2023 Subaru Solterra For US Debut

Subaru of America, Inc. today revealed its first-ever all-electric SUV, the 2023 Subaru Solterra, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The highly anticipated Solterra is packed with new electrification and in-vehicle technology while staying true to its Subaru heritage with industry-leading safety and go-anywhere capability.

So do ladies and gentlemen meet the very first all-electric subaru the all-new 2023 subaru saltera yeah good stuff the name solitary is derived from the latin words for sun and earth and i have to tell you this new solterra is absolutely amazing this is the most technologically advanced subaru ever made we developed the solitary in conjunction with

Our partners at toyota with our engineers developing the all-wheel drive system and co-designing the new ev platform this new solterra is built on the new subaru e-global platform and will be the cornerstone of the evs that subaru is planning to produce in the future in fact we have the project general manager for the new soul terror here with us today for our

Reveal and i’d like to introduce him and recognize him to you mr dicek oh no oh no please come up and take a bow thank you thank you thank you monassa for developing such a fabulous subaru vehicle make no mistake this electric suv is unique and it’s going to surprise many of you we worked hard to make absolutely sure the new saltera had real subaru dna such as

Off-road capability a class-leading 8.3 inches of ground clearance impeccable safety features and the durability and usability you’ve come to expect from our brand in fact i recently had the chance to test drive the new saltera and i have to tell you the driving dynamics of this vehicle it’s all-wheel drive performance it’s extremely comfortable interior and its

Rigid body all incorporate the subaru brand principles of enjoyment and peace of mind and that makes the solderia a true subaru suv as you know subaru is much more than a car it’s an experience an attitude and a lifestyle our vehicles represent individuality and personal freedom because of our products go anywhere capabilities and this is a real subaru suv

An electric suv that’s both fun to drive and one you can get down and dirty with now let’s show you a short video highlighting the features of the new subaru soltera the all-new subaru solterra the first all-electric zero emissions suv to have the capability and versatility of a subaru legendary subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive comes standard standard x mode

With hill ascent and descent assist maximizes traction and control in difficult conditions more standard torque than the vw id4 or mazda cx-30eb and better ground clearance the mustang maki and tesla model y will help you navigate tough terrain and discover new places when it comes to versatility and comfort zoltera really shines with up to 126 cubic feet of total

Interior room an available glass roof and a flat rear floor for passengers this ev suv gives you all the space you need and then some a low loading height and up to 30.3 cubic feet of cargo volume offers ample cargo room for all your gear the zultera also has the level of safety you’d expect from a subaru including standard eyesight driver assist technology and

An available 360 degree surround view camera for enhanced driver awareness advanced safety features also include blind spot detection rear cross traffic alert reverse automatic braking and safety exit assist and with available subaru soltera connect you’ll get automatic collision notification and sos emergency assistance to help keep you safe and secure even

When you’re off the beaten path the subaru sultera isn’t just adventurous versatile and safe it’s also our most environmentally friendly subaru yet with zero emissions and a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery this ev suv features dc fast charge capability that gets up to an eighty percent charge in less than an hour easy home charging capability allows you

To plug in overnight for a full charge so you can start your day with an estimated range of more than 220 miles with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive and with convenient access to over 38 000 level 2 and dc fast chargers nationwide as well as a charging station locator integrated app you can get charged and stay charged wherever adventure takes you when it

Comes to technology soltera is advanced a full lcd gauge cluster and our largest ever 12.3 inch subaru multimedia system features wireless apple carplay and android auto integration available advanced features like cloud-based navigation and hey subaru voice assistant will help you find your way even when you’re way out here this is the first all-electric zero

Emissions suv from subaru the ev that not only loves the environment but gets you out into the environments you love and is the largest corporate donor to the national park foundation it’s the ev from the company with a long history and a bright future of supporting our national parks when you get in the new subaru solterra ev suv it’s a good feeling knowing that

You’re part of the company helping to make a difference power your adventure with a subaru suv of electric vehicles the all-new subaru soltera love is now electric do you

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