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2023 Toyota GR86 Walk around -How is it different from the Subaru BRZ?

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The 2023 Toyota GR86 is the spiritual successor of the AE86, a small, relatively affordable and lightweight sports car that’s focused more on handling than raw power. For this project, Toyota decided to partner up with Subaru and both brands created two very similar cars, the BRZ and the GR86. In this video, we’ll do a walk-around of the GR86 and we’ll also talk about the differences in specifications and pricing between the two cars.

This hunk of sexy metal right here is the toyota gr86 in this video we’ll do a full walk around and we’ll talk about the differences between this and the subaru brz so is it worth the money let’s find out the gr86 is the spiritual successor to the ae86 if you are familiar with initial d the car needs no introduction it was small it was light front engine and

Most importantly rear wheel drive so it was a hit among drifters it wasn’t very powerful but the focus was more on fun and handling rather than power the original gt86 the predecessor of the gr86 followed the same formula it only had 200 horsepower but it was small it was light and it was a lot of fun the gt86 was a success and this success probably paved the way

For the re-emergence of japanese sports cars like the gr supra the g r yaris we’re about to get a new z and mitsubishi is about to launch a new eclipse just kidding the gt86 was a joint project between toyota and subaru and the same is the case with the gr86 it shares the same platform and plenty of parts with the subaru brz most of the visual differences between

The gr86 and the subaru brz are here at the front the i think the i think the gr86 looks a bit more aggressive this has a more squared off grille which gives it a more aggressive look the brz has a happier looking face like the brz this gets projector leds and you also get headlight washers these air vents right here are real they feed air into the wheel wells

And you also have air vents here at the back which allows the air to exit you have this very aggressive chin over here the gr86 has a ground clearance of 5.1 inches here at the front you have about this much space which is actually not bad for a sports car if you ask me i’d lower it a bit more the car gets 18 inch wheels wrapped in mission and sport tires this is

A square setup meaning that the front and the rear are the same size so these are 215 4018s which are a bit narrow for a sports car but then again you don’t really have a lot of power here the suspensions of the brz and the gr86 are very similar but they’re not exactly the same they both have muck first sensor at the front but the spring rate here at the front is

Stiffer on the gr86 as for the brakes they both get 11.6 inch disc brakes here at the front with dual piston calipers and at the back both the brz and the gr86 get single piston calipers both the brz and the gr86 get independent suspensions at the back they’re sort of like double wishbones you have a wishbone at the top and you have a wishbone at the bottom and a

Trailing arm now if the front spring rate of the gr86 is softer than the brz the rear spring rate is stiffer than the brz overall the suspension of the jr86 is tuned to feel a bit more playful it should feel a bit more tail happy than the brz at least theoretically hopefully i’ll get to drive the brz next month and by then i can give you a first hand account of

What it’s like to drive so both the subaru brz and the toyota gr86 get the same four-cylinder boxer engine like the previous generation this is still naturally aspirated which means that there is no turbo but it’s a bit bigger this time it’s now 2.4 liters the previous generation only had a 2-liter engine that extra displacement adds about 20 horsepower to the

Total output so it now produces 223 horsepower you have two transmission options for the new gr86 and thankfully you still have a six-speed manual option okay so here’s a closer look at the engine bay uh it’s a boxer engine so the cylinders are horizontally opposed to each other your intake is over here and as you can see it says toyota subaru because this is

A joint partnership between the two brands we have some bracing over here to improve the rigidity of the chassis from this angle you can very clearly see that this is a very small car as you can see it only goes up to here yeah from this angle it looks almost the same as the brz you get this very aggressive looking side skirt you get a sharpie sloping roof line

And you get these muscular haunches over here now you probably know this already but this is a two-door car and the windows don’t have frames from this angle the gr86 looks almost the same as the brz also from this angle you can really appreciate how wide these fenders are you get led tail lights you get this ductile spoiler you get rear parking sensors you got

A reverse camera and you get dual exhaust tips and here’s a sound clip if you want to know what they sound like now truck space is not exactly cavernous so as you can see i have barely enough space for my camera bag the spare tire takes up a lot of space here now thankfully the rear seats can fold down if you need more space now from the inside the grs and the

Brg look almost the same of course you got gr badging over here on the steering wheel on the start stop button now this should also look very familiar to owners of the previous gt86 you have a very similar design theme you have this dual layer dashboard the top of the dashboard is covered in some sort of rubbery material this over here is alcantara this is

Alcantara as well the armrests are covered in leather you got a leather wrapped steering wheel which is perfectly circular you don’t get a flat bottom over here you get buttons for your cruise control which is adaptive by the way oh i know it’s adaptive and you also have buttons here for your for your infotainment screen the infotainment screen is an 8 inch unit

You have apple carplay you have android auto you also have a reverse camera with active guidelines by the way the steering of the gr86 is pretty quick as you can see it’s only one one and a half turns from the center to lock and two and a half turns from lock to lock so this may look like a manual transmission but it’s actually an automatic now to shift you

Can shift either using the the shifter or you can use the panel shifters so over here you have your track mode button so this turns off traction control it also changes the instrument cluster and speaking of the instrument cluster it’s fully digital and the shape of it mimics the shape of the boxer engine logo and thankfully you get a temperature gauge so this

Gets dual zone climate control and thankfully you get physical knobs by the way this also gets seat heating and seat cooling now in terms of storage you have a single cup holder over here underneath the center armrest you have oh you have two more cupholders yeah you have two usb ports over here and one aux jack the armrest itself is leather wrapped and padded

The seats are covered in leather and alcantara they’re semi-bucket seats with pretty aggressive bolstering adjustment is manual for both seats the steering wheel adjustment is awesome manual and it tilts and it also telescopes and thankfully you get a manual handbrake now technically this is a two plus two so the rear seats are just there for emergency situations

Let’s see if we’ll fit i’m five foot eight by the way now as you can see i don’t have a lot of headroom over here my i can’t sit straight and even if i recline like this my head is still hitting the roof actually it’s hitting the the rear window so my feet basically have nowhere to go they’re right underneath the seat and there’s not a lot of space down there

If you’re wearing big shoes uh you’re not gonna fit down there i cannot sit straight so this is really for um kids and very small adults or people you don’t like very much now this is a driver’s car so driver 8 should not be a top priority but it’s still nice to have them just in case you want to take a break from huni the j86 has adaptive cruise control i’ve read

That there’s a minimum speed for it though so it’s not very useful in city traffic if you do get into a collision you’d appreciate the car’s seven airbags the gr86 automatic sells for 2.58 pesos the manual variant sells for 2.38 million pesos there are only two variants of the gr86 and the philippines the brz has three the brz’s pricing starts at 2.15 pesos for

The base model automatic and goes all the way up to 2.49 billion pesos for the automatic variant with eyesight so overall the toyota gr86 is a bit more expensive it’s tuned to oversteer more but aside from those things they’re very similar cars and it really boils down to which brand you prefer whichever car you choose though you’ll get one of the most desirable

And fun cars for the money thanks for watching please consider subscribing and i’ll see you on my next video you

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