2023 Vinfast VF 8 All Electric SUV Humiliates The US EV Market | US Deliveries Dec. 2022

VinFast has delivered the first 100 VF 8 E s and is getting ready to launch in the US, Europe, and Canada.

The future is now vinfast has delivered to first 100 vf8 evs and is getting ready to launch in the us europe and canada deliveries of the 100 all-electric sport utility vehicles suvs from the vietnamese automaker vin fast the vin group jsc the chm started last saturday to local consumers the vehicle will start arriving in the united states in december vinfast is

The automotive division of ving group vietnam’s largest conglomerate aiming to create a better life for people through sustainable technology services and social enterprises from electric cars and e-scooters to ev battery technology and storage options keep in mind that leaving a like subscribing and turning on the bell notification feature makes it easy to stay

Up to date with state-of-the-art reinvention of mobility the first high volume vietnamese automaker is vinfast the business was established in 2017 and relocated its worldwide headquarters to singapore in may 2022 the lux a 2.0 and luxsa 2.0 were reimagined versions of the bmw 5 series and x5 respectively and were vin fast debut vehicles but the company is about to

Adopt a new strategy after 2022 vinfast will only produce electric vehicles a possible ipo in 2023 is the reason they are traveling to the united states vinfast is making quick progress after revealing a complete lineup of electric vehicles in 2017. as the first 100 customers received their brand new vdf aevs the automakers recently announced full-size suv electric

Vehicle and the company sets its sights on a global expansion vinfast wants to become a household name following an explosive entry in 2012. another enormous milestone was reached when vin fast shipped its first 100 vf8 to commemorate the turning point of vietnam’s car industry the manufacturer organized a delivery ceremony with the slogan the future is now at its

High fall manufacturing complex madame la thiefui ceo of then fast worldwide and vice chairman of vin group praised the automaker at the occasion then fast which launched operations in 2019 is preparing to grow in the u.s market with its two all-electric suvs vf8 and vf9 intends to compete with established manufacturers and newcomers while also offering battery

Leasing to lower the purchase price vin fast announced earlier this year that it would discontinue producing internal combustion engines by the end of 2022 while also introducing a selection of entirely electric automobiles there are models in every category in the lineup including one mini vf5 two subcompact vf6 three compact vs7 four midsize vf8 5 full size vf9

Quick reminder the most innovative technology offered by vinroot is its electric mobility solutions before releasing the vfv34 vin fast originally began producing electric motorcycles the first ev was sold in vietnam on december 25th 2021 and vinfast conducted a ceremony to celebrate that milestone and to establish vietnam as one of the few nations building entirely

Electric cars at the los angeles auto show in november 2021 vin fast unveiled two brand new totally electric suv models the vf-8 and vf9 and declared its intentions to establish a u.s headquarters in los angeles and pursue a global ev manufacturing strategy vinfast has already established six locations in california and intends to grow to more than 30 million also

In california the business will sell automobiles worldwide cars will be produced in america a north carolina facility that will open in 2024 will get more than 2 billion dollars in investments according to vin fast customers can expect their cars to arrive as early as december after the corporation begins delivering automobiles internationally in november vinfast

Had announced plans to construct a production facility in north carolina with a 150 000 ev annual capacity in order to secure at least four billion dollars in funding for the project it approached banks in july the global chief executive of vinfas spoke to reuters on the sidelines of a delivery ceremony at the company’s facility in the northern province of haifang

Vietnam the first batch of 5000 vf8 units will be for u.s and north american markets mass production will start from next week vinfast asserts that the company garnered 24 000 orders internationally within 48 hours of accepting reservations for the vf-8 and vf9 the company intends to sell 750 000 evs annually by 2026 beginning with the df-8 and vf9 all-electric

Suvs and has already had about 65 000 bookings from around the world the viewf8 and viewf9 vehicles will start at 42 200.57 500 respectively for u.s customers excluding the cost to lease the electric battery from september the company will also offer customers options that include batteries battery leasing is advantageous for clients according to gui and kak

Chung one of the first customers to receive his car why should we purchase batteries according to vin fast u.s customers will be required to use the battery subscription plan through at least the end of 2023 the first two evs to reach the us will be available in two distinct trims and with two different battery pack traces additionally u.s customers would have to

Decide between flexible and fixed monthly battery subscriptions according to vinfas customers who secure a reservation and deposit for a vf8 or vf9 this year with a fixed battery subscription will be locked in for the lifetime of the vehicle even if it’s transferred to a new owner more on vinfast’s subscription plan and battery options ladder vin fast is vf8 as a

Full-size suv has the following dimensions 187.00 inches length by 76.14 inches width by 65.63 inches height making this suv suitable for global markets additionally the vf8 has a full suite of ads technologies including advanced driving features such as smart parking smart summon remote parking assist and highway assist drivers will have access to smart services

By accessing the vin fast app to interact with and control their vehicles the finfast vf8 comes in two different versions one eco fitted with a 260 kilowatt electric motor with maximum torque of about 369 pound-feet and range of 260 miles on a full charge two plus for enhanced performance the vf8 plus is powered by a 300 kilowatt electric motor for maximum torque

Of around 457 pound-feet yet you will sacrifice some range with up to 248 miles on a full charge that is to say the vin fast vf8 is a five-seater midsize suv it will be available in plus 402 horsepower and eco 348 horsepower models both the eco and plus variants will include battery packs with standard range and enhanced range depending on the setup the range on

The gobblego tp scale will be between 248 and 292 miles according to the epa’s criterion that will likely be substantially less that vf8 will reach 60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds have dual motor all-wheel drive is standard and start at forty thousand seven hundred dollars the vin fast vf9 is a full-size suv with up to seven seats it will be available in eco and

Plus models with standard and enhanced range of each both with 402 horsepower depending on the setup vinfas predicts that the range will fall between 262 and 360 miles under the wltp scale the viewf9 starts at 55 500 and can reach 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds according to vinfas its business model will be changed by 2024 to allow consumers to either lease or

Buy their battery pack as part of the msrp of their electric vehicle the car manufacturer anticipates a 50 50th split between leases and sales you can already make a reservation for a vf8 or vf9 with u.s orders opening later this year that’s where we wrap things up for today to avoid missing out make sure to leave a like subscribe and turn on the bell notification

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