2023 subaru solterra touring | 2023 subaru solterra test drive | 2023 subaru solterra off road | My

2023 subaru solterra touring | 2023 subaru solterra test drive | 2023 subaru solterra off road | My!

2023 suberu soltera starting at 46.22 overview the 2023 suberu soltera is the brand’s first ev and it features hallmarks such as standard all-wheel drive subaru teamed up with toyota to co develop the platform for this compact suv which is also set to underpin the forthcoming toyota bz4x as well as other future models the solterra offers some neat off-road tricks

And lots of standard driver assists and it has estimated driving ranges between 222 and 228 miles while the 2023 solterra currently doesn’t face much competition in the non-luxury f compact ute segment the landscape could drastically change in the next year or so what’s new for 2023 the solterra is the first chance suberu fans have at finding a fully electric

Model in the lineup previously the plug-in hybrid crosstrek had been the only semi-electric option for the 2023 model year suberu says it will only build 6500 soleteras pricing and which one to buy premium forty six thousand two hundred and twenty dollars limited forty nine thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars touring fifty three thousand two hundred and

Twenty suberu hasn’t announced pricing for the 2023 soltera but we expect it to closely align with the toyota bz4x which we think will start in the high dollar thirty zero zero zero s or low dollar forty comma zero zero zero s once we know how much the sub i will cost and learn more about its different trim levels and available features we can recommend which

One to buy f motor power and performance along with the fact that the solterra is powered exclusively by electricity it has an all-wheel drive system utilizing two electric motors that generate a combined 215 horsepower and 249 pound-feet of torque that power can be deployed differently depending on the drive mode of which there are four echo normal power and x

Mode which is intended to help in slippery conditions or on uneven terrain by independently modulating the power to each wheel for those interested in taking the soleterra off-road it has 8.3 inches of ground clearance and a grip control feature that’s essentially a low-speed cruise control the paddles on the steering wheel allow the regenerative braking force to

Be adjusted the version we drove on some arizona orv trails proved plenty capable and we were even able to spin a doughnut on a non-paved surface thanks to the ability to fully deactivate stability control along with the fact that the solterras can distribute 60 of its torque to the rear axle range charging and battery life suberu says the gross capacity of

The solterra’s battery pack is 72.8 kilowatt hour we’re told models on 18-inch wheels have a range of 228 miles while models on 20s are rated at 222 miles plugged into a level 2 charging station subaru says the soltara on onboard 6.6 kilowatt hour charger can recharge the battery in nine hours hook it up to a 100 kwdc fast charger and an 80 charge is claimed

To take about 56 minutes fuel economy and real world mpge the 2023 soltera is expected to earn up to a combined 94 mpge once we get the opportunity to run one on our 75 mph fuel economy route which is part of our extensive testing regimen we can assess its real-world mpge for more information about the solterra’s fuel economy visit the epa’s website interior

Comfort and cargo the solterra’s interior features a high-mounted digital gauge cluster a big touchscreen for the infotainment system and an elevated center console with what looks like a rotary shift knob the steep windshield large side glass and panoramic sunroof appear to give the cabin an airy feel the mix of attractive textures throughout also contributes to

A fetching aesthetic along with the various storage spots including the large bin under the center console the solterum makes for a useful travel companion with up to 30 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded flat infotainment and connectivity the solterra’s infotainment system is available with a 12.3 inch touchscreen that’s located in the center

Of the dash every model features standard apple carplay android auto and a wireless phone charger the inclusion of a smartphone app lets users remotely control the hvac system for preconditioning the cabin or to lock and unlock the doors among other things we also expect built-in navigation and possibly an upgraded stereo option to be on the roster safety and

Driver assistance features every soltera is stuffed with a host of standard driver assistance technology that includes automatic high beam headlights and for the first time on a subaru a 360 degree camera system for more information about the solterra’s crash test results visit the national highway traffic safety administration nhtsat and insurance institute

For highway safety iihs websites key safety features will likely include standard forward collision warning and automated emergency braking standard lane departure warning and lane keeping assist standard blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert warranty and maintenance coverage subaru offers average warranty coverage however the brand doesn’t offer any

Complementary scheduled maintenance unlike what you’ll find on the hyundai ioniq 5 and kia ev6 limited warranty covers 3 years or 36 000 miles powertrain warranty covers five years or 60 000 miles electrical components are covered for eight years or 100 000 miles no complementary scheduled maintenance you

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