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Welcome to everyday reviews today we are here at the head office of mitsubishi canada to give you an exclusive look to what could be the most anticipated vehicle to come out this year this is the 2023 mitsubishi outlander phev and with the price of gas these days this plug-in sport utility couldn’t come any sooner this 2023 pheb is completely different than the

Previous version it is based on the same platform as the new outlander as a family we’ve spent a lot of time in the latest outlander almost 10 000 kilometers to be exact make sure to check on the everyday reviews channel for all of our outlander adventures including our long-term test review i’ll leave a link in the video description you get that real bold

Dynamic shield in the front you know i’m a big fan of it i think this thing has a lot of style to it you have led headlamps here you can now get it in a two-tone on the top trim there are four trims which we’ll get to in a little bit this is the top gt trim by the way standard you get 18 inch wheels if you go up a couple trim levels you get 20 inch wheels which

This has here now this platform compared to the old version it’s about an inch longer in length and wheelbase and it’s about three inches wider too this is a big big platform it’s stiffer it’s lighter and you’re going to get more cargo and people inside as well which we’ll head to in a second so off to the side here you’ll notice plug-in hybrid eb here big huge

Badge can’t miss that other than the badge and the charge port though it doesn’t really look any different than the gas version which is a great thing you have the nice horizontal belt line here we have the keyless and country once again like the gas version you have the button on the front back doors do not get that button unfortunately open up the charge port

You’ll see you get two ports you have a regular for level two charging and you have the big one for level three charging the outlander phev when it first came out it was one of the only ones to actually offer dc fast charging and this one is the same you can charge this quicker but you know what it’s actually even not too bad to plug it into the 110 in your house

But if you want something quicker plug into one of those ports right there of course on the other side you have your gasoline port and it does take regular fuel which is a big bonus in the rear exact same styling as the gas version you have a rear wiper a roof spoiler no visible exhaust tips here you do have the phev emblem on the lower right side power liftgate

Here you also have a hands-free option a little kick up it comes now here’s where it gets good this new platform is bigger and also affords three rows of seats for the first time in the outlander phev this is because the new outlander was designed as a phev and not an afterthought so with the new larger platform a new moldable fuel tank and proper low placement

Of the batteries you get all the goodness of the gas version and now this third row the seats are a little bit different than the gas version of the 3-0 just and how they fold there is no area for your tonneau cover under the floor anymore that’s taken up by the seats but the folding mechanism is is extremely simple instead of pull out headrest we have a folding

Headrest here we pull number two fold in hit three and we just pull and that’s it voila you have extra cargo room if you don’t need that third row to put them back up we just lift up very easy just take that pull number two and that’s it as many of you know i love plug-in hybrids i think they’re the perfect fit for most people at this time you get the benefits

Of an electric vehicle yet you have no compromise when it comes to charging or range the outlander and the phev is a big deal when it comes to mitsubishi and canadians outlander phev has become the world’s best-selling phev suv in the world and when we brought it to canada in 2018 it became the best affordable phev suv here in canada and as we launched the 2023

Outlander phev we’re confident that will bring the latest technology and innovation to more and more canadians that they’ll want to know more about the mitsubishi brand just like the exterior this interior is so different compared to the outgoing outlander phev there are four different trim levels by the way there is the base es then up from there you go the le the

S-e-l and the gt and the gt has one sub trim which is the gt premium which we are in right now so this is the top of the line and the gt premium the premium gives you the two-tone semi aniline quilted seats absolutely gorgeous in this trim here but you know what this thing is such a premium offering in this class of vehicle i’ve said it before if you just go up from

The base model itself in the es to the le there’s so much content that you get in here such as you get the heated leather steering wheel you get the large panoramic roof you get the power liftgate the upgraded nine inch touch screen and best of all you get the 360 camera one of my favorite features of the new outlander is a 360 cam especially with that dedicated

Camera button just hit that camera button wherever you are and you’re going to see your wheels no curb wheels if you have that for sure and you get all that just one up from the base model most manufacturers nowadays they make you get the very top trim to get that 360 camera so thank you so much mitsubishi for allowing the rest of the people that don’t need that top

Of the line model to get the great features like that camera you get tri-zone climate control so the back seat passengers can have their own control as well so no fighting with the kids and the parents i love that all ptvs come standard with the 12.3 inch digital cockpit it’s very very configurable you can go through your menus there and i like how you can change

It from a regular dial style to like a rolling dial as well this is also equipped with a head up display color head up display there this one’s equipped with a nine inch infotainment touchscreen wireless apple carplay and you get android auto on here and as i mentioned you get that great 360 camera one above the base trim here the gt we’re in also gets a premium

Bose audio system we have dual power seats with memory settings for both not just the driver but the passenger gets it as well i noticed it on the gas version of the outlander there is no homelink system where you can actually program a button on your mirror to open your garage door this phdv does not have that either it’s not a deal breaker as i said before there

Are a lot of garage doors now like the one i have at home they’re all wi-fi and you can basically control them from your phone or even your watch but one thing they did include on this phev not the gas version on the top gt trim here i’m sitting here there’s a button here when you press it you have massaging front seats both seats passenger and driver gets the

Massage feature and it’s actually pretty good in the middle console here we have wireless charging a usb type a and a type c a 12 volt outlet and you get the shift by wire here’s one thing that’s different between the phcv and the regular gas version is we have two separate buttons here one says ev and one has a pedal that’s for like regen or one pedal driving

