2023 Porsche Cayman & Boxster Changes What Can We Expect This Year From The 718?

2023 Porsche Cayman & Boxster Changes! What Can We Expect This Year From The 718?! With 2023 right around the corner what are some of the changes we can expect from the 718 for 2023. In this video I go over expected arrival dates, color changes, optional equipment changes and much more. Some of you may have been hoping for an all electric 718… not yet but that will come! As always I really appreciate the support and well see you in the next one!

Welcome back to the porsche car whisper video if this is your first time checking out my channel my name is mason gilcrest and i cover everything porsche and today we’re going to be going over the porsche mid engine sports car the 718 and what are some of the changes we can expect for model year 2023 so let’s go ahead and get into it so for those of you who have

Seen my model your changes videos in the past i always like to talk about something that’s called point of sale which is when can we expect these 718s to be arriving at our local porsche stores well at the moment it is set for september 23rd 2022 but i do believe there’s probably going to be some delays as there’s been shipping delays semiconductor delays all kinds

Of different delays so i wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see these cars until sometime around thanksgiving or even early december some of you may stun receiving them a little bit earlier than that either september or late october but i wouldn’t expect most of them to be arriving until sometime in late november now i always like to talk about the pricing as the

Pricing as always typically increasing as with anything else and the 718 is no different now the pricing is going to range from an increase of 2 900 all the way up to fifty three hundred dollars if we’re talking about a gt4 or a 718 spider which is about a 5100 increase so those have now equipped flips the hundred thousand dollar marker so if you’re expecting your

Car and maybe last year you’re respecting it it was a little bit lower the price has increased for model year 2023. now there has been some pretty big takeaways for model year 2023 and it just has to do with the semiconductor shortages one of those is acc or adaptive cruise control for the all the four-cylinder models you can no longer spec this for the time being

For model year 2023 the only 17 currently you can spec it on is the gts 4.0 either boxster or cayman so if you’re specking your card you don’t see the acc option it’s because of the semiconductor shortage you’re also going to see on all the four cylinder models you can no longer option the bose sound system if you’re optioning the premium package you’re also going

To notice that that has been removed from that package as well for all of those four cylinder cars bose is no longer available here for the time being for model year 2023. now if you have a gts 4.0 17 spider or gt4 or gt4rs you still you will be able to option the bose surround sound system else that’s going away for all of model year 2023 is the led headlights

With pdls plus this has been removed because of that semiconductor shortage these headlights are no longer available for model year 2023 now for those of you who may be so inclined maybe you can find those headlights later after the fact and install them in your 718s or even find one at a junkyard if you really really want the look and uh overall functionality

Of those headlights maybe you can install them later but at the moment those are no longer going to be available for model year 2023. now we do have some standard equipment changes and one of those being apple carplay is now standard for the 718 spyder as well as the gt4 and gt4 rs in the past all the other models had its standard now those three models have now

Added it to its standard so just be on the lookout for that if you’re specing your 718 spyder gt4 or gt4s it will come standard of course we didn’t have gt4 rs for model year 2022 but that is also standard on that model as well the my porsche app also replaces the porsche connect app for all 718 models so if you’re taking delivery of your car you’re going to want

To talk to your sales consultant about downloading the my porsche app and what are some of the reasons that you should be downloading that app i would highly recommend it but just go ahead and talk to your sales consultant so they can kind of walk you through everything that that includes now there are some exterior as well as interior color changes as well for

The 718. ice cream metallic is now a special color for the 718 base s and gt gts 4.0 arctic gray is now also available as a special color for all the 718 models in the past it was just the gt4 rs frozen berry metallic is now being discontinued as of october allocations so if you really like frozen berry you’re going to want to option at asap as that has now been

Eliminated for the 718 lava orange has also been discontinued for model year 2023 so for those of you who really like orange and like to have that festive kind of halloween color that is now being discontinued for model year 2023 dolomite silver is also being discontinued for model here 2023 but it’s said that we’re also going to have an addition of a new color

Sometime in probably the beginning of 2023 and that is ruby star neo which is a very very cool old school color that for some of you may have seen it on some rs americas it was a paint to samples some people have some gt3s in that color gt3rs from 2016. i’ve seen some pretty cool ruby star cars and that is set to be coming as a special color for the beginning of

Model year 2023 so if you’re configuring your 718 be on the lookout for that here at the turn of the model year now paint to sample that kind of goes hand in hand with ruby star as it was a paint to sample color in the past you can now spec a paint to sample on the configurator and it will actually visualize exactly what it looks like i’ve talked about this since

My previous model your changes videos but that’s a pretty cool ad is before we would just do a paint to sample color and we just put a really strange color on the car not the actual color you’re speccing but now that has been added to the configurator for model year 2023. now for model year 2023 we also have some new optional equipment in the past for model year

2022 if you had porsche entry and drive you would be able to use your hand to open the front trunk as well as the rear trunk but for model year 2022 that went away so you’d have to have a 2021 to have this wireless hand opening so now that is actually coming back for model year 2023 and it’s also being added back to the premium package so if you’re getting a 23

You’ll now be able to have that added functionality back i know some of you may have been a little irritated that that was gone for 2022 but it all again had to do with the chip shortages but that is now coming back there’s also the new option for the preparation for pre-wiring for the dash cam i think this is a pretty cool ad as if you add it later you’re gonna

Have to remove the headliner and the wiring is going to have to be installed it’s about 130 dollars from the factory this will allow you to take the porsche dash cam and just click it right into your front windshield it adds some pretty cool stuff let’s say that somebody’s trying to tamper with the car late at night the car will sense that the the the the camera

Will automatically turn on and will start to record so it’s got some pretty cool functionality so please be on the lookout for that locking wheel bolts are now an option you’re this is something you’re that you’re going to want to add it’s under the wheel accessory section of the configurator in the past it was a splined uh wheel lock now it’s what’s with what’s

Called the thatchem which is more of a key and internal key style so just i would add it if you’re if you’re expecting your 718 uh again that’s under the wheel accessories section electric steering column for the 14 as well as the 18 way seats is also gone for model year 2023 has to do with the semiconductor shortage i don’t think that’s huge for some of us that

Like that race car feel as the 718 feels very very racy and almost like a go-kart for the street you’re just going to have to do the manual steering wheel adjustment i don’t think it’s a huge thing as most of us don’t really move the steering wheel that often either so again if you’re watching those seats expect not to have the electric steering column and then

They’ve changed kind of how the premium package is here in the united states because of the bose not being available for all the four-cylinder models you’ll see some changes when you’re going through the premium package and what are some of the offerings now that pretty much wraps up the model year 2023 changes for the 718 as always i really appreciate you guys

Watching these videos if you have any questions please leave them down in the comments and we’ll see you guys in the next one thanks for watching

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