2023 NEW Mercedes EQS53 AMG +SOUND? Interior Exterior Walkaround Full Electric AMG Hyperscreen

I AM BACK with the Mercedes Benz 2022 EQS 53 AMG 4matic+ on our YouTube Channel! 😍

So cool sounds like a spaceship i could do this the entire day wow it’s finished in plastic i hate it you see this hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with the brand new 2022 model mercedes amg eqs53 this right in front of me is the first full electric amg and in today’s video i will be doing a full walk around talking about this car then the interior

And finish it all off with one single question whether or not this eqs 53 is a real amg or not so let’s just go ahead and talk about this car right in front of me this is the brand new eqs 53 amg the base for this is the normal eqs from mercedes-benz eq and this is the first full electric production amg vehicle so there was a sls electric back in the days and a few

Other projects from amg but this is the first full electric amg starting with the eqs53 here we have an extremely nice exterior paint making this car look even better in my eyes this looks totally gorgeous especially with the zelene gray exterior paint is a magno with a mud finish and we also have the night package on this and some nice wheels let’s talk let’s just

Start with the eqs specific front first of all talking about the exterior itself there has been not a lot of changes when you compare it with a base eqs but isn’t this what the 53s were all about i mean we have this so-called panamericana front grille here which is integrated in the black panel also with the amg badge the headlights are the digital light headlight

Option which are stock for the amg and then we have the chrome bar with the led bar as well and the nice intakes here finished in a dark chrome but this also comes with the normal amg line the front bumper talking about the side guys the eqs is an extremely long vehicle and just to answer your question no there’s not going to be a 63 and there’s also not going to

Be a maiba version of the eqs but there will be mybar version of the eqs suv but more of that in the future we have this car sitting a bit lower than the base eqs and we have some nice 22 inches multi-spoke wheels from amg for the eq cars they look super super nice and also nice looking iro dynamically improved and the only thing with these wheels is the cleaning

Process of them i mean cleaning all these spokes is a pain guys i’m telling you but they look extremely nice sitting behind these wheels we have the carbon ceramic brakes only in the front formatic plus badge here the eqs badge and also the door handles which are s-class eqs specific unlocking the car swiping here they pop out but as soon as i lock the car they move

Back in and you already heard it as soon as i unlock and lock the car again we have this cool sound coming from the speakers we have a single speaker in the front and another one in the rear so it moves across the entire car listen to it again three two one so cool sounds like a spaceship full black gloss finish as we have the night package and the rear wheels 22

Inches again multi-spoke wheels the eq specific ones we also have the re-axle steering coming as standard for the amg version i think like nine degrees or something we have no carbon ceramic brakes here i mean you can kinda spot the golden brake calipers but we have no carbon ceramic brakes we have normal steel brakes here in the back we also have the charger port

There we go where you can also have the ac dc charger there we go this is how you close it and now let’s talk about the rear and also with the rear there’s not a lot of differences when you’re compared with the base eqs tail lights are exactly the same helix design eqs ones the only thing we have here is the rear wing here finished and exterior paint gives a nice

Look very sporty touch sadism and the amg badge as well looking at the diffuser the only difference between the base eqs and the amg eqs is that instead of three chrome bars here we have two with the base one that’s it that’s actually it so the rear if you de-badge it you will not even know if it’s an amg or not yeah less of that guys now it’s time to talk about

The interior unlocking the eqs i just love this sound i could do this the entire day unlocking also nice little lightning here and it’s time to talk about this guys something very cool about this is the animation of the entrance wow this is by far one of the coolest animations i’ve seen so far so we are now inside the eqs 53 amg and guys i have to tell you this

Pov looks extremely nice there’s also a drive coming with this car so stay tuned for that we will be doing a race start an autobahn run v-max everything you need to know and is sound driving with the new sound experience here this video will be coming in a few weeks so stay tuned for that looking here at the steering wheel the new flat bottom amg steering wheel

With the updated steering wheel buttons guys which one do you prefer do you prefer this new steering wheel or this one the old steering wheel the old amg steering wheel in my eyes this feels a bit more sportier when touching it okay because it’s more thicker but the look of this is not as good as the old one the old one was the best in my eyes but less of that

Here we also have the hyper screen unit let me just log in guys here you can see my password literally one two three four and yeah the hyper screen comes with all the eq models lately it’s not even an option it’s it comes as standard for the eqs 53 also for the code waver we have a nice display here and the interior finish here is extremely well done in my eyes

Because first of all everything is finished in leather and in addition to that we have a lot of yeah dynamica finish here also leather here with the red stitching on the side dynamica it feels very nice the roof is not finished in dynamic i wish it was also but here on the side with a nice contrast is a bit dark gray color with the black dynamica and the carbon

Fiber additional parts giving the final touches is extremely beautiful also looking at the seeds something very cool is that even these are illuminated with the ambient lighting around the seats in the front only the only thing i miss is the panorama sunroof i wish we had it here the seats are actually yeah there’s no difference when you compared with the base

Eqs ones just the amg emblem and the headrest the amg badge over here all finished in black and i’m honest with you guys just look how the seat is already looking like you see that um i don’t like it i don’t like the look of it now i mean it’s not even that old it has got i think like 6 000 kilometers already and the seats looking like this is not normal yeah all

In all something that i also don’t like is this look it’s finished in plastic i hate it but the old and all guys how do you like it let me just start up the eqs for you okay the eqs 53 foot on the brake and this is how the electric amg sounds like this is how you know that the car is ready to drive you have this sound and now you can put the kind to d and

Drive it but yeah all in all the sound experience in this car is extremely nice honestly i really like it and let me show you something else as well i’m not shutting down the car what’s with the nice ambient colors i’m closing the door nice animation and now look at this i’m locking the car you see this yeah but this is one of the coolest things you have with

The eqs looks extremely cool especially in the nightstall let’s jump outside and finish it off with a resume so that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like the all-new eqs 53 amg stay tuned for the drive it’s coming in a few weeks and we will be doing an automaton run race starts and the sound driving i promise and it will be epic all in all guys

I have one final question for you is this a real amg for you and if i have to answer that question guys i’m honest with you i would say no it’s not this is not a real amg for me this eqs 53 is more like an amg styling because we have the amg look on this we have a bit of amg performance yes but does this already make a car an amg i don’t think so guys i mean i’m

Not an ev hater or something don’t get me wrong but i think amg can do way better than this and i can’t wait because amg is going to reveal a fully electric amg they’ve already showed the concept vision amg and it’s coming soon and it will be smashing the porsche icon and the e-tron gt from audi and i can’t wait to see that guys how do you guys like this car what

Would you like to see next please leave it in the comment section below looking forward to see you all again and wish you an amazing day i will be back listen you

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2023 NEW Mercedes EQS53 AMG +SOUND?! Interior Exterior Walkaround! Full Electric AMG Hyperscreen By Mr. Benz