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2023 Nissan Z – An Authentic Sports Car

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The All-New 2023 Nissan as reviewed by Push to Start. Something I found interesting is that without the spoiler, big red brakes, and two-tone roof, it really brings the car back to basics in a more old-fashioned way. Nothing fancy, just you and the car, I like that. Without all that stuff, it really starts to blur the line between modern and retro vehicle. It’s an authentic sports car in the purest sense of the word.

Hello everyone welcome back this is push to start today we have the 2023 nissan d with us and it truly is an amalgamation of all z’s that came before it there’s a little bit of everything in this new one and it feels like something we’ve seen before with a 240 260 280 but still evokes a sense of modernity the best word i can use to describe it is timeless the 2023

Nissan z serves up classic sports car proportions of a long hood short deck white stance and quality craftsmanship combined with iconic z-styling elements it creates a design that is completely fresh yet immediately identifiable as a pure sports car unmistakably z the new z will be available in two trims sport and performance with sport being the base model of

The two the one we’re going to review today first things first coming around the back with the sport trim we are going to be missing the lip spoiler offered only with a performance model below the z’s iconic rear tail lights were inspired by the 90s 300 zx simple and clean led lighting with a double layered 3d design makes it modern and brilliant we’re going

To have the new nissan and z badging but we are missing the numerical prefix that has been in the lineup since the 240. the piano black lower fascia slash cut dual exhausts and diffuser also add an extra layer of sportiness coming around to the wheels this model rides on dark painted 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels with yokohama advanced sport high performance

Tires the performance trim comes with black 19-inch raised forged alloy wheels along with the bridgestone potenza s07 high performance tires we also get larger sport brakes with red calipers 14 inch rotors and a new available mechanical limited slip differential to help you power out of corners the difference between the two is that forged wheels are made from

One solid piece of metal that is heated to extreme temperatures and pressurized to take its shape this process makes the wheels super lightweight stronger more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation this is the first car i’ve seen where the base wheels actually look pretty damn good i think the smaller size pairs really well with the shape of

The car as well as a five spoke design we do have this vehicle in the gorgeous gun metallic gray noticeably without the two-tone exterior the katana blade that runs along the top of the car separates the roof and rear corner from the rest of the body for a striking look straight from the factory we’re also gonna have your flush door handles we see this trim is

Equipped with a 6-speed manual the purest connection between driver and machine the 6-speed manual transmission features an exedy high performance clutch meaning the shifter glides to the next gear instinctively with minimal effort we also get a carbon fiber composite drive shaft with synchro rev match technology cloth seats and black interior in the sport trim

Are a far cry from the optional leather appointed seats and vibrant blue interior in the performance models the one transmission that can tempt manual drivers the new z features an optional advanced quick response 9-speed automatic transmission with shift-by-wire technology activated by a unique palm-shaped controller the new 9-speed automatic offers a direct

And quick acceleration thanks to its wide gear ratio spread and standard launch control system for the first time in any z the available launch control helps eliminate wheel spin and hop by holding the engine at a preset rpm and modulates power as you pull away to give you the fastest most consistent acceleration every time oh and if you feel like rolling through

Your own gears you can employ the available wheel mounted pedal shifters stored straight from the gtr iconic headlights the original 240z had round headlights that created an iconic look by carefully scoping the led bulbs in graceful curves the z plays homage to its past yet looks completely modern coming across the gunmetal grill nissan took the body lines and

Extended them out to give it that massive opening that ties it back to the original z’s the little oval rectangle design is eye-catching and there’s really nothing like it on the market so if you want to go for something different and unique look no further simply put the most powerful z nissan has ever offered the 2023 z stays true to its performance roots with a

Powerful 400 horsepower twin turbocharged 3 liter v6 offered with all trims a front midship and rear wheel drive design that places the engine farther back in the chassis for enhanced balance and suspension all work together to make you feel hardwired to the road an aluminum alloy block and heads keep things light while a water cooled intercooler helps keep things

Cool the all-new z represents an approachable sports car for the modern age with an unmatched 50 plus year heritage and global fan base a coupe tight enough for control but with room to move too advanced technology serves up everything you need to know and nothing you don’t combined with the classic design that never forgets what a true thrilling sports car must

Be there’s a little bit of everything in this new one and it feels like something we’ve seen before with the 240 260 280 but still evokes a sense of modernity combined with iconic z styling elements it creates a design that is completely modern yet immediately identifiable as a pure sports car unmistakably z you

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