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2023 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 6-Speed Manual – MORE Driving Impressions (Track)

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3.0 Premium MSRP: $55,650

All right guys so we’re gonna get some first impressions on the 2023 toyota gr supra the 3.0 we have the six-speed manual feels pretty familiar feels like a bmw transmission slightly different shift knob maybe a little bit shorter of a gate but still kind of that rubbery nice notchy feel that we’re used to from bmws mated with this b58 though it is a joy gear

Spacing is really nice it’s so great to have control over your gears on the supra finally having a manual transmission option the rev matching enabled we’re in sport mode everything is set to stiff i can’t believe how well balanced this car is it is just so sharp so nice foreign here down into second actually i guess we don’t have rev matching enabled so

We’re doing all the driving ourselves on this first lap pedals are beautifully spaced for heel toe downshifts oh this is fun this is really fun little chicane here so stable so neutral makes a pretty good sound too foreign yeah i think this is the supra that a lot of us have been waiting for and i’m very very glad that toyota finally delivered on this

Manual transmission that was mostly a third gear course so we didn’t get a ton of opportunity to shift it but just kind of cruising around here slower speeds in the pits it feels great ddo drive smoothly the rev matching works pretty well too even though we didn’t have it enabled that time let’s go and enable that we’ll turn on gear shift assistant clutch is

Nicely tuned i’ve always said that the supra is one of the best driving bmws on sale and this manual makes it even more so the short wheelbase portions of this car the packaging of everything the way it handles yeah this is just fun so rev matching is enabled here we’re just gonna do a little bit of cool down lap cool off the brakes for these guys oh this

Is nice be such a fun street car too that two three shift it really pulls when you put it into third oh i can’t believe the grip the super has it is nuts waiting waiting into second roughs take a little bit to drop but there’s not that the best part about this manual is just the increased amount of control you get in the driving experience that extra level

Of involvement you can play with the sounds a little bit more and i think this is going to be making for a much more enjoyable supra the performance here is wonderful and finally you can enjoy with a manual transmission so good on toyota for making that happen i know they started developing the supra manual as soon as the 8-speed auto came out when people were

Started clamoring for it they’ve tweaked the clutch a little bit still a lot of you know the bmw parts been stuff here but they’ve made some adjustments and changes that this feels pretty good it’s not as rubbery and mushy uh as some other bmw man transmissions that i’ve driven it’s actually a nice surprise this feels great it matches the character of the car

Perfectly i think a lot of people are really going to appreciate this new six-speed and the fact that it’s a no cost option makes it even that much better really fun okay guys well that’s gonna be our first impressions on track here with the 2023 gr supra six-speed manual uh about as good if not maybe a little bit better than i was expecting uh toyota did a

Nice job with this manual transmission thanks again for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video take care cool what’s your thoughts my man oh i like it okay i’m about it good yeah everything feels good awesome yep gorgeous color too it says this kind of orangish yellow pearlescent flake to it new wheels for 23 too

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2023 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 6-Speed Manual – MORE Driving Impressions (Track) By TheTopher