2023 Subaru Solterra Trims, Features and Colors

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Hello and welcome to the channel if you haven’t done so already make sure to go ahead and uh subscribe and uh hit that notification so you get all your notice as soon as the new video drops so anyway enough with the deep voice um we’re gonna be talking about the 2023 saltera now we have some you know trims as well as uh features as well as um colors so let’s go

Ahead and do that right now so we don’t waste any more of your precious time because time is precious let’s go do that all right so here we are we are on subaru’s website so you can do this yourself too if you’re interested into the selter the thing that we don’t know about it now is just the price of the vehicle that’s yet to be announced um but it’s more i want

To say somewhere in the 40 000 um right around that range roughly give or take maybe a little bit less and maybe more who really knows um the price will be around announced around april or may of 2022 and you can take your delivery your car this year though so here are the three options for your trim now when it comes to socal dealerships right now well at least

In my area it seems to be completely sold out you have to put your name in the waitlist and um right now i’m doing it through the arizona dealerships so it lets me you know check out the trims or if i want to make reservations or whatever and it’s fully refundable it’s 250 dollars if you want to reserve a 2023 salter so you know take that into consideration it’s

Fully refundable though so here we go we got the three different trims we have the premium which gives you nothing and you have the limited as well as the touring so those are the three options that you get obviously you if i were in your shoes i would definitely go with the um the limited the only thing that’s different between the limited and the touring is

These you get the glass roof with retractable sunshade ventilated front seats display rear view auto dimming mirror interior illuminated trim available two-tone roof paint so to me it’s not really worth it so if i were you i would take the limited um it definitely gives you way more features for the limited obviously you’re getting everything that’s included on

The limited when you get the touring um yeah so you’re getting a 20 inch rims alloys fog lights roof rails dual lift gates uh dual liftgate spoilers power rear gates power driver seat heated front and rear seats which is actually nice you know but that will also consume more you know power obviously power driver seats heated up nope startex trimmed upholsteries

And heated steering wheels a 12.3 inch multimedia system with wireless apple carplay and android auto and inter interaction introversion cloud-based navigation and voice assistant capabilities wireless device charging auto dimming rear view mirror with home link harman kardon premium audio speakers and 360 degree surround view camera so there you go these are

The three you know trims and the features as well too so we talked about that now let’s go talk about colors colors colors colors so we’re going to check the limited so here we go you have uh five different colors and i’m not sure if subaru’s gonna be charging you additional cash for each colors that you want um subaru’s actually pretty good at that they don’t

Really charge you for additional colors you can choose whatever pink color that you want for your vehicle and it’s not going to be extra or anything like that so these are the different colors you have harbor mist to gray and galactic black so when you choose a certain color obviously certain trims becomes unavailable so if you choose this gray pearl the only

Option you have is the gray and blue startex interior and if you go with the black galactic black you’re getting the black star tex interior which i like that black interior and then if you choose the red one it also comes with a black interior if you choose a white one it comes with the gray and blue star text interior so yeah so these are just information um

Pricing wise it’s going to be available around you know april may et cetera and then these are just some of the questions and answers and how you can get your money back if you decide you don’t want to do it anymore um and then you can join a waitlist if you’re interested in the vehicle if it’s not available in your area so for me like if i type in roughly where

My my area is um all of it is it’s not available as you can see the only one that was kind of available was like about 70 miles away or something like that yeah so not in my area ventura as far as el cajon san diego bakersfield goes all the way to bakersfield as well as wow subaru of las vegas damn so it goes pretty far but there’s none available in my area

I would have to put my name on the wait list and yeah so we’ve already talked about the specs of the vehicle as well and seeing how much range you’re gonna get it’s pretty much similar to the the beyond zero or bz4x that’s uh that’s the toyota’s version as well as lexus 450e that’s the same thing these those are all kind of similar but i don’t know the lexus

One is going to be getting a little bit more range or probably more features because it’s the lexus supposed to be luxurious and all that good stuff so anyway let me know what you think about this video if you enjoyed it go ahead and give it a like and subscribe and leave your comments below what do you think about the colors the features that you’re going to be

Getting and yeah man i’m out have a lovely day

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2023 Subaru Solterra Trims, Features and Colors By SOMEWHATUNBIAS