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2023 Mercedes EQE 350 Edition One Luxury Electric E Class

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The EQE features a sporty ‘purpose design’ with all the characteristic elements of Mercedes-EQ, one-bow lines and cab-forward design. Sensual Purity is reflected in generously modelled surfaces, reduced joints and seamless transitions (seamless design). The overhangs and the front end are kept short, the rear provides the dynamic accent with a sharp rear spoiler. Flush with the outer edge of the body, the 19- to 21-inch wheels, together with a pronounced muscular shoulder section, give the EQE an athletic character.

This is the new electric e-class the new mercedes eqe debuts with similar eqs styling under the brand eq from mercedes the mercedes-benz eqe 350 slots beneath the eqs in the range mirroring the relationship between gas-powered e-class and s-class models while it certainly looks similar to the larger eqs the eqe is a bit shorter the front grille is bigger and

Dips further down into the bumper with illuminated tristar accents on the amg line model the headlights are also sharper too with unique led accents and there are several different will designs to choose from including 19 and 20 inch arrow options powering the eqe 350 is a 90.6 kilowatt hour battery pack and a 215 kilowatt electric motor mounted on the rear

Axle that produces 288 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque rear-wheel drive comes standard but 4matic all-wheel drive is available as an option adding an electric motor to the front axle a single speed transmission manages it all mercedes-benz quotes a range of 410 miles or 660 kilometers on the very generous european wltp cycle but don’t expect those same

Figures to carry over to the us epa scale with that said the eqe can still charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 31 minutes using dc fast charging unlike the eqs the smaller eqe doesn’t feature a rear hatch but a regular trunk opening we have seen it on the road and the proportions are more interesting than the bmw i4 or the latest tesla models the interior is

Equally futuristic with light colors and the optional ultra wide hyper screen that stretches over the entire width of the cockpit the high-tech chassis features a four-link front and multi-link rear suspension and an optional air suspension built in germany and in china the eqe line launches with the eqe350 rated at 288 horsepower from an electric motor on the

Rear axle all-wheel drive versions with an additional electric motor on the front axle will follow and their power rating will exceed 400 horsepower look for an amg version too in its competitive set which includes the tesla model 3 the bmw i4 and the pulse r2 the eqe aims for a higher level of sophistication yet we can’t help but wonder if its power rating is

Quite enough to wow new customers and indeed if it can match the needs of many current mercedes-benz customers who are perfectly happy with their gasoline-powered cars we will find out when the 2023 eqe 350 reaches u.s dealerships in mid-2022 subscribe to auto tv thank you for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel

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