2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV First Look | Chevys Mid-Sized EV Alternative

Looking for something a bit bigger than a Model Y or Ioniq 5? There will be a Blazer for that soon. GM’s EV push seems to be finally happening (well, in 2023 if the targets are correct) with a 3-way starting strategy with the “compact” Equinox EV, the mid-sized Blazer and of course the Silverado EV. Versus the Equinox, the Blazer will be roomier, faster, and a bit more luxurious, just as you expect. If you’re looking for an EV alternative to a Edge, Outback, or perhaps even a Grand Cherokee, there’ll be a Blazer EV for that soon.

Hey guys today i’m at the detroit auto show with one of the most important new evs that’s going to be on sale for 2024 model year 2023 calendar year this is the all-new blazer ev this is part of the ultim family of vehicles that also underpins the hummer eevee of course the new silverado ev the cadillac lyric and importantly the chevy equinox ev this is going

To be the slightly more expensive larger roomier and more performance oriented brother to the equinox ev just as you’d expect out of the blazer gasoline versus the equinox gasoline starting around up front you’ll notice that the front end is definitely distinctively electric chevy we have a design that kind of reminds me of the chevy bolt to be honest we have an

Illuminated chevy logo that’s a really cool touch lots of led accents led headlights blacked out trim down lower on the vehicle because this is the ss trim you can expect more body colored parts if you get the other versions of the blazer now what’s making the blazer different than the equinox is the high-end ss trim with nearly 600 horsepower it’s gonna be actually

About 560 horsepower i should say under the hood and under the back end of the vehicle let’s start out with key things to know the base version of the blazer that’s going to happen a little bit after the on sale date so first they’re going to start with the more powerful versions but that’s going to give you about 250 miles of all electric range 210 horsepower

And front-wheel drive then there’s going to be a model with a bigger battery pack they’re actually going to be three different battery packs in this vehicle the two first two are shared with the chevy equinox ev then the bigger battery pack is shared with the cadillac lyric the middle battery pack is going to be a rear-wheel drive vehicle so you can get this as

Front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive or as an all-wheel drive vehicle your choice between all three of those if you get the high performance version of the blazer then that’s going to be all-wheel drive only with the bigger battery pack quite logically borrowed out of the cadillac lyric one thing that’s really interesting with the latest series of evs from gm are

The wheels and tire sizes we’re talking really really big wheels in this vehicle these are 22 inch alloys wrapped in 275 width tires these are pretty wide but they’re not extreme low profile there’s a little bit of extra cushion there so hopefully the ride quality will be pretty decent now wrapping around to the rear we find a different style than we find in the

Equinox this is not just a scaled up version of that so full led tail lights there but no light bar that connects from one side to the other definitely giving this a different vibe there’s also a windshield wiper back there if you’re part of the windshield wiper lovers club helping remind you that you’ve selected the electric blazer we have the little blue logo

Right there for the e in blazer and this one is the all-wheel drive trim blacked out portions of the bumper down there below standing next to the blazer you’ll certainly notice the roof line it is lower than we find in the gasoline blazer and that’s something that we’re seeing in a lot of evs out there cadillac lyric the equinox evs from the competition as well

Aerodynamics are very important so this is generally speaking going to be lower longer and a little bit wider as we see in a lot of electric vehicle variants out there charging happens behind this door just in front of the driver’s door on the front fender you can see it’s a really eccentrically shaped door it blends well with the cut lines on the vehicle in here

We have a standard j1772 port but oddly only one ac charger is available on the blazer making it different than the equinox on the equinox you can select between an eleven and a half kilowatt charger or a 19.2 in the upper trims here it’s just the slower one at 11 and a half which is honestly pretty quick already and not too many homes or businesses are capable of

Charging at 19 kilowatts but if you wanted to you could do that in the equinox and that is going to get you to your completely full battery definitely faster now dc fast charge speeds that’s going to depend on the battery pack you select only the big battery pack is going to charge at a peak rate of 190 kilowatts the other ones are going to be slower probably down

