2023 Volvo XC40 B5 Plus Dark in Fjord Blue / Walkaround with Heather

2023 Volvo XC40 B5 Plus Dark in Fjord Blue

Good morning heather here from portland volvo with a 2023 volvo xc40 b5 plus dark let me break that down for you so volvo xc40 is the model b5 is the engine plus is the equipment level and dark is the theme on the outside so dark gloss black trim you could either get dark or bright and bright would be the chrome trim so that cool gloss black grill the mirror

Covers the roof rails fog lights around check out these new headlights for the xc40 so cool b5 is a four cylinder turbocharged engine it is a mild hybrid it has 247 horsepower this is all-wheel drive and plus is the mid-level equipment level the one right in the middle so you get core plus or ultimate and man that fjord blue looks so good on this car cool 20

Inch wheels those are new for model year 2023. on the xc40 the plus standard features include that cool panoramic sunroof with a power sun shade the grocery divider in the back the ability to pop down those headrests in the back seat from a touch of a button this one also has the climate package so your back seats are heated your front seats are heated and you

Get a heated steering wheel this is an adjustable tailgate so if you have it to this height that you’d like and you hold this down for three seconds you’ll hear that beep and now that will open to the height that you set it to very cool keyless entry allows you to just with your key fob on your person jump in and out of the car without having to there’s a sensor

That senses it so you don’t have to pull it out and click a button or anything you just jump in and out and with the keyless entry so i just locked the car you saw the side mirrors fold in now i’m going to hold the unlock button down for three seconds and now the windows will all roll down letting in a nice fresh breeze this one also has the advanced package

Or sorry the driver’s assistance package formerly known as the advanced package so you get the 360 degree camera system and pilot assist with adaptive cruise control nice light open cabin foreign level on the xc40s gives you this gorgeous wood trim that harman and kardon stereo system is an upgrade on this one plus trim level also on the xc40s gives you that

Sweet crystal gear shifter gorgeous orifers crystal and this has the google based android-based google infotainment system your ignition switch is right here so it has google maps which most people are familiar with the voice control is amazing it’s natural voice control hey google turn off climate sure turning off the auto climate control so everything is

Situated here now and you can scroll through to find whatever else is there or to get that as a big picture you can click that button and now this is everything in one place whatever you use the most these are all adjustable so you can move that around to suit your needs maybe you don’t use the maps as much but you do use that apple carplay you do use your phone

And now whatever you use last here will show up there all along the bottom this always stays just like that this is your 360 degree camera system my door is open so that’s why that is blacked out your heated steering and heated seat controls and it’s super fast now climate right here you can adjust for winter situations and then all of your settings everything

That you can adjust on your own to create your own swedish sanctuaries all behind this little wheel this is the google assistant if you don’t like just calling out of maybe you have little kids in the back that are also calling out you can just use this button instead if you turn this off that’s there back to there driving this is where you see the pilot assist

So on the 2023s if this is on when you’re driving and you go to hit your cruise control it automatically engages once you hit that button it automatically engages pilot assist if that is on so that’s a nice new feature lane keeping aid is now a voice controlled thing as well so i can say hey google turn off lane keeping aid got it turning off lane keeping aid

Is that on roadside information system so this shows you the road sign so now you’ll be able to see um on the road you know on your display the speed limit sign whenever you’re driving on the road and then this ready to drive notification is glorious so this is say you’re in traffic or in a coffee line and you’re not paying attention um when that is on if the

Person in front of you pulls away and you don’t notice there’s one single beautiful like piano note chime that says hey it’s your turn instead of a horn behind you which is really really lovely steering wheel firm that you know adjusts your steering um sound this has the harmony card and stereo system so you’ll be able to adjust some things get your surround

Sound on connectivity controls this is where you can adjust your light your interior brightness there used to be a little scroll wheel there beside the this is like a place to put your business cards your gas cards and then you can pop your tailgate from there but now you adjust your interior lighting from there and system so this is important to know your

Software update google volvo puts out six to seven upgrade up dates every year so i would automatically update that the last version gave us the ability to use apple carplay so it’s always something new brewing with volvo and their technology and safety so come on in if this is your car it is stock number two three zero four eight it’s available for immediate

Delivery on nine us route 1 in scarborough maine thank you so much for watching i really appreciate it please like subscribe and share with your friends or anyone else that loves driving in swedish luxury and we’ll see you soon thanks from portland bobble

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2023 Volvo XC40 B5 Plus Dark in Fjord Blue / Walkaround with Heather By Portland Volvo Cars