2023 NEW FERRARI ROMA MANSORY + INSANE V8 SOUND Interior Exterior Walkaround

I AM BACK with the all-new 2023 Ferrari Roma MANSORY on our YouTube Channel featuring stunning paintwork in MANSORY Sangius Red! 😍

This thing is just so crazy look at this wow three two one go sick sound i love it hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with this right in front of me we have the 2022 model ferrari roma but as you can already see we don’t have a normal ferrari aroma here this one is completely redone and modified by mansory and in today’s video i will be giving you a full

Exterior walk afterwards we will be focusing on the interior and last but not least we will be finishing it off with a sound check because of the sound of the v12 of this car is just absolutely beautiful so let me talk about this car here in specific the ferrari roma the base model mansory took it they’ve redone the entire exterior with their parts their white body

And everything and also the interior plus the performance they have added plus 90 horsepower making this a v12 710 horsepower beast so it’s way faster than the stock model and the exterior paint is called mansory sanguias red if i’m not mistaken but yeah you can already see a lot of forged carbon fiber here less torque let’s just get right into it at this point also

Special thanks to holeman international for letting me film this car if you’re interested in getting this or any of these hit them up they have every car on stock guys would you rather take the maiba s580 gls 600 s580 g63 g63 g63 g800 gt63 se performance another g63 another g63 or another gls 600 or this ferrari roma i mean you have unlimited choices here at holman

But yeah let’s get it on and start with the walk around looking at the front this looks way more brutal and sportier than the bass roma i mean the roma itself is a very elegant and exclusive looking vehicle and guys before we start just looking at the exterior would you rather go for a stock ferrari aroma or for the mansory version leave it in the comment section

Below let’s start with the walk around base ferrari aroma headlights the led headlights which i really love in addition to that you can already see we have the forged carbon fiber parts here on the side as well making it a bit more muscular also here the front splitter with the full forged carbon fiber parts the front grille is also black glass with the manta ray

Batch which i don’t really like i’m honest with you it doesn’t suit this car but looking at the bonnet again with the nice red exterior paint forged carbon fiber yet again the mansory badges i’m not the biggest fan of but in my eyes this thing is just super brutal looking looking at the side guys this thing is just so crazy you can also see all the additional parts

And the rear is extremely crazy but uh wait for that guys looking at the wheels here we have the mansory forge 21 inches full black gloss finish in addition to that we have i think these are carbon ceramic brakes with the mansory brakes yeah full black finish also with the exterior paint here red details in addition to that we have the yet again full forged carbon

Fiber parts here on the bottom as well these are huge guys i’m telling you also the side mirrors finished in forge carbon as well with the mansory badge and looking here in the back we have 22 inches in the front 21 giving this a very cool look yet again full black gloss finish with the nice red details dementory center cap but guys it’s now time to talk about the

Main thing about this car and in my eyes it’s the rear look at this wow what a brutal looking thing i’m honest with you they have smashed it it’s too much for me but i really like it i’m honest with you i love it it’s a matter of taste if you like it or not but it looks way too much but still i i really enjoy looking at it full forged carbon fiber parts here with

A rear spoiler i also love the shape of this and in addition to that you see it’s a three piecer we have one here the center one and the other one here on the right side here you can see the slim taillights of the ferrari aroma and the really fuzzo part is just huge it’s humongous the titanium exhaust also by manta ray the sound is delicious we’ll listen to that

Later on something i really love about them is that you still have the back brake lights here giving this a final touch ferrari badge mansory badge as well um here again this part with the carbon fiber cover with the mansory emblem but all in all guys how do you like it honestly how do you like the re on this it’s just extremely brutal i really like it but it’s

Too much i would not get it but i just love to look at it do you feel the same please leave it in the comment section below as this car is brand new the keys are still covered let me just unlock the car there we go we have the side mirrors moving out and now stepping inside the manta ray manta ray roma here guys just look at it also the interior is fully redone

By manchuri let me just ah see inside the roma closing the door wow the steering wheel adjusting here we have a lot of displays futuristic ferrari interior wow i’m honest with you the shape of the ferrari roma interior is so nice i honestly like it if you only love futuristic interiors especially with the displays here it’s so cool looking at the steering wheel

This also redone by mansory you see it by the shape here the flat bottom full carbon fiber steering wheel mansory emblem as well on the steering wheel the interior color is more darker red a more whinish red and there are also seats in the back i mean yeah you could possibly sit there i mean like children could but it’s not a lot of space you have this display right

In front of me let me just start the ignition as soon as i do that we have this animation wow i’m honest with you it’s crazy inside the ferrari aroma i will also start it up later on we have the co-driver display right over here and the display for the driver ah it’s not this responsive you see it’s a bit laggy but i think it’s because the car is just in startup

Mode let me adjust the steering wheel how do you do that there we go and now guys let’s talk we will be starting it up okay let me just put the key inside here and let me lower the window there we go what is on the brake oh my god i’m so excited three two one wait can you start it up in sport or what okay let’s just start it up in race okay three two one go wow

This is loud i’m telling you it’s loud should i rev it for you listen this is loud the v12 symphony sick sound i love it how do you guys like the sound let’s just jump outside and enjoy it also from the outside let’s go so guys now it’s time to listen to the sound from the outside listen to the v12 from the man 3 roma let’s go guys guys the sound is great

How do you like it leave it in the comment section below so that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like the ferrari roma by mansory rated from 1 to 10 the exterior interior and the sound i really enjoyed the sound and i also love the rear of this it could be a bit too much for some of us but still it’s a matter of taste i would uh rather prefer the

Stock one but this is just completely unique and crazy looking how do you guys like it would you take this or the stock ferrari aroma leave it in the comment section below looking forward to see you all again and wish you an amazing day i will be back you

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2023 NEW FERRARI ROMA MANSORY + INSANE V8 SOUND! Interior Exterior Walkaround By Mr. Automotive