There because new platform we have more room in here lots of shoulder room it’s very very roomy let’s talk about roomy let’s check out the back since this new platform is larger we mentioned it’s three inches wider as well a lot more space in the cabin here good shoulder room headroom here i have it’s kind of like carved out actually where your head is i have oh

That’s what about four inches or so of headroom here uh lots of leg room room for my feet you have tons of storage you have seat back pockets on both sides and you have these little pockets on the top good for putting your cell phone in or tablets or whatever your kids have maybe speaking of kids we have manual sun shades on this particular trim automatic up and

Down power windows all around plus you have heated rear seats back here as well one thing that’s a little bit different than the gas version there is a small hump which there is on the gas version as well but there is a little plastic panel on here and i’m thinking that’s access maybe for servicing maybe if you need to do some something with a battery system i’m not

Sure if that’s going to be in the production model this is a pre-production model that we are testing by the way so that may or may not be there it doesn’t bother me at all like the gas version you pull that middle section down you have your cup holders here nice armrest plus it creates a pass-through if you have longer objects and these seats also slide forward

And back love that you have more cargo that you want to carry no one in the back seat maybe or some shorter riders you can bring it all the way up front or for the maximum comfort just pull it all the way back i’m glad to see the 1500 watt inverter feature has been carried over which is a big bonus especially with this large battery you can power everything from

Your blender to blow dryer or even your fridge in the event of a power outage this is the perfect tailgater since this is a super early pre-production vehicle we cannot drive this particular unit yet but we can still show someone else driving it and tell you all about it all right let’s talk about performance of this phev bigger motors bigger battery different

Platform how does it perform compared to the previous gen yes a lot of improvement with the vehicle since the previous generation we see larger electric motors that are up approximately 42 percent versus the previous generation in terms of power output the sawc system has been improved dramatically as well versus previous generation we’ve the active yaw control

System has been improved both front to rear now as well as the battery pack itself it went from 13.8 to 20 kilowatt hour battery pack so now we’ve got about a 45 improvement versus previous generation even though you might have heard or seen the ev range of over 80 kilometers online that’s not quite the case here in north america it’s not that we have a different

Vehicle it’s just that our testing here is based more on real world results and is different than that of europe and asia which often have larger numbers the official range on this new phev is 61 kilometers or 38 miles which is about 40 percent more than the outgoing plug-in hybrid and the bonus of this system the new one here is that you guys use like a heat

Pump system right so it’s not going to rely on the gas engine so much for heating and cooling which means you can stay in ev longer right exactly yeah and you know i’ve said this on a lot of a lot of other phev reviews on other brands too when they don’t have that type of system it’s always reverting back to that gas engine all the time especially when it’s you

Know a little bit cold and so even short trips you’ll use that gas engine even if you’re on ev mode and it kind of defeats a pair purpose of being ev because i i just love pe tvs like this because they drive like an eevee right plus you get also the bonus of a single occupant hov lane yeah you know on here it’s a big bonus you get the full rebate in canada for the

Federal rebate as well right um and um this thing’s got a lot more power so power mode let’s talk about that power mode obviously does as it says it’s enhancing the power of the vehicle and you see a significant improvement acceleration uh when using that so the beautiful thing of having the power mode is that you can use it when you need it and then you can switch

Into one of the other modes we have seven different modes that are available in the vehicle so a lot of flexibility for the driver so power mode actually will take off about two seconds off the zero to 100 kilometer an hour town right that’s huge yeah yeah big improvement yeah but your rage will dramatically go down a lot faster team well you’ll notice that you

Decrease definitely i mean it all depends on your driving style and the way you’re driving the vehicle and outside temperature so on there’s there’s different variables but again it’s having that flexibility of being able to switch it into power mode if you need it like if you’re needing it for passing on the highway or something or emerging onto a highway you’ve

Got that where you can have that added added acceleration you know i’ve said this before you know i’ve spent a lot of time in the gas version of the new outlander i love all the aspects of the new platform it’s such a premium product i would like a little extra oomph at the startup and this is going to take care of that for sure you know this is you know there’s

No there’s no compromise with this new vehicle i think it’s going to be a huge huge seller for mitsubishi right right and we agree i think you know it’s all about the balance with this vehicle again it’s giving the best of everything for what what the consumers are looking for you get that excellent sawc control that we’ve had for so many years in our products and

Then you’ve got the phv system with our sophisticated twin electric motor system and then of course the fact that it’s an suv you get all the function and practicality and cargo carrying capability that you need in this type of vehicle but not to mention that this year we now have the third row seat as well so added flexibility so you must be wondering how much is

This going to cost me well i don’t have all the pricing but i can tell you that in the us the starting price has been announced and it’s just under forty thousand dollars which is very interesting since the mighty rav4 prime starts at just over forty thousand dollars and they both have very similar ranges however the mitsubishi offers more features for the money

In my opinion a longer warranty and an extra row of seats in canada that 40 000 equates prop probably just over fifty thousand which will make this qualify for the federal incentive the question will be which one will you be able to get when can i get my hands on one of these so the vehicles will be available this fall uh we expect it sometime later in in the year

But they will definitely be in the dealerships later this fall all right there you have it everyone thank you don all the information on this new phev remember hit that like and subscribe button and that notification so you’ll know because the next time when we do another video on this pe tv we’re going to be driving it on an extended drive and one day we’re going

To do a family review in the driveway as well so hope to see you next time safe driving foreign

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