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2023 VW ID.4 Pro S AWD: Whats Changing For 2023?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 VW ID.4 Pro S AWD and talk about the changes coming for the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4!

Sorry we had a bunch of people jaywalking it’s a thing in salt lake if you live in downtown salt lake you know what i’m talking about so i had to literally stop in the road to let these people cross because hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re finally going to be reviewing the all-wheel drive version of the volkswagen id4 first and for almost a

Huge shout out thank you to the strong volkswagen here in downtown salt lake forgive me some time with this id4 i’m going to put a link to their inventory in the description down below so you guys can check out what they have currently and something that’s awesome about the strong volkswagen here in downtown salt lake is they have a lifetime powertrain warranty and

They also have a vip package that includes stuff like free car washes and free paintless dent repair as well if you have any questions about any of it whatsoever just ask for alex like i said link to the inventory in the description down below now something i want to mention about the id4 is it will be getting a slight refresh for the 2023 model year it doesn’t

Change a whole lot with the id4 the biggest changes are some stuff to the colors you can put inside of the car from well that was a very weird way to say that basically interior colors changing and then there is going to be a change to the center console so instead of having the funky armrest you guys will see in today’s video there is just going to be like a

Regular center console there so not huge changes but changes nonetheless and then also as always if you’re gonna save time on the next time for his car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into the review so let’s go over the system here for the id4 we have an 82 kilowatt hour battery pack paired to a dual electric motor setup total

System output is 295 horsepower and then 339 pound-feet of torque with range being 245 miles pretty dang impressive that is strange that that this is interesting normally this is where i go over the front end and the lights but i would like to mention that as soon as i get out of the car it automatically shuts it off even if i leave the key in the car it’s like

A volkswagen audi thing but also if you want to see more content like this i’d recommend that you subscribe because i post reviews every single day so uh subscribe anyways going over the front end you guys can see here with the distinctive lines on either side of the hood and then coming down well you guys just got to trust me we got these uh cool daytime running

Lights and notice how we’ve got like the lights that goes right into the grill which is pretty cool with the volkswagen logo front and center and then you guys can see parking sensors here down below as well and you know what i think that the id4 is a pretty good looking car popping to the side here our turn wheel setup is two 35 50 20 in the front and then 255 45

20 in the rear and then you guys can see the design on the wheels i think it looks pretty cool you’ve got like the blades basically pointed towards the center they are on some like blacked out wheel trim as well so it it all kind of comes together and then notice with the fender flares how they’re pretty flush with the bodywork and then we have our all-wheel drive

Pro s badge right there and then we take a few steps back you can see that cladding is all along the bottom portion i think this is pretty interesting that line there at the top but there you go so here is the key fob for the id4 you guys can see the volkswagen logo there on the back we’ve got the lock function the unlock function in the opening here for the hatch

So i’m going to press that and it’ll pop right open notice we have a cargo cover built in which is pretty cool and then from a storage space perspective i mean it’s actually excellent got the charger that does come with the id4 and then i have a little cargo cover here you can see a little bit more storage space just underneath there’s another strap yeah oh that

Was bad i was gonna say we have strap section but apparently i gotta start lifting a little bit more so i don’t drop stuff wow yeah interesting don’t know if that’s going to interest you guys in the video but anyways that’s all for the rear and if you guys are wondering when you’re done there’s a little button right up there in the corner that you can press and

Then it’ll just pop that right back down now let’s finish things up with the rest of the rear of the id4 so you guys can see with the taillights i think those look pretty sweet and how it all connects again into the volkswagen logo id4 down below and then there are more parking sensors here at the bottom portion and then something i want to mention is the charging

Port here so just got to press it and it’ll pop right open this does have dc fast charging as well that’s what that little clip is for most cars are you know starting electric cars at least starting to come out with dc fast charging but overall with the extra styling i think it’s really good looking so here’s a door panel in the rear i love the brown with this

Particular interior it’s definitely unique looking that is for sure and then notice with the piano black trim here it’s got a nice little window control and then here are these seats here with this id4 notice perforated all down at the center portion and then popping in oh legroom pattern’s great and then notice we got some usbs we got some vents there id4 like

I said they are reworking this whole center console situation for the 23 model year i got some cup holders here and then i guess we have the pass-through as well these seats are really comfortable by the way volkswagen’s doing a good job with their seats let’s head to the front now before the front door panel i do want to mention you guys probably noticed when i

