2023 Toyota GR Corolla vs Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai Elantra N // DRAG RACE + LAP TIMES

The new Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition ($53,900 in Canada, $42,900 in the US) has to make a name for itself amongst its stiff competition. Today that means a drag race with some worthy contenders – the Honda Civic Type R ($46,200 in Canada, $37,895 in the US) and the Hyundai Elantra N ($39,653 in Canada, $32,150 in the US). The Gr Corolla may have the AWD traction advantage off the hop, but the Civic is lighter and more powerful, and the Elantra has a torque advantage.

You’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is a drag race okay we’ve seen the gr corolla comfortably keep up with its all-wheel drive competitors but drop all-wheel drive from your list of requirements and two very high-spirited front-wheel drive candidates into the battlefield the legendary outgoing 2021 honda civic type r and the new

Value option hyundai elantra n and today we’re going to race them from a dig from a roll and then have a look at some lap times let’s do this okay gr corolla 300 horsepower all-wheel drive i think it’s fair to say at this point that the gr corolla is a rocket we our video with it if you haven’t seen our first video with it check out the end of this one we threw

It around the circuit against the golf r it is very impressive uh and i’ve got to take on the type r not the new new ones that’s not out yet this is the fk8 and it’s still more powerful than this and it’s lighter but it’s two-wheel drive as is the hyundai that thomas is in so i’m going to beat them off the line i’m pretty sure i’m gonna beat them off the line and

I’m going to keep them back that’s my plan okay elantra n this is the least powerful car here um so i’m going to use hopes and dreams to get it to the finish line in front of the other ones front-wheel drive it’s pretty it’s pretty this is pretty quick though it’s pretty quick it’s pretty peppy air conditioning off traction control off let’s do this good launch

Come on time yes boys where are you going filling up my wing mirrors nicely oh you know what as soon as the gr corolla is moving i’m not walking away but i lost in the end yeah i lost in that race okay rapid it’s a corolla it’s a corolla i’d say you don’t cross a corolla but then it becomes a corolla cross and that’s not nearly as cool okay hello my

Front wheel drive friend okay hello my all-wheel drive friend this does really bad wheel hop yeah well it really doesn’t this doesn’t do anything badly i get it i will say though that once you were moving in about six cars ahead of me because your all-wheel drive i wasn’t falling back oh you’re starting you’re starting crap now i was i was starting i think i was

Even catching you i think i was even catching you so um you’re all right fine it’s fine i i don’t think that’s true but we’ll do a real race the video will show um carson obviously in that very light and powerful type r did quite well yeah i think uh he might have me in the role he might actually have in the role yeah you you know i well you know what let’s find

Out okay good cars easy to drive it’s so it’s so approachable this car any i i sound stupid i said this about the civic type r as well and i’m sure it’s true for the elantra anyone can drive this if you can just now to drive manual it’s it’s the least intimidating thing three two one go oh god mate go mate oh there’s the typo no it’s close and that’s how far is

Quick oh that was very close okay this and that gr corolla are pretty much matched in a roll interesting is it or is it exactly by the horsepower numbers no no it is i’m just saying that this and that in a role are matched pretty much perfectly except for the fact that i think because of gearing probably i think i’m in more boost you were in more boost than me

By the time we start going right so like i could feel a delay based on that well some serious boost going on in here because that gets even more tall even more yeah no that’s really interesting so like you know on the highway pull for pull these are very similar speeds very similar very similar and and you know what what this is on better tires than that and it’s

A very good car allegedly it’s better tires and ps4s are better than ps4s only technically i’m gonna go do a lap time yeah well those are the stock tire aren’t they and there’s the stock tire i think this is going to set a pretty good pretty good time i do too that’s a very impressive car not impressive looking though am i right okay a couple of things before i

Talk about the elantra we have noticed that since our original type r time we set here the track has got a bit faster in fact the type r time you may have seen on the board was the first car we ever set a time here in when the track was completely green we were going to set a fresh time with the type r you saw today but the breakthrough at the end of their life

So we didn’t deem it fair sorry thankfully a new type r is just around the corner and we will be setting a time in it okay the elantra n i did the first two laps with the suspension in the softest setting but i was finding the car too unsettled over curbs so the lap you’re watching was in the stiffest setting with the traction off as always what i can say is the

Grip from the ps4s was immediately noticeable and the elantra end just sang through the corners it’s wonderfully balanced and it communicates so much to the driver that you can really drive it right on the limit which as you know is where the fastest lap times are let’s see how it did foreign i had to do it it’s so good it is so good isn’t it i’m upset at how

Good it is okay so a few things that are important um we didn’t lap the type r no because we’re about to get a new one yes right all right i just want to do this because this is i want to show the difference between two great cars but one on slightly better tires because this is the ps4 s’s ps4s is ps4s okay this did a you remember by the way movie magic this is

The same day as our other test of this so it’s the same lap time different yeah yeah yeah how did this happen it’s like a 11466 oh you remember that okay yeah because it’s it’s emblazoned in me one fourteen six zero wow similar weight less power no all-wheel drive better tires wow so like i i just want to say also quicker than i go far i’ll secretly on the same

Day that’s huge i just want to say to everybody listening this car is so good the steering the brakes the feedback the chassis balance the suspension everything is brilliant i absolutely love this it’s weird isn’t it because from a from a desirability perspective if you asked anyone on the street go for gr corolla civic type r on that train yeah this would be low

On the list it would and it should be at the top of everyone’s list i just wish that it didn’t look like it was wearing a mouth guard no it’s wearing an urus face why why is it this is a fantastic car don’t get me wrong absolutely brilliant and if you put this on these tires this would be faster right but i’d like just with like come on yeah unbelievable we loved

It in the canyons this is the first time we’ve had it on our track in canada brilliant yeah there you go thanks for watching so we can say what we want about its looks but the elantra ends price and performance stifle those complaints real quick and it’s not like that civic type r is considered an oil painting by everyone either and that’s kind of the best thing

About these cars to be honest they don’t give a hot hatch what you think they just want to be an absolute riot on the street and the track and all of them are the elantra n which can also be had with a dct by the way even achieves it at a significant discount to the others although not quite a hatchback is it our excitement for the incoming civic type r grows and

With the addition of the gr and the hyundai even though you can still count them all on one hand north america suddenly finds itself besieged with some excellent hot manual compacts and not one of them is a bust oh and a big thank you to michelin canada for generously donating the tires for for the gr corolla thanks for watching

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2023 Toyota GR Corolla vs Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai Elantra N // DRAG RACE + LAP TIMES By Throttle House