2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Opal White Pearl

2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Opal White Pearl 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hello guys this is ruiz from bomberito st peter’s volkswagen in st louis today i’m bringing you a 2023 volkswagen atlas crossport sel premium r-line for motion this particular one is opal white pearl on the exterior with cinnamon leather interior it features keyless entry on all four doors led headlights led running lights led turn signals and reverse lights the

Front two led are the front two turn signals are incandescent the rest is led on the rest of the car you also have the more aggressive r-line front right here this car is actually sold it’s to an out of state buyer but i wanted to make a video of it before it was gone so you could see it has the cross porch flare right here on the door power folding mirrors 21

Inch brazelton r-line wheels body colored paint below the chrome line right here and also below the bumper that nice bold line down the side that the big brother atlas has that goes from the headlights over the wheel arches under the door handles into the tail lights the chrome trim picks up right at the base of that bowl line at the back right at the tail light

And goes across the back it says atlas right below the new volkswagen logo right here the tail lights are unique to this car with that slope back such a sexy looking version of the atlas this is this will be a hot selling car if they could build enough of them and enough people are aware of them so this car is kind of under the radar it’s been out since 2020 but

Due to the pandemic it never really got a good build run underneath its belt so they’re hard to find this guy right here the duel faux quad exhaust tips here set up over here there’s quad exhaust tips therefore there’s a 12 uh sorry a five thousand pound tow hitch right there seven pin adapter right there oversized reflector on the car as well it says seo v6 to

The left and four motion off to the right silver roof rails silver window surrounds the window sills and the the trim is all trimmed out such a sexy looking car let’s take a look inside foreign there’s a look at that cinnamon interior on the door inset right here with that triple contrast stitch right there the arm pad right here as well silver tip tips on the

Window switches there also a power lift gate lift up on that button right there and that lift gate opens you also lift up and hold and that will also close that lift gate so you can do contactless pickup you do also have the easy kick or easy open hatch set up there where you just kick your foot underneath and open it three uh seat memory right here lumbar support

Right here forward and back and also up and down and then your seat back adjust there there’s a dual contrast stitch right here on the bolster here on the black leatherette part right here and then it’s cloth down here but it’s actually uh tight the vienna leather right here i can’t talk today i’m a little tongue-tied sorry guys there is a dual contrast stitch

Right there and the black headrest there the button off to the side right here that dual contrast stitch comes down this side as well this is all leather right here leather red on the edge the bolster and the seat sides and back over here on the armrest it’s also a double contrast stitch right there trimmed out and leatherette trimmed out in black and as we climb

In here there’s a look at the digital cockpit you have three main views there so i’m going to go ahead and put navigation on here so you can see that just by touching here touching the three lines and checking the box right here that brings navigation over to here so now you have navigation here there is your dial screen there is your wide screen and there is

Your crop screen okay so you have those three main views temperature gauge is over here to the left fuel gauge over here to the right it’s a telescoping steering wheel i can pull out push in raise it lower it lock it where i need it and set it you also have the r-line badging right here at the base of the steering wheel splash of piano black there as well flat

Silver spokes on the steering wheel here with the new volkswagen logo in the middle your cruise control setup is right here so you can actually turn on and off cruise control that little icon right there shows up when you have cruise control on and then you also have travel assist so i can select that right there and now that’s on i do also have over here on the

Stock a little button i can push here to choose lane assist so lane assist is on and i also have adaptive cruise control i have regular cruise control side assist which is my blind spot monitoring rear traffic alert and then front assist as well so i have all those different safety features there just by pushing that little button there volume controls right here

On the left song skip and preset skip is here on the right my vent setup right here has this flat silver finish that goes across the dash over here to the other side it’s also around the door lock right here and carbon fiber right here as well fender premium audio uh is on this car so there’s the fender name plate right there as well nice flat dash right there

For storage and then you also have a speaker up there as well the steering wheel does have that sport grip on it at nine and three here and here so you have that r line grip right there stainless covered pedal caps right here for both the gas and the accelerator there um now you do also have on the radio it’s am fm and satellite you do also have gesture control

As long as you see that little hand right there to wave my hand in front of that there’s that gesture control i can go through my presets just like that now i do also have a backup camera it’s a pretty nice backup camera here by shifting it in reverse there i do have trajectory steering i turn the wheel left turn the wheel right the yellow line moves accordingly

The green line signifies straight back and the red line signifies where your bumper is i do also have app connect app connect is going to allow me to do android auto apple carplay or mirrorlink wirelessly on this car without using one of these cable spots here but you do have them just in case these are two usbc connections that are also backlit so at night you can

See them to plug into them and you also have a 12 volt charger port right there you do also have wireless charging pad right here as well uh and and that’s right in front of the shifter here right here there’s your push button for your push button start e-brake there’s a lift up button right there to activate the brake you just lift up on that to deactivate it you

