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2023 VinFast VF 8 2022 New York International Auto Show NY NYIAS

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2023 VinFast VF 8 at the 2022 NYIAS.

Our advanced technology evolves daily life and the world around us we believe sustainability is for everyone and in the future smart electric vehicles are accessible too making a more sustainable we know there’s no time to waste so get in step on the accelerator feel the power of cleaning greener energy propelling us together into that bright blue boundless

Function welcome everyone to the vintfast booth then benfast is excited to be participating in the new york auto show for the first time to share the progress that the company has made in this mission to bring sustainable technologically advanced and beautifully styled electric vehicles to market it is now my great pleasure to introduce emmanuel brett ben pass

Deputy ceo of local sales and marketing to offer more of the latest insights and have been fast welcome emmanuel good afternoon everyone i would like to thank you all for coming today we are very excited to be at the new york international auto show to share some of the things we are proud of are doing fast for some of you this may be the first time that

We have connected in person so first of all a bit of background about who we are as part of the vietnamese multi-sector corporation greenbrook we are vietnam’s first on only automotive company committed to sweetens creating premium quality products reasonable pricing and exceptional customer services we connect intelligence globally we truly believe that

In order to have the best product we need to bring together the best talents and the best partners in the world on the topic of our global perspective i am especially pleased to share that just two weeks ago we announced that our first north american manufacturing facility will be the great state of north carolina which is quickly becoming the center of the

Country’s clean energy economy the first phase of the construction beginning this year will be a factory that is expected to be completed by july 2024 where we will create thousands of new jobs for americans and can produce up to 150 thousand acres degrees we are so excited to start building green fast cars arteries and even electric bursts right here in the

Usa real fast had its global ev day three months ago where we announced that we will be taking reservations for our vf8 and vf9 models as of today we have secured more than 65 000 global reservations in just more than three months thank you very much program will be extended to women open to reservation from international market until may 30th and we look

Forward to welcoming more people to the metro family we have been extremely pleased and happy by the response from all wintford’s customers explaining that they are really impressed by all perfect combinations of outstanding technology sustainable approach and world-class design talking about design i would like now to invite on stage green fast directors of

Design dev live now please welcome impasse director of design david lyon all right thank you em thank you for that i’m really excited to be here today to talk about our new vehicles at binfast we have partnered with penetra and trino design two of the most talented studios in the world and with these designs we aim to emotionally connect with our customers

Now the vf8 is a five passenger mid-size suv initially available with two battery versions the first delivering a range of up to 260 miles and the second the range of up to 292 miles its price starts from 40 700 for battery version one and 41 000 for battery version 2. now behind me here is the vf9 it is a full-size suv with three rows of seating for six or

Seven very rare for an electric vehicle also initially available with two battery versions the first delivers a range of 272 miles and the second up to 369 miles uh the starting price will be 55 500 for battery version 1 and 56 000 for battery version 2. now i also like to point out the sleek and sporty vf7 crossover we’re going to reveal more details about

That as we get closer to its launch next year all right and unlike most tvs our vehicles come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind and our advanced driver assist technology is available including traffic jam assist level 2 highway assist automatic lane change remote parking and much much more i’d also like to talk about vin fast suite of smart services as

Your personal smart living hub our evs become your command center for accessing and controlling app-based features associated with home work and shopping you can monitor your smartphone while on the road turning lights on or off you can even control the locks videos can be streamed for entertaining passengers and the smart living mobile office allows smartphone

Mirroring and drivers can have messages read aloud safely and even respond using speech to text and with our e-commerce feature you can do simple tasks like reordering groceries from amazon fresh with voice commands binfast smart services are designed to bring you convenience and manage your time while on the road we’re incredibly proud to be here in new york

Where you can be among the first to see these exciting vehicles in person now i’d like to share a short video where you can learn more about our innovative smart services thank you it’s been said that time stands still when you’re behind the wheel of a big fest well in fact the days do seem a bit longer then fast drivers seem to see more sunsets watch more

Baseball and have a little more time it’s not magic but intentional at binfast we worked to maximize your minutes to provide a driving experience that’s more connected optimized to capitalize on your community turn your drive into action leverage vinfast smart services as your personal smart living hub where you can monitor your home while you’re on the go

Where emails practically write themselves to the development team and a virtual assistant is at your fingertips designed to bring convenience thank you michael your flight is now confirmed allowing you to manage your time and still be where you need to be right on time and with mobile office this turns into this because your day continues so by the time you

Get here you’re ready to focus on what really matters you’re a ben fast smart living hug it’s just a matter of time next please join me in welcoming greg westbrook chief service officer for big bass u.s thank you for being with us today uh and ben fast we are committed to making evs more attainable more affordable and accessible to everyone with world-class

Technologies safety features and smart amenities alongside an unsurpassed customer experience which brings me to the topic that i personally enjoy the most are customers and how we’re answering their calls to remove the barriers of entry into ev ownership and to reduce the burden and the worry about keeping their vehicles charged in addition to being a home

Away from home and an office on the go with our suite of smart services we know that charging is a top concern for ev drivers so by entering into partnerships with leading charging providers we are building one of the most comprehensive charging networks in the country and with a plug-and-charge feature there’s no more fumbling for payments before beginning

The charging process instead the charging station will automatically identify and authenticate your vehicle allowing you to charge quickly and get back on the road without using a credit card or having to deal with multiple apps now of course all transactions and their history are automatically stored in the binfast app keeping all of our customers information

In one place coupled with our advanced and sleek home charging solution we have you covered wherever you go now as i previously noted we’re partnering with charging network providers across the country partnerships with companies like electrify america the largest public fast charging network in the united states will allow binfast customers to use any of

Those charging stations across the country and quickly start the charging process by simply pulling over plug it in and charging plus binfast will seamlessly provide drivers with dynamic data on the availability of our partner network charges updated instantaneously this way our customers will have access to major syndicated charging points delivering the

Charging experience on par with the best available networks in the united states and help you understand just how high we’re aiming we put together a short video to explain our tireless drive for the best possible customer charging experience let’s have a look what is the boundary a hard line a limit or a speed bump on the road to progress but in the evolution

Of electric vinfast is leading the challenge we are on the path to becoming the largest charging network in the united states and creating the most convenient easy to use process to date so that even when you have to stop you’re a step ahead our plug-in charge system does the work for you simply pull up plug in and our user-friendly app will identify your car

And handle the payment securely no credit card or external ops necessary combine that with the premium design of the high capacity level 2 at home universal eb charger and vinfast is made charging your car as easy as charging your phone to keep you on the road and in charge of the destination that lies ahead been fast boundless together thank you craig craig

Spoke about our outstanding customer experience and i would like to share another way for us to innovate we have created a breakthrough battery subscription program bringing even more value to the windfast owners first this program gives us the opportunity to propose our premium models for a reasonable price in the market vainfast is for everyone secondly

It shows our capacity to participate actively in the circular economy we keep the ownership of the battery we take the responsibility and the control of its second life and its recycling bin fast will offer customers two battery subscriptions package the fix one is a flexible one the flexible one is designed for drivers who stay close to home with a monthly

Payment of 35 dollars for the vf8 and 44 dollars for the vfl this weight applies to a range of 3-10 miles per hour for my 311 or world the additional fee per mile is approximately 11 cents for the vf8 and 50 cents for the vf9 the monthly fixed plan for the vf8 is 110 dollars and 160 dollars for the ps9 with no million limits this program gives customers peace

Of mind in terms of warranty and knowing that vince fast would replace the battery if the country’s charging capacity drops below seventy percent most importantly customers who order the vf8 and the f9 in 2022 and subscribe to the fixed plan are eligible to return their original fixed subscriptions twice for the vehicle’s lifetime this policy incentive is

Automatically extended to any new owners in the military who have shared a lot about our passion and a lot about our commitment for accelerating the eevee adoption and have spoken often about being fast investment into our collective future but today today we are here to make the future real our cars are no longer just concepts they are actually here for

You to experience today you can see them you can touch them and most excitingly you can ride in the vf8 at the eevee or test track we really hope that each of you will take a moment after this to enjoy the vid fast experience for yourself and officially join the chat we are ready we are read fast thank you thank you for joining us to hear more about

Benfast today now please join us for some food drinks and a closer look at some of the exciting ev’s that big bass has brought here to new york

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2023 VinFast VF 8 2022 New York International Auto Show NY NYIAS By Towne Automotive Photography