2023 Nissan 400Z Downpipe Exhaust Install

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Okay thank you it’s now about our fifth day with our new z and we are wasting no time today we are focusing on getting a little more sound out of this motor and trying to pick up a few more horsepower along the way today we have a set of downpipes from ams performance big shout out and thank you to them these beauties are going to help us achieve everything

We’re trying to do today so this is going to be the first day that calvin and i are jumping onto the vr30 and working on a motor that we have never worked on before now for those who don’t know this motor is actually equipped in the infiniti q50 so there is a lot of similarities with this car and the q50 i think the q50s don’t quote me but the rated on my 370

380. this from factory is rated about 400 so it has a tune that allows you to get a little more power and i’ve already looked at some videos to try to reference what we’re doing because we’re kind of working blinds here but calvin already started this morning and he started removing some of the downpipes originally and dropping the exhaust and we’re working on

Getting the pesky last couple bolts before we drop this down pipe kyle can you see anything down there it’s very difficult it’s very tight i think we’ve done this before on the 370 which is a vq motor it’s the vr very similar i guess as far as layouts that this is test turbos but a lot easier on the 370. i feel i will say it’s not the hardest car we’ve done okay

It’s quite simple you just gotta be patient and stick your hype where it needs to go you know what i’m saying i already took off one of the two bolts on this side tj’s taking care of the other there’s a total of three knots holding on this downpipe and then two holding that downpipe which i don’t know why that’s that’s they’re not mirrored images i think i got

It it’s super blind we’re going you heard it okay you want to go back up and we can show them what it looks like we also have a set of interquarters from ams that we are gonna try to get to today and we found that the intercoolers at first we’re like dude where are the interquarters i don’t know where they are and we found them one right there one right here

One right here and it looks like it would just be taking the straw bar off and then taking the valve cover off and getting to it so we’re gonna try to breeze to this we can get to the intercooler save so we can do two mods in one video but we’ll see stay tuned for that yeah i got a little juice on my lips it’s nice that it’s brand new nothing’s rusted everything

Comes out easy nothing sees and there goes one so we actually have to dig a little bit deeper so this is the downpipe but the piece that we were replacing ours goes deeper so we’re gonna have to go to the back of the turbo oh you know what no that’s just a secondary cat it’s two cats that’s the secondary that’s the primary so oh my goodness now oh i’m getting

That juice on me so now we have to take the heat shields off and go even farther yep all right you guys calvin and i haven’t worked on this for the last 45 minutes and this is very tight i’ve looked up a couple videos on the q50 removal on these up or down pipes and we’ve concluded that on a q50 there’s actually a lot more room and on the 400c it’s a lot tighter

We have everything disconnected and we got the v-band disconnected but the v-band is so seized on the actual like backside of turbo itself that we’re having trouble getting that off so i’m stuck right there if that v-band was off this whole thing would fall out i’m gonna be able to put the new one on calvin on the other hand is still trying to remove the heat

Shields just to get access we couldn’t even have a shot at looking at the v-band but this is actually the harder side and this is the easiest i just reached out to one of my friends tyler who is a master mechanic for infinity and he was saying yeah it’s very difficult it’s very tight if we actually need to if we can’t do it he’s like i’ll come over and make a

Little house call and help you guys do it because even him being a master mechanic he said it is difficult and uh he would give us a helping hand so we’re gonna keep on trying here and if we can’t end up getting it we might just end up waiting for him to come give us a hand which will work out okay because we actually have a set of intercoolers as well from ams

That are on top and should be a lot easier to access just when the depths were low i thought i wasn’t gonna be able to do it i was doing some off-camera frustration struggle and i finally got it loose so the v-band is you can kind of see it starting to oh oh look at that you guys can’t see anything i’m so sorry but i go to the school the doctor is in i have a

Patient who needs my assistance um so i’m gonna i mean it’s loose but it’s still not out yet but that’s huge progress so i’m happy with myself on that i’m gonna keep going and if i get it out trust me i’ll tell you okay okay this is why we’re a team that’s why we tag team to come in put in between the legs i’ll come and sit him on his face wait what hold up

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Way dude don’t let me hit your lips come on t come on number one baby they call me number one on that sucked okay we got one more sign so let’s not celebrate too much but we got it out wow that sucked kyle do you want to remove that heat shield though i mean think about how much easier to be if that heat shield wasn’t there seems pretty easy to me already bro i

Don’t think you guys understand how difficult this is we got it out we got it out it was tough no we put the other one in i want to explain that oh you’re gonna let that glaze right by sorry left sides in we’re working on the right one me and my boy we got it we’re dockers we’re gonna put the other side in this was a nightmare never do this to your car what i do