Just put your foot on a brake and push down to release 360 camera right there that gives you this overhead view pieced together from the left and right mirror the nose camera and also the rear view camera and i can touch a quadrant to change my view just by touching the quadrant there or touch the roof and go back to the overhead view um so i can also change uh

This way by touching one of these little icons here and then back to the roof again and then i’m back um i’ll just hit that button there to turn that off that also turns off the park sensors the park distance sensors front and rear park assist comes up right here i can actually parallel park perpendicular park or either left or right side you control the gas the

Gear and the brake and it does the steering for you it’s pretty cool and just push that button to end it cup holders right here cup holder light right here in the middle too a nice cup holder set up there and in this armrest here lots of storage in here you can get a medium sized person here very very easily there’s also a drop in safe you can put in here that

Will still give you access to this usbc connection right here two bolts and it’s bolted in the seats are heated and ventilated there’s a look at that heavy perforation there you have both heated and ventilated seats which you can run simultaneously here they start on high and medium and low then off on both now as of right now there are no deletes on the 2023. this

One comes in deletes meaning deleted equipment due to the chip shortage this one comes in at 53 748 extras on this one include 3.95 for that paint right there if you can see that right there 395 for the opal white pearl paint 385 for the auto dimming homelink mirror 278 for the monster mats 230 bucks for the pedal lights and 90 bucks for the roadside assistance kit

I’ll zoom in a little bit so you can see that a little better over here in the glove box there’s your manuals right there and then also your your tire warranty right there and that little ziploc bag carbon fiber finish over here on the dash and into the door right here up above right here there is a look at that uh auto dimming home link mirror you have three door

Garage door memory here and a bluetooth button there digital compass right there as well a vanity mirror on each side of course just as usual with an led light above dark colored headliner here and also um the sun shade is also dark in color there and it will of course match there’s a look at the back there car seat hookups there as well giant panoramic sunroof

With that power sunshade now if i open a sunroof this pane of glass stacks on top of that one pop-up windscreen right here very nice lots of sunlight flooding in there let’s take a look at the back seat there’s a look at those r-line brazelton wheels very nice such a sexy looking car now my wife has a cross sport now i absolutely loves it there’s a look at the

Door inset by cure in the back the arm pad is a little larger than it is on the driver’s doors up front triple contrast stitch again here with that cinnamon inset right there now there is a sun shade built into the sel premium r-line ones that’s the only one that gets this on the crossboard on a regular atlas all of the trims get the sun shade but only on the seo

Premium our line does that come on the the crossboard there’s a look at your seats there that two-tone look there there’s a door inset on the other side same contrast stitching car seat hookups right there and also right here and unlike the full size atlas this bench seat here does not to hook up a car seat in the middle seat so you get two car seats in here

Instead of three the armrest in the middle folds down there’s the plastic off of there that’s how you know you have a new car adjustable headrest across the middle here all three seats and as i climb in here in the back nice solid shut sound on that door there there’s a magazine pocket right there and also over there event set up right here and here and then

I also have heated seats for the rear two outboard seats also starts on high to medium then low enough on both sides and then down below two more usbc connections here and a three prong whoops a three-prong plug-in right there so you can charge your laptop while you’re driving or while you’re on your road trip there’s a look at that instrument cluster again and

Center console an armrest there i’m going to go ahead and shut the sunroof so we can cut down on that glare right there there’s a look from the back to the front your headrests are both manually adjusted on driver and passenger right there contrast stitch continues across the back there’s a look up at that giant panoramic sunroof the sun shades closing there very

Nice the sunroof comes back all the way over your head right here let’s take a look at the rear hatch another look at those wheels there super super hot great looking car great visual characteristics on the car this and the already on are probably the best looking volkswagens on the road back hook off to the left right here and then also right here recessed trunk

Light here and also here 12 volt charger port right there those seats are still reinforced the plates are still reinforced on those you want to fold those flat then you also have your roadside assistance kit the cargo blocks right here and underneath the floor right here there’s your quick release subwoofer you just unscrew this guy here and on a hook right there

And you have access to your spare the jack apparatus is on the side right there another back hook on this side of course and you have a power lift gate just like that now this car will come with a four-year fifty thousand mile bumper to bumper warranty on it from volkswagen four years 50 000 miles and includes two years of free maintenance so you’re 10 and 20 000

Mile oil changes are covered also if you apply for me at bomberito st peters we’re going to give you a 10-year 200 000 mile nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge 10 years 200 000 miles nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge so if you’re interested in a car like this one give me a call 636-290-4257-636-290-4257 also we give you

A third year free maintenance as well that’s a local deal only at my dealership you’ll have to come get that third year i’m on tick tock youtube facebook twitter and instagram at resale cars thanks a lot guys stay safe stay healthy have a great day

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2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Opal White Pearl 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru