2023 Toyota Crown WITH Advanced Technology Package

Exterior & interior feature tour of 2023 Toyota Crown Limited with the Advanced Technology Package!

Hey everyone i’m jeff tegan raleigh north carolina scratch that i’m in austin texas right now for the world premiere of the world debut of 2023 toyota crown and today we’ve got with us heavy metal that is so cool this is the limited so let’s walk around it first so that we can get a lay of the land here since it’s so new look at those led lights the limited this

Is where you start getting more features upgrade from the xle there’s xle limited and platinum you’ll get the multi-beam headlights normally it comes with 19 inch wheels this has the advanced tech package which gives you the upgraded 21 inch wheels it also gives you bird’s eye view camera and a digital key feature that’s really cool how are we liking the crown

So far the crown let’s open this up here the hood’s not too heavy it’s not too light right in the middle like the three bears say but anyway we’ve got a prop rod and it does come out all the way here so it’s out of the way we’ve got a hood blanket here and something to note is that this vehicle has tons of sound proofing acoustic glass on all trim levels it’s

Got excellent sound proofing the wheel wells between the engine and the interior cabin so it’s going to eliminate and get rid of most of the engine noise wind noise road noise all that kind of stuff right tire noise so this is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine mated to electric motor in the front electric motor in the back this is an on-demand electronically

Controlled on-demand all-wheel drive system and the fuel mileage on this one is going to be 38 mpg this is called toyota hybrid system it’s the fourth fourth generation hybrid interesting angle here because we can see fully the multi-lens led lights we can also see the led daytime running light strip and look at this strip right here it runs all the way over

This is toyota safety sense 3.0 so in certain situations that can pick up guard rails and motorcycles has a gloss black front grille here silver metallic bumper accent and then we’ve got gloss black wrapping around and encircling our grille here’s another angle how you like me now how you like me now and then the profile heavy metal some of the colors that we

Could see oxygen white we can see black we can see supersonic red heavy metal and magnetic ray let’s point out some things that we see as we do walk around that’s pretty cool and then we’ve got the led turn signal as well going on here small cladding except for there but we’ve got these upgraded look at that multi-spoke i think it’s 10 spoke alloy wheels 225

45 r 21 this is with the advanced tech package so let’s look around here this is going to be something that people definitely pay attention to as they’re looking at the profile are they going to swipe are they going to swipe and then look here we’ve got auto open right here auto open which means auto unlock so the front and the back doors gloss black accents

Here of course it’s gonna have blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert sneak preview is that a spoiler alert i don’t think so i don’t think so so as we go back here we’ll talk about fuel mileage the platinum the highest of the three trim levels that one’s going to average 28 mpg it’s got more chops more power to it up to 340 horsepower this one’s going

To average 38 mpg xle and limited well okay let’s come around to the back here boy that heavy metal color i’ve seen it on the gr corolla and i really liked it obviously it looks completely different on this body style so i see parking sensors i also see the plate yeah officer i’d like to file a report this vehicle stole my heart i don’t know anything about it i

Remember the plate was nku457 don’t remember much about the car it was hot sorry since i rudely interrupted us here look at this and look at these vertical marks all the way around really cool reminds me of venza i believe that this is a backup camera washer it’s just a different shape that i’m used to seeing normally it’s a little nubby square so square why are

You so basic just kidding it’s not it’s far from basic hey do we have jbl yeah standard unlimited 11 speakers with subwoofer let’s go up here and we can see this is where you start to get the fixed panoramic roof and that’s going to look like this as it opens remember it’s a fixed roof it does not open so we’ve got a smaller side in the front bigger in the back

Should extend the offer of light to everybody in the front and the back seats this is leather seating let’s take a look here we’ve got the crown plate okay okay we’ve got soft touch materials here not soft touch here but it feels nice and then we’ve got feels good it feels good then we’ve got two position memory seats power folding mirrors mirrors mirrors

On the crown i can’t think of anything that rhymes other than drown i don’t want to say that so we’ve got some bottle holders here and look it’s really wide here so it could fit a big sport bottle big sport bottle and if you want to pop it you can pop it from there from the front you can pop it from the key you can also pop it right here this little hidden thing

That should be on all trim levels and then it exposes a very nice size trunk which looks just like this pretty decent space there and then it has the seat release right there and right there lift and hook it’s like the bend and snap works every time all right we’ve got a temporary spare right here and then we can push down and this is what it looks like with the

Seats down so you can stack and store we’ll open that up for you all right nice we have two different seating positions here based on maybe how long somebody is how tall they are i’ve got good headroom back here this is with the seat literally all the way back and reclined here the seats are very comfortable very plush with that leather seating there’s a little

Bit of a hump here in the middle this is a very raised up i feel like i’m sitting on an ant hill but it’s a cushy one all right oh that is very comfortable yeah that’s nice and then you’ve got a ton of leg room just a ton i’ve got seat pockets as well as rear vents and usb yeah right like right here usb c is there and then here we’ve got a really comfortable

Armrest they put a lot of work into this one i can tell and then there are latches for child safety seat and they’re very easy to recognize and use i would assume here’s the view right here from the back seat inside we have a 12.3 inch multi-information display it’s going to show us different pieces of information about our vehicle the lighting is really not

Good for here at all but that’s okay we’ll work past it we’re gonna work past it aren’t we yeah this right here is the toyota audio multimedia system fast processing speed it’s got siriusxm but it has wireless apple carplay wireless android auto really cool and you can play your own kind of music as you see there it also allows you to pair two phones at the same

Time and with wi-fi connect you can do five different phones working at the same time with that wi-fi so we’ve got heated and cooled front seats we’ve got heated rear seats as well all of the important buttons that you might need are right here look at that heated steering wheel fancy did i say fancy yeah i did because it is what about in the trunk is the junk

In its trunk and then look at these accent pieces all the way along very cool here now look at this right here this knob actually spins i’m sure it’s for the volume i don’t think it’s tuning i think it’s for the volume but anyway up top this one here has home link looks like auto dimming rear view mirror got lights that go across that’s cool safety connect got

Lighted vanity mirrors with a built-in slide function and then let’s look at the view from this side here again these seats are very comfortable they’re plush a surprising amount of padding and support it’s like an emotional best friend for sale from howard stern metallic accents there feels nice it’s not like the soft touch but it’s not hard all right how’s

The interior look this has the e4 all-wheel drive system and that allows you to get the most from your wheels from the front and from the back it can go all the way from 100 force in the front to zero can go all the way to 20 to 80 in the back when you need it thanks so much for watching let me know what you think of toyota crown remember there’s xle limited

Limited and then we’ve got the platinum as well so please follow me on my channel’s toyota jeff reviews and auto jeff reviews and instagram and tic tac same monikers same handles same crown see you guys later you

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