Open up the doors you have the electronic release it’s not like a traditional handle which is definitely unique and then again we’ve got that like brown leather trim which is pretty cool here’s a quick look at the mirrors and we’ve got normal stuff like our window controls for example and you guys can see with the adjustments for the mirrors then they do power fold

In as well and then we got the opening there for the trunk and you guys probably noticed you’ve got this little rear button that’s to control the rear windows because well we got to be minimalist with the controls anyways here are the front seats notice it says id on it and then you can see perforated there and then also down at the bottom portion as well all of

Our power adjustments and then notice memory seat function as well and i think that’s a massage seat function we’ll check later pedal layout down below got all of our light controls here and then notice with the trim there on the dash let’s pop in now before we go over the steering wheel i do want to mention that yes this does in fact have massaging seats and yes

It is very nice but anyways you got a lot of trim all around and you guys can see the stitching around the center portion we have volkswagen’s new style of airbag cover which yeah i really like it actually voice command control which looks super similar to volvo’s little face that they have on theirs which is kind of interesting and then we got other practical

Controls like the volume and all that kind of stuff controls the center stack and then we do have our cruise control as well and i do have to put my foot on the brake um for it to be fully on and actually have to pop it into drive for me to be able to turn the steering wheel to show you guys we have a turn signal stock and we have windshield wiper stock and there’s

A steering wheel now we have this gauge cluster here that’s pretty interesting because it’s actually mounted on the steering wheel so like if i move the steering wheel the gauge cluster moves with the steering wheel which is pretty interesting but it shows you all the information you need to see like hey how fast you’re going and then also look at that 231 miles

Of range with 86 percent i’ve been talking about this on and off for like the last few months the epa ratings on range are never accurate it seems like every single ev is able to get better range than what the epa rates them at i don’t know why it is like that but anyways the next weird thing is this is how you get into gear it’s a little like twist thing so like

For example the camera will focus on it if i’m going to drive like that reverse like that and then park push it in so yeah kind of interesting now here’s the center infotainment screen if we pop it into reverse not drive you guys can see i’ve got a backup camera with your direction lines that turns steering wheel and then you get a little view there because again

It has parking sensors front and rear and then moving from that to the rest of the infotainment system overall i actually like the infotainment system because it’s pretty intuitive with the different controls so like i like the fact that just pressing the vehicle and then like can go into exterior lights for example and you can just change different settings on it

Which is pretty cool and i love how you can just like spin the car around i don’t know i think that’s funny and also like you can turn that off because you know sometimes i don’t like that feature because like i’ll accidentally like kick my foot underneath and then it’ll open i’m like no i did not mean for that to happen and so yeah i think they’ve done a good job

And i i don’t know i like the whole like spin animation with it and i also like how accessible the climate stuff is so for example i can just press that climate menu pops up i can turn on the heated seats if i want you got the heated steam normal as well and then like the fan speed pretty easy with that whole setup as well and then you know with the temperature

And everything and so yep so far pretty good and then we do have some like kind of analog-ish controls down below so like they’re not true buttons it’s kind of like a little like pad basically that you press same thing here with like the climate stuff down below as you can see it’s definitely interesting and also like if you just hover like because it’s just touch

Pad you just have your fingers on this stuff and it automatically pulls it up on the screen so yeah very interesting you like the safety stuff too but the one that you guys probably want to know about the drive mode so you press that and then we do have some different modes we got eco comfort sport we’ve got our traction mode and then we have our custom mode as

Well it’s got the cool animations and there you go so since everything’s built into the touchscreen pretty much we’ve got some vents down below here and then we’ve got this center console with some cup holders basically and then we have the previous version of the rest of the center console so first off wireless phone charging pad with some usbs and then we have

Like this little cover thing for the cup holder section with some armrests if you don’t like this setup then wait for 2023 and this whole thing will be gone and then we’ve got the glove box here and you guys already saw what the material use on the dash and then up top it does have this giant panoramic sunroof the control fort is just this little slidey pad again

Lots of lots of like slidy things here in the id4 it’s definitely interesting now here’s a window sticker i forgot to mention the charge time so 7.5 hours to get a full charge if you use a 240 volt pretty much everything is standard equipment there are some options that you can add to this like the exterior color and then this one has the gradient package with

