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2023 Mercedes GLC AMG Line GLC 300 and GLC 400e

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Modern, sporty luxury The new GLC embodies this in every detail. It is the most dynamic model in the successful SUV family from Mercedes-Benz Even at first glance, this is underlined by its design with unique proportions, dramatic surfaces, precisely moulded edges and a clearly laid-out, high-quality interior. It also impresses with its driving performance and efficiency. The GLC is available only as a hybrid: either as a plug-in hybrid or as a mild hybrid with 48-volt technology and integrated starter generator. The plug-in hybrids offer a range of more than more than 100 kilometres (WLTP) – perfect for predominantly electric everyday driving. The GLC is at home on any terrain: whether on or off the road, it impresses with its comfort and agility. The new rear axle steering makes it even more manoeuvrable and safe. Off the road, it scores with numerous features such as the standard 4MATIC, purely electric off-road driving in the plug-in models, the off-road screen and the “transparent bonnet”.

Hi everyone i’m here at the shoot of the world premiere film for our all-new mercedes-benz glc the glc is one of the most important vehicles in our lineup it’s a really cool car with attractive design and at the same time extremely practical and versatile that’s why so many people love it from families to people who just grave adventure the new glc will follow in

These footsteps while offering even more smart solutions and features you just can’t live without on the outside you can see the typical mercedes design language with the modern take of course it’s got modern luxury written all over it this also goes for the interior here form meets function creating a level of ergonomics and comfort that has never been reached

Before in the segment and the driver oriented cockpit underscores the sporty look of course the new glc is also a tech trailblazer it features our state-of-the-art ambience system once you’ve tried it you have to have it the same goes for other great features like online music mercedes-benz has thus integrated the biggest music streaming provider seamlessly into

The infotainment system this way glc drivers can conveniently access their own playlists while having the opportunity to discover millions of songs and curated playlists thanks to 60 millimeters of additional exterior lengths the trunk volume grows up to over 600 liters driving the glc is a special pleasure with a wide range of powerful and efficient drive drains

The new generation offers our customers the freedom to choose for fans of sporty driving we’ll have 48 volt technology for all combustion engines not to mention three different plug-in hybrids for eco-minded buyers the hybrids will all have electric ranges of considerably more than 100 kilometers the result is impressive plus a special highlight for the first time

Our plug-in hybrids offer 4matic all-wheel drive combined with all electric off-road capabilities another exciting feature pays off while driving off-road i’m talking about our transparent bonnet which provides a full view of the trailer head this means that obstacles such as large stones can be seen at first glance the new glc offers you the safety and protection

That mercedes-benz is known for i love it in my opinion it’s the most dynamic mercedes-benz suv ever on or off-road look forward to seeing and experiencing it for real in the third quarter of 2022 so so so so hey so you

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2023 Mercedes GLC AMG Line GLC 300 and GLC 400e By DPCcars