2023 Subaru Solterra Enters the Growing EV Crossover Market

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The overall shape of the subaru and toyota twins is the same a long wheelbase broken up by numerous angles and body lines in the sheet metal ending in short overhangs at nose and tail subaru’s current design language of plastic cladded sides extends beyond the wheel arches up the front fenders to flank a body color hexagonal grille whose blocked out design

Clearly defines the salt era as an electric vehicle at first look in the back are jutting awnings of a dual roof wing those seem to be more for looks than arrow leaving any real air management duties to the slim ducktail at the base of the rear glass the tailgate is flanked by complicated multi-element tail lights with a dark surround that runs along the edge

Of the back profile the current styling trend in suvs seems to be an action-packed design with a lot of changing surfaces and the sole terra reflects this its overall stance is appealing though with 8.3 inches of ground clearance and the tucked in nose and rear which do make it look ready for at least some camping roads if not all out rock crawling playing

Off its reputation for sensible earth-friendly adventure vehicles subaru joins the ev marketplace with a small crossover designed around the outdoorsy activities subaru owners are known for the 2023 soletera whose name is a combination of the latin words for sun and earth is a small all-wheel drive two motor electric suv that’s closely related to toyota’s bz-4x

But is tweaked to appeal to the subaru customer with a focus on moderate off-road capability and crash safety off-road use was one of the big differences in focus for toyota and subaru in designing the bz-4x and soltera while toyota’s team worked on battery and powertrain subaru handled chassis all-wheel drive and crash systems the resulting cars will have a

Different ride quality with the subaru’s suspension tune and throttle mapping being different than the toyotas the sol terra also comes to the u.s market only as all-wheel drive and with no yoke option the sol terror comes with x-mode which controls each wheel individually to provide better traction on uneven or slippery surfaces and subaru’s grip control acts

As a cruise control even in off-road situations three driving modes are available eco normal and power and regenerative braking can be adjusted with the steering wheel paddles power comes from two electric motors mounted between the front and rear axles that produce a total of 215 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque the lithium-ion battery pack provides

Roughly 64 kilowatt hours of capacity and the salt era has an estimated range of 220 miles it can be recharged with level 1 or level 2 charging or high output dc quick charging and subaru says the sole terra can be quick charge to 80 in less than an hour don’t go looking for a frunk under the hood unless you want to rest your groceries on top of a motor and

Inverter the solterra designers felt that shorter overhangs and more passenger space in the cabin was worth giving up the storage space in the front the rear seats do fold down for a total of 30.3 cubic inches with them up you’ll have a roomy second row where even the middle seat is wide enough for an adult and has leg room on a flat floor behind the console

There is some cramping of head room from the dropped roof under the glass panel kids won’t mind tall adults might the front seats are comfortable with a broad console separating them and leading up to a 12.3 inch screen with apple and android connectivity standard the driver’s seating position is almost van like with a low dash and instrument panel set above the

Steering wheel visibility is good and we could see the salt era working well for a small family with an interest in occasional dirt road adventures

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