The 20 inch wheels and all that in the protection package but you guys the base price there we’ll go over the total msrp in a second warranty information is pretty interesting so for your 50 000 mile on the new via quarantee then there’s a high volt or high voltage system warranty for your 50 000 mile and then there’s the high voltage battery eight year hundred

Thousand mile and so like they’re super specific with the warranties anyways 52 585 dollars is the total msrp on this one let’s see how it drives well let’s talk about visibility before we set off here’s a visibility over the hood both of the mirrors then throw the rest of the rear and let’s set off so we are setting off here in the id4 now i have it in the b

Mode so you so basically shift down for d and then you put it again and that’ll put you in b mode this is the one pedal drive whenever i drive fully electric vehicles i prefer to drive them in their one pedal drive format because it just feels like this just feels right with uh fully electric vehicles um so first off again that massage definitely coming in clutch

Of course i get unlucky and we uh i’m gonna go through the light sadly okay so continuing along here with the id4 oh i guess that if i say id4 it i guess that has to do with the voice command system because now it’s asking me to say something ah i don’t know what’s happening so um let’s pretend like that didn’t happen um i love how this easy this is to drive

Now i’ve actually driven an id4 before uh just the rear wheel drive version though i think it’s interesting that they made this rear wheel drive based like it typically you know most crossovers will be front-wheel drive base nowadays but so it’s so it’s definitely interesting but i think that’s going to make it so the driving dynamics are going to be just better

Overall so instant power instant torque that’s thing yellow about electric cars no that was just a wimpy acceleration but i wanted to see like how it felt in the regular mode because there is a substantial difference in this car between regular and sport mode just like most electric vehicles that regen is so aggressive which i really appreciate because i hate

It when cars electric cars have regen it’s like not super aggressive because then it like if i if i want regen it’s like i want regen i don’t want it to be kind of regen so i definitely appreciate that um see comfort i kind of talked to this earlier but it’s actually really good like the padding on these seats uh salt it looks like there’s a little brown instead

Of the perforations too like the uh brown you see on the dash it’s kind of like behind the perforations that’s kind of fun okay definitely more response than sport mode like i barely pressed it yeah yeah definitely more responsive in sport mode we’ll get a better acceleration up here in a little bit but ride quality is really solid smooth it’s a good ev this is

A really this is a really good ev il i’m surprised that there’s not more people talking about this actually considering how solid this is actually i can’t turn for a while i hate salt lake because sometimes because of how these roads are like i understand why they have the lane set the way they are but it’s like ah i’m used to my uh small town roads where it’s

Uh just a lot more simplistic but yeah i mean it’s quiet it’s comfortable i like the steering it feels pretty dang direct actually this is a very engaging electric car to drive all right we had a bunch of uh people jaywalking it’s a thing in salt lake if you live in downtown salt lake you know what i’m talking about so i had to literally stop miller road to let

These people cross because like yeah but this is cool you can just like turn right in this turning’s great get a little acceleration here it’s not like insanely quick but it’s i mean for a crossover at this price point when you compare this to like the gas counterparts that usually have around the same amount of horsepower this feels quite a bit zippier that is

For sure so yeah summing things up with the id4 and surface driving reviews all over the place i um struggling today i guess but i think this looks really cool on the outside interior is also really solid as well and then you know ride quality smooth acceleration solid again for like a 50 000 ev i think this is a pretty solid value for everything that you’re

Getting and yeah i mean it’s look at that it’s it’s great like the suspension i was just seeing over like little uh bumps there suspension does a really good job so basically you’re getting i i don’t have anything bad to say about this like you’re getting a lot of uh value for the money especially when you compare this to like other evs that are out there on the

Market i mean this would compete against what the ionic five kia ev6 tesla if they could actually build a car that was affordable but they don’t so we can’t really talk about them ford mustang maki so yeah i mean it’s super competitive so let me know what you guys think about the id4 that’s because something’s up with our video on this id for again a huge shout

Out thank you to the strong volkswagen here in salt lake city utah for give me some time with the id4 check out the inventory in the description down below ask for alex if you have any questions i’ll see them

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2023 VW ID.4 Pro S AWD: What's Changing For 2023? By Ben Hardy