2023 Nissan Murano vs Nissan Pathfinder Which One Should You Buy?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a new SUV. In this episode of Which One Should You Buy I compare the 2023 Nissan Murano and the Nissan Pathfinder. We go over the pricing, saftey technology, comfort, cargo space, performance and handling to help you determine which Nissan SUV is right for you!

Foreign guys this time we have the battle of the nissan suvs our first 2023 comparison we’re gonna go over the 2023 nissan murano and the 2023 nissan pathfinder to help you determine which suv is the right car to buy first thing you want to consider is obviously your budget and the pricing now we grabbed the platinum models of both vehicles so you’re comparing

Apples to apples our nissan murano is going to have an msrp of 48098 while our platinum pathfinder is going to have an msrp of 55 498 so about seven grand more for your pathfinder let’s see what that seven grand gets you now the nissan murano has seen very little changes from last year’s model and from a lot of the previous years it’s really stayed pretty much

The same since about 2015 2016. when we compare the exterior styling you can see this is more of a sporty kind of curved rounded look compared to our pathfinder which is more square more rugged they’re just redesigned this for 2022 so in the pathfinder you’re going to see a little bit more modern styling and modern and newer technology that you don’t get in the

Murano now both vehicles share the same engine but you’re going to see a little subtle differences when we look at the power plants here our nissan murano comes with that 3.5 v6 it’s going to give you about 260 horsepower and 240 pounds feet of torque this one is all-wheel drive and the difference between the two is this one has a cvt transmission when we look

At our nissan pathfinder you have that same 3.5 v6 but you get 284 horsepower and 259 pound-feet of torque this one is a nine speed automatic transmission now when you’re comparing fuel economy fuel economy is going to be relatively the same our murano is going to give you about 10.4 liters per every 100 kilometers combined and our pathfinder 10.5 so not a huge

Difference however because of that nine-speed automatic you can tow a lot more with this pathfinder 1500 pounds of towing versus 6 000 pounds of towing so if you plan on towing something the pathfinder is definitely the better option now guys this is my opinion on which one you should buy but i want to hear from you so comment below which one you think is the better

Option the pathfinder or the murano so we’ve gone over the power plants now let’s look at the exterior styling of each car because here with them back to back you can see them really the styling how it’s different here but see our pathfinder is a little taller a little more square you get a little more off-road look with the roof rails and kind of the squared back

This one being the platinum you will get these 20 inch they are the same color rims they’re dark hyped aluminum alloy rims and then you have your pathfinder badging right on the bottom here but when we go to the murano you can see there’s a little more chrome on the exterior styling a little more curvature and flow to the back giving a little more sporty athletic

Look so it all depends on your opinion here but you can see we have a five split spoke aluminum alloy rim very similar in color to our pathfinders and then chrome on the doors sells chrome on the handles chrome all throughout windows comment which one you like better in terms of the exterior styling now both cars are going to come with the foot activated lift gates

And let’s test them out here first try on the pathfinder pretty seamless oh and the murano failed me no way moreno okay so probably about the seventh try on the murano i got the foot activated liftgate to go a little disappointed in our murano friend here let’s compare the trunks now obviously our pathfinder has the seven seats this one comes with 45 cubic

Feet of cargo capacity when you have the back seats folded down compare that to the murano and then you have 31 cubic feet of cargo capacity back here so not as much cargo in the murano looking at them both you would have to decide if you’re going to be using the seven seats often but with those seats folded down the pathfinder is a lot bigger now obviously the

Pathfinder seven-seater so if you need those extra seats you’re going to put your kids back here and that’s why you would choose the pathfinder over the murano it is a little spacious back here this one comes with the eight seat bench in the front you can choose the eight seater model or the seven seater where it gets you to captain chairs but i do like the fact

That the pathfinder comes with seven seats and it’s pretty easy to escape now obviously you want to compare the drive so if you’re looking at purchasing one or the other i obviously recommend taking them out for a nice long test drive but there’s a bit of technology that you get in this platinum pathfinder that you don’t get in the murano this one you get the 12.3

Inch gauge clusters so with the platinum or annual or the platinum pathfinder you get a digital gauge cluster right here which is really cool you get the heads up display as well and then you have the larger infotainment system this pathfinder will also come with wireless apple carplay if you want to use your apple carplay wirelessly in terms of the seating okay

So the pathfinder seats are really comfortable you get the diamond stitching on the murano comes with just an overall higher level of comfort i feel and you get a little more space up in here but this one has a bit more cargo space using the square shifter and the center pass through here for the console you get a little more space for like your phone and your

Cups and things like that let’s compare the two cameras this is the pathfinder camera and you can see you get the around view with the 360 here so it is a nice backup camera here you get that bird’s eye view and you get the parallel view the wide angle let’s compare that to the murano this is our forward camera and we have when we put it in reverse the backup

Camera which comes on automatically you get the 360 view and you can use it to parallel park and change a few different camera angles comment below if you guys have driven both but my biggest thing that i like about the pathfinder and the biggest reason why i would choose the pathfinder is the nissan pro pilot assist it comes on the pathfinder only it doesn’t come

In the murano so that helps when you’re driving and like i’ve used it a lot i’ve done a lot of videos on it it really keeps you centered in the lane and keeps you a safe distance from the car in front of you so it’s kind of uh you can relax a bit more while you’re driving and the pathfinder has that and the murano doesn’t so i would go with the pathfinder simply

For that feature behind the wheel of the murano this car feels a little heavier when you’re stepping on it but it is a lot like it’s more smooth the seats are comfier the driving is a little different um it does feel like a smoother quieter um ride it’s it’s definitely a more sturdy ride when you’re in this thing um comparing that to the pathfinder and other like

Recent suvs it’s not as updated it’s not as like um fresh it’s not like 2023 fresh in terms of the technology and the layout and how everything is set up um this wood trim is nice but it’s kind of a love it or hated thing and i’ve had customers say that they don’t want the platinum just for that wood trim so comparing the two drivewise smoother sturdier better

Acceleration on this murano when you step on it technology wise the pathfinder safety features the pathfinder comfort the moreno is a little more comfier if that’s a word comfier more comfortable in the murano the seats are just a little nicer in the rental and softer so that is a comparison guys between the murano and the pathfinder are you still torn or have

You made up your mind after watching the video now if it was me deciding between the two i would go and spend the extra money for the pathfinder i do like the modern more rugged styling you have the extra seats in the back you have more towing and that pro pilot assist is just one feature that i really can’t do without so my recommendation is the pathfinder but

I want to hear from you comment what you feel is the better choice moreno or pathfinder and we’ll get a great discussion going see you in the next video

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