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2023 Toyota Crown Reveal | Full Lineup, Crossover, Sport, Sedan & Estate

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TOYOTA has unveiled the all new Crown for the first time in the world, and will release the Crown (Crossover type) as the first model around the fall of this year.

So here we present to you our crown for the new era ladies and gentlemen i am hiroki nakajima president of toyota’s in-house mid-sized vehicle company overseeing the development of the new crown let me talk about the new crown’s development story first of all a little more than two years ago we were working on a partial redesign of the 15th generation

Crown i shared details of the project with president toyota but he didn’t approve it saying is this truly going to result in evolution why don’t we start thinking more seriously maybe we should skip a partial redesign looking back i believe those words marked the beginning of the development of the 16th generation crown we started by revisiting the passions of

Successive chief engineers to thoroughly re-examine what the crown was all about we realized and knew that there were no fixed rules such as those governing the shape of the car or its driving system the only common thread was the engineer’s spirit of innovation and challenge this prompt us to thus to understand how we had tied ourselves to our predetermined

Rules over time at the same at the time i recalled the two messages president toyota had been repeating since becoming president that is let’s make ever better cars and let’s aim to be the best in town not the best in the world i realized that the crown is a long time seller because the past chief engineers constantly challenge themselves to create an ever better

Crown with a bursting tone focus in their car making to make customers happy this caused us to drastically change our approach we freed ourselves from fixed ways of thinking and started exploring a new crown that would achieve happiness for our customers and that’s how this crossover’s development began president toyota gave us the green light when we showed

Him the vehicle’s shape and packaging around that time he also gave us a new task he said why don’t we also think about sedan frankly i couldn’t believe what i had just heard but i thought it was because he saw our changes since deciding to skip a partial redesign we had a different mindset because we returned to the crown’s origin and he wanted us to apply

That to making a sedan version then in return we proposed four different models thinking that we also needed a hatchback and a station wagon to meet diverse knees this is the background story let me once again introduce to you our four versions of the new crown first crossover this crown is the result of fusing a sedan and an seo view v its packaging allows for

Ease of entry and exit to provide a high viewpoint and makes the vehicle easy to drive its driving performance underpinned by a new hybrid system makes an evolutionary advance making it a sedan like no other next sports this crown is a new form of sporty suv a spirited and creative car with easy to drive packaging that offers an agile and sporty driving experience

Then the sedan as an orthodox sedan this crown was developed in pursuit of quality and comfort as well as a new formal expression it is also well suited as a chauffeured vehicle highly functional suv enables users to enjoy driving performance with far to spare and an active lifestyle and a mature atmosphere the rear seats fold to form a completely flat cargo

Area making this model a cross between a station wagon and an suv these four models are united under the crown name starting with this now launching crown crossover we will roll them out in succession over the next year and a half it was no easy task to develop these four models at the same time what made it possible were toyota’s in-house company system and the

Toyota new global architecture or tnga we couldn’t present the new crown today without them first i’ll explain a bit about our in-house company system we started in 2016. each in-house company’s members feel strongly attached to and place the highest priority on the cars they are in charge of our mission is to make decisions and act on our own initiative for

The mid-sized vehicle company we were able to position the crown first and foremost and as president i was able to execute the project based on my responsibility and judgment that’s what really mattered we had to review our previous development process thoroughly eliminate waste and secure resources we placed the product planning and development processes under

The responsibility of a single team promoting everyone’s professionalism and communicating more closely than ever before to accomplish our mission next let me now talk about the second element tnga we started the tnga initiative to drastically improve basic vehicle performance through the integrated development of innovative vehicle platforms and powertrains

Over the past 10 years tnga has matured and evolved enabling us to turn the crown into a series tnga-based platforms have enhanced basic vehicle performance styling that entices people at first glance and drive and ride quality that makes people want to keep on enjoying it the new crown is even more developed the crown sports for example offers both a stylish

Appearance and interior comfort and usability thanks to a new dedicated platform and larger diameter tires tnga powertrains with an emphasis on direct and smooth performance have achieved both excellent driving performance and fuel efficiency while contributing to a lower center of gravity for vehicles that evolution has continued for example in this crossover

The engine and front electric motor are directly connected and the rear wheels have a dedicated large electric motor achieving a powerful driving with a total output of 350 horsepower and a robust 550 newton meters of torque this model also employs a new hybrid system that uses precise four-wheel drive control of vehicle posture the crown has long served as the

Flagship of the toyota brand we will put all of our energy into developing these crown models by applying to the fullest our in-house company system and tnga and we will build flagship quality vehicles for our customers please look forward to them thank you very much so you

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2023 Toyota Crown Reveal | Full Lineup, Crossover, Sport, Sedan & Estate By Planet Car News