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2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi outlander fev new model 40 longer cruising range in f mode to be released in the us in november mitsubishi motors u.s division announced on september 27 that it will launch the new outlander fev mitsubishi outlander theft in the u.s market in november the local base price is 39 845 dollars in addition to mitsubishi motor’s new design direction the

All-new outlander feb features premium quality tough performance and innovative technology expected from mitsubishi motors positioned as the flagship of mitsubishi motors it boasts that it has the most complete equipment among the vehicles that the company has developed so far introducing the new generation dynamic shield the exterior features muscular fenders

Bold proportions and 18-inch aluminum wheels 20-inch optional the brand’s new generation dynamic shield front mask and new design language were also incorporated the body size is 4710 millimeters in length 1862 millimeters in width 1748 millimeters in height and 2706 millimeters in wheelbase compared to the conventional model it is 15 millimeters longer 51

Millimeters wider and 38 millimeters taller the wheelbase is 36 millimeters longer the new model also has a new engineering base it will use a platform newly developed by the renault nissan mitsubishi alliance mitsubishi’s original sawc system derived from the rally is also adopted f-mode cruising range expanded to a maximum of 61 kilometers the new outlander

Feb uses the latest twin motor 4wd with one drive motor reach in the front and rear the motor has increased output compared to the previous model and by taking advantage of the high responsiveness of the motor and the ability to control the front and rear motors with high precision the driving force of the front and rear wheels is optimized according to the road

Surface conditions and driving conditions allocate for u.s specs the maximum output of the motor is 114 horsepower at the front and 134 horsepower at the rear the entire system draws out 248 horsepower of power and 45.9 kilograms of torque the new outlander fab for the u.s market will be equipped with a 350 volt lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of 20

Kilowatt hours the cruising range in nav mode has been increased by 40 from the conventional model to a maximum of 61 kilometers due to the larger gasoline tank the cruising range when used with the 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder gasoline atkinson cycle mivec engine has also been extended to a maximum of 676 kilometers regarding battery charging the in-vehicle dc

Rapid charging system can charge 80 of the battery capacity in about 38 minutes twin motor 4wd with vehicle dynamics integrated control system sawc the new model combines sawc an integrated vehicle motion control system to pursue dynamic performance such as running turning and stopping sawc stands for super all wheel control in addition to active stability control

Asc and abs it is mitsubishi motor’s unique four-wheel control technology that integrates and controls active yaw control ayc that controls the left and right wheels with the brakes the latest sawc adds brake control for the left and right wheels which was previously only for the front wheels to the rear wheels this reduces the burden on the front wheels and makes

It possible to draw out the performance of the four-wheel tires in a well-balanced manner seven drive modes can be selected according to road conditions and driving style based on the normal mode which is ideal for normal driving on paved roads the gravel mode balances maneuverability and drivability on unpaved roads and wet paved roads snowy roads etc in addition

To the snow mode that stabilizes the vehicle behavior on slippery roads the power mode is used when powerful acceleration is required and the eco-friendly and economical the mode is set according to the driving style such as eco eco mode foreign foreign

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2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV By AI REVIEW