2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV First Drive Review, The Ambassador To EV Nation

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2023 mitsubishi outlander phev first drive review the ambassador to ev nation but before we start please support us by pressing like and subscribe buttons also turn on the bell notification to get the latest updates your support means a lot to us thank you what a difference four years one vehicle generation and a massive powertrain rethink can make back in 2018 i

Opened my video review of the 2018 mitsubishi outlander gt by calling the suv shockingly out of step with the most competitive segment in the world re-watching the video i wasn’t wrong though the mitsu fan club wanted my blood in the comments the previous outlander was course to drive bizarrely designed and rife with substandard interior materials fast forward

To the spring of 2021 when we drove the all-new fourth generation of the outlander and a quantum leap had been achieved senior editor jeff perez called the new suv near the top of its class a few months later managing editor brandon turkish scored the 2022 model year car an excellent 8.3 out of 10 and said that it represented a revelation for the brand today

Mitsubishi is selling outlanders as fast as they can be built and word is getting out that the vehicle once priced for the fact that it could be had for steep discounts offers a tremendously competitive package even at its full retail price next up is a new and very well executed plug-in hybrid version of the outlander that promises huge efficiency and something of

A gateway drug for suv shoppers not quite ready to ditch ice completely mitsubishi invited a handful of journalists to get an early brief first test drive of the outlander phev about 45 minutes on roads just around and through ann arbor michigan this sample gave me a great feel for the impressive powertrain but more exhaustive notes about ride and handling over

Varied surfaces will have to wait until i have a bit more time in the car we didn’t even get to try one of an arbor’s two decent driving roads the plug-in hybrid powertrain has been fully upgraded from the outgoing outlander phev though the concept remains the same there are two electric motors and 85 kilowatt unit up front and a 100 kilowatts mounted on the rear

Axle upgrades an output of 25 and 30 kilowatts respectively from the last car a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine adds in 131 horsepower and is used to either drive the front wheels charge the 20 kilowatt hour battery pack or both depending on drive mode total system output is 248 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque with an estimated 38 miles of electric only

Range and an impressive overall 68 miles per gallon equivalent figure even without a differential connecting the front and rear axles those two electric motors give the outlander full-time all-wheel drive with great acceleration characteristics and added peace of mind for drivers in cold weather climates the combination of motors battery pack and gas engine also

Give outlander three distinct driving modes in ev mode the vehicle is propelled by the electric motors alone no gas required series hybrid mode makes use of the gas engine to charge the battery pack while still only driving the wheels by way of the axle motors finally parallel hybrid mode unleashes the gas engine’s power on the front axle while using the electric

Motors to assist as needed if you’re starting to feel a bit of decision fatigue reading all of that and we haven’t even touched on the seven vehicle modes that affect the all-wheel drive response throttle and steering effort don’t worry engineers set out to make the driving experience mimic a full ev as much as possible and in any of the powertrain configurations

They’ve largely succeeded the sounds from the gas engine are certainly audible but overall the vehicle is exceptionally quiet from the vantage point of the driver and the acceleration on offer from all the torque makes the mitsubishi feel sprightly if not exactly ludicrous the outlander phev also features a weirdly named but great to use version of a one pedal

Driving mode dubbed innovative pedal activated by way of a button on the center console the system jumps up the strength of the regenerative braking allowing the vehicle to come almost but not completely to a stop simply by lifting off the throttle thank you thanks for watching drop a like leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos like this

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