and it’s expected to go on sale sometime later this year mercedes hasn’t yet said how much the 2023

Eqs suv will cost but we know it’ll be split into two models the eqs 450 plus and the eqs 580. we expect the latter to be considerably more coin because of its added power and all-wheel drive still the eqs 450 plus includes a lot of desirable standard features such as an adaptive air suspension rear axle steering heated and ventilated front seats a panoramic

Sunroof a burmester sound system and more the eqs suv is essentially a revo dvqs sedan with an elevated seating position in more interior space and its electric powertrains are similar albeit not identical the eqs 450 plus features a 335 hp electric motor that powers the rear wheels the eqs 580 produces 536 horsepower and 633 pound-feet of torque between its

Front and rear mounted electric motors which provide all-wheel drive the eqs suv comes standard with an adjustable air suspension and a rear axle steering system that makes it surprisingly agile unlike the sedan the suv features an off-road drive mode that raises the suspension and alters the powertrain’s behavior during a ride-along in a prototype model

We experience these settings first hand on rugged terrain and were impressed with the vehicle’s capabilities even if we’re convinced most people who buy an eqs suv will never attempt such activities although mercedes hasn’t confirmed range estimates for the eqs suv it uses the same 107.8-kwh battery pack as the eqs sedan which is epa rated at between 340

And 350 miles of range due to the suv being less aerodynamic and likely heavier we expect its estimated range to be slightly lower the eqs suv can charge at speeds up to 200 kilowatts which mercedes says will take the battery from 10 to 80 in 31 minutes when connected to a compatible dc fast charger inside the eqs suv features the type of rich materials

And high-tech equipment that define modern-day mercedes-benz models its list of standard interior features include selectable ambient lighting heated and ventilated front seats leather upholstery a panoramic sunroof and wireless charging the 56 inch hyperscreen is optional the fit and finish of the eqs we rode in was very impressive even though it was a

Pre-production model the eqs cabin is also rife with useful storage spaces including a large bin below the floating center console the eqs comes standard with two rows of seats that accommodate five passengers but a third row is optional and adds seating for two more people there’s up to 31 cubic feet of cargo area behind the second row on five-seater models

Those fitted with a third row max out at 28 cubes behind the second row but that volume shrinks to seven cubes when the third row isn’t stowed for maximum theater the eqs suv can be equipped with mercedes mesmerizing 56-inch hyperscreen which stretches across the wheel width of the dashboard along with housing the digital gauge cluster it hosts a 17.7 inch

Touchscreen that’s primarily responsible for infotainment functions plus a 12.3 inch touchscreen in front of the passenger there’s no doubt that the novelty of the glass covered dash will entice buyers but we can’t help but bemoan the near total lack of physical switchgear those who don’t opt for the hyperscreen will still get a digital gauge cluster and a

12.8 inch portrait style touchscreen every eqs suv will come standard with wireless apple carplay and android auto a burmister audio system and wireless device charging you

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