Recommend is the the half pipe half pipe great we got that we did that in 10 minutes what he’s saying is the downpipes are in two pieces upper and lowers for those who that are part of the br30 family you know what i’m talking about the lower section easy this upper section tough not fun pulling out below deeper sean’s mom that’s what that’s what this reminds

Me of shoulder deep it’s car this is good times right here you’ll say oh my god let me know when you’re ready oh don’t up a little bit right there don’t move you’re asking for a miracle but tj is t juice christ so miracles come out of him like soft serve out of that ice cream machine it’s a miracle merry chrysler mary t just foreign with the little cats

In there that was a nightmare but a man i am excited to start this to see how it sounds so before we start this this is what the car sounded like before this exhaust setup and now let’s hear it with the new setup go for it pal foreign all right let’s go for a little drive test boys whoa whoa butt dino feels pretty good that didn’t feel slow no i felt good

That felt really really good we’re not even tuned yet wow yeah foreign okay sounds pretty good i think it’s like lacking that tone that i think we’re all used to when you think of like vq or vr 38 but it definitely sounds better than the last setup my butt dino is off the charts right now i need to recalibrate because it feels phenomenal um we haven’t even

Tuned it yet finally hear a little bit of that like turbo spool that like we’re all kind of itching for on this setup so for that reason i think it’s fantastic like i said i’m just itching to tune this thing we’re going to a drift comp this weekend which means we need this truck which means i need to take it home fill it up with diesel and get it prepped before

We start to towing with it so calvin drove home the z tonight i’m curious to see his opinion i’m curious to see if the butt dino that i thought was more power i’m curious to see if he feels the same way so you guys already know but i haven’t talked to him yet but you guys just saw his reaction i’m going to dinner over at sabrina’s parents house tonight and i’ll

Probably eat there and we’re gonna head home and continue the night so i’ll see you guys once i’m heading home from dinner dinner was super good i had some tacos and i had some milk so shout out to the ogs if you know what i’m talking about and you’re probably like tea you’re in your truck your tires are so loud right now please change out those tires whenever

I’m driving this truck you guys love to comment down below how noisy the tires are i know how noisy they are because i have to drive it all the time and all i will say is i will not be doing this tire setup on the next set of tires they were very cool and they’ve worked well for me but they man they are loud i am going to be switching so if you’re a truck pro

And you know what good tires for trucks are that look cool that have like the off-road pattern i’m not a truck guy i don’t really know the correct language but leave some comments down below i’m due for a set of tires they’re evolving in the back and i don’t want to rotate them i’d rather just swap them out because it is so loud so truck bros i’m calling your

Guys’s names help me pick a set of tires for this truck it’s super pretty out right now too the sun’s just going down and these skies actually remind me a lot of florida which then got me thinking about the hurricane going on over there so i just want to say if there are any of you guys out there that live in florida hope you guys are staying safe hope all of you

Guys homes are okay i was talking with adam the other day about it and um it sounds like it’s getting pretty crazy over here so shout out and loved all my boys in florida it’s a hawaiian fiesta that doesn’t make sense does it i don’t know how to say party in hawaiian danny just got over we’re going for a dip in the tub and i’m gonna chill for a little bit not

Over yo dude don’t sound so excited yeah don’t sound so excited to hang out hey i’m going into my relaxation mode baby one to five i won’t jump in the school right now right now three two one four three you have not seen the vlog in just oh you pie bubba what up kona oh i don’t know why the camera’s on focus guys i have bad news hilo is about to go to training

Camp and he’s gonna be gone for two months can you believe that i’m actually gonna miss this guy so much you guys don’t stop eating just stop eating that see that’s why you’re going to camp these guys kilo’s gonna be leaving soon i thought i’d give you guys a little update because you guys haven’t seen the boys in a while and i see comments from you guys saying

You miss them sometimes in the vlog speaking of vlog obviously in the last five seven days i’ve uploaded a lot of videos and that’s because there is so much that’s about to happen in the month of october with prepping two cars to go to sema and i haven’t told you guys but i’m gonna be going to japan this month and i’m gonna be revealing a few of my cars in japan

Later this month uh we haven’t seen in years and i see comments all the time about them you guys should know what one of them is but we’re gonna be going there very soon but the reason why i’ve been uploading so much because i have so much stuff to put out and i don’t really feel like waiting and stretching the videos out so like there’s going to be a sporadic

Days where you’ll get videos like this three four days in a row and then i might not upload for a day or two and then you’re gonna get like a few more so i’m gonna be uploading a lot so to stay at the date turn on your post notifications hit that subscribe button so you get updated every time i put a new video i decided that i’m gonna go shave a mustache right

Now so in the next video i’m gonna have a mustache i’ll see you guys when i have a mustache peace out and keep moving forward foreign did you want to see it i’m practicing my monkey my inner monkey dude i i think he’s on some tea fuel today dude

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2023 Nissan 400Z Downpipe Exhaust Install! By Tj Hunt