2023 Nissan Ariya Presentation from the LA Auto Show

The all-new 2023 Nissan Ariya EV from the 2021 Los Angeles International Auto Show

It’s hard worker 12 at the auto show welcome to nissan my name is chad and this is the all new 2023 nissan aria electric crossover the most advanced nissan has ever produced you may have heard of nissan next which includes introducing 10 new nissan models in just 20 months a veritable a to z the a is the aria and the z is the all-new nissan z both of which you see

Here on the stage and both are expected to go on sale next year in between the a and z have been a full range of new models wrote armada centro and most recently the new 2022 frontier and pathfinder but right now it’s my pleasure to give you a closer look at the exciting new aria i’m also going to tell you how you could be the first in line to reserve your new aria

Right here today nissan has long been an innovator in electric vehicle technology going back to 1947. the nissan leaf the world’s first mass production ev came to market more than 10 years ago today aria leverages nissan’s years of eevee experience to deliver the best of nissan’s design technology and performance built on an all-new ev dedicated platform the body

Is characterized by a distinctive japanese approach conveyed in a simple yet powerfully modern way it’s sleek sexy and seamless the front is elegant brush highlighted thin led headlamps constructed with four crystal cube mini projectors the rear is equally striking characterized by a steeply raked roofline that blends flawlessly into the rear deck inside arya’s

Striking interior is more like a sleek cafe lounge rather than a traditional automotive cabin the flat open floor made possible by the low battery location and the slim profile zero gravity seats result in a relaxing openness with vast amounts of leg room and easy interaction between all passengers arya’s minimalist instrument panel is devoid of the usual buttons

And switches the driver interface features a dual wide screen display with both a 12.3 inch instrument monitor and a 12.3 inch center display along a single horizon with its advanced connectivity features you can control all of your compatible devices and smart home using a little more than your voice interacting with your vehicle in a whole new way along with fold

Down second row seats aria also offers a large flexible cargo area arya features liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries they provide up to an estimated 300 miles of range in the venture plus front-wheel drive only area also supports up to 130 kilowatts of fast charging using the combined charging standard or ccs and can provide a 125 mile range after approximately 15

Minutes of charging that’s pretty quick single motor front wheel drive models deliver up to 238 horsepower while the advanced dual motor e-force all-wheel drive models produce up to 389 horsepower the e force stands for the twin electric motor drive system with four representing all-wheel control with seamless power delivery and enhanced all climate traction but

That’s only half the aria’s performance story thanks to its low mounted battery high performance shock absorbers and multi-link rear suspension handling is superb with near 50 50 weight distribution reo also takes assisted driving to the next level with available pro pilot assist 2.0 whether it’s stop and go freeway traffic around slight curves or even lane changes

And the new pro pilot park can take you into your parking space hands-free the new aria is also equipped with standard nissan safety shield 360 which offers a suite of six active safety features available in most current nissan models you can learn more about this incredible 2023 aria at nissanusa.com aria or right here in the display today msrp for venture

Plus starts in the mid 40s aria and msrp starts around 59 000 for the long range all-wheel drive and check this out reservations are now being taken for four select aria models three long-range front-wheel drive versions and the ultimate aria the all-wheel drive platinum e-force their reservations journey could not be any easier my friends it can be initiated

A local dealer or online at participating nissan at home dealers first you’ll select the aria of your choice including model range drive configuration and code next you’ll place a fully refundable 500 reservation fee and select an eev certified nissan dealer and near you the dealer will then contact you to confirm your delivery details when your new re is ready

You can complete the purchase at the dealership or if you’re purchasing from a participating nissan buy at home dealership you can get your new aria delivered to your house deliveries are expected to begin next fall in 2022 last thing the first 10 000 customers who reserve a 2023 nissan aria by january 31st 2022 and meet other eligibility requirements can get

A two-year evgo membership with 500 of evgo charging credit that’s worth up to an estimated 5 000 miles of driving aria join us and enter the new era of ev crossover performance design and capability right here today thank you guys so much for your time here is another treat for you while you’re here all of your beautiful faces are eligible for the trivia why

Are we doing z trivia because the aria isn’t the only star on stage i’m here too i’m kidding it’s the z check her out coming out next spring how about this we got a 240z heritage right over here two brand new z’s on the floor and right now i’m gonna bring out your z trivia host ladies and gentlemen i need for everybody to get pretty excited though because he is

Amazing he is the type of trivia the prince of prizes ladies and gentlemen give it up for ken paul hey everybody welcome

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2023 Nissan Ariya Presentation from the LA Auto Show By Dietrich’s Car Channel