Around 150 or perhaps even a little bit slower general motors seems to be really conservative with their dc fast charge rates on the ultim platform and the ultim platform charging rates are highly dependent on the battery pack size so only the hummer with the biggest battery available is going to charge at 350. the rest of them it’s all going to tear down based on

The battery pack on the inside the blazer definitely has a different theme than the equinox but you can see that some things are in the family for instance this large lcd infotainment system just about 17 inches it’s absolutely huge and the instrument cluster are shared with the top-end versions of the equinox the lower end versions of the equinox are going to get

Smaller screens these are also going to be shared with the chevy silverado ev so the ultim platform is not just about battery technology sharing but also some interior component sharing this is going to have newer level components all around the vehicle so different steering wheel different turn signal stocks etc than we’ve seen in other vehicles from gm in the past

The steering wheel is pretty similar to the one that we find in the colorado and the canyon it still has buttons on the back for the infotainment system but buttons on the front for things like that large instrument cluster and of course the cruise control controls as well moving across the dashboard over here underneath the infotainment screen find the rov buttons

For various climate control functions three large air vents dual zone climate control there looks like a storage compartment we’re not allowed to open anything in here unfortunately but then we have two large cup holders there a lot of storage going on but no floating storage area like we do find in some evs out there the seats look very similar to what we find in

The equinox only scaled up so these are probably going to be a little bit more comfortable especially if you’re a larger person we have power seats on the driver’s side and passenger side as well also a big panoramic moon roof and it is going to open with a power shade so if you’re tired of evs that just have a big sheet of glass there that bake you in the sun you

Might want to take a look at this one lots of cool things going on in here i really love all the detail around the air vents and the trim surround there things like that it’s really a well done design i think it looks like a lot of the materials are going to be premium on the inside but i’m not allowed to poke at anything let’s go take a look at the backseat the

Big reason to get the blazer of course is the wheelbase and the extra length that gives us for the interior cabin this is going to be roomier and more comfortable than the equinox just as you’d expect it’s also wider and you’ll really notice that back here in for instance the dimensions of this center console area because this is a dedicated ev platform we have a

Completely flat floor back here two usb input ports and definitely wider spacing across the rear if you’re looking for an eevee that’s going to be easier to accommodate things like adults in the back larger kids child seats things like that you’re going to want the blazer over the equinox i also would not be surprised if this was larger on the inside than something

Like a tesla model y dimensionally it looks like the model y is perhaps a little bit closer to the equinox ev this is a little bit larger than that in some dimensions and likely a little bit more accommodating in the back seat this is certainly wider across the back seat than the kia ev6 or the hyundai ioniq 5. those again are competing a little bit more with the

Smaller option from chevy as far as evs go nice premium options back here including the red leather here it looks like we’re going to have a fold down center armrest there and it’s a little bit difficult again to talk about the materials quality because we can’t touch anything but everything looks really nicely done back here and pretty similar to the front pop

Open the hatch and we find a cargo area that’s likely going to be a little bit smaller than the current generation blazer aerodynamics is very important with any ev so when you take a look at the profile of the blazer you’ll notice that the roof line is lower than we find in the average mid-sized two row crossover and the opening is definitely more raked in this

Dimension yielding a slightly less square cargo area now the final production version is going to have a much taller hatch this is a very very early prototype so the hatch doesn’t open fully it also is going to have some extra storage space under that load floor it looks pretty wide it’s not quite as wide as the rear seats though because the blazer was designed for

Crazy wide tires 275 with tires and as we see in some other vehicles with wide tires that means that the wheel wells end up intruding a bit more into the interior as a result logically this is going to be fairly similar to the average mid-size crossover but if you really are concerned about storage space you’re probably going to want something that’s a little bit

Bigger or you might want to plug in hybrid at the moment because this is going to be smaller than something like a grand cherokee or a hyundai santa fe if you are interested in a chevy blazer be sure and head over to your chevy dealer soon because these are going to be on sale in calendar year 2023 as a 2024 model your vehicle that on sale date is going to depend

Of course on the trim level you select the more expensive more performance oriented trims those are going to come first then a little bit later we’re going to get access to the less expensive trims the less expensive trim being the ones that are probably in the same price range as the equinox for instance so you could choose you want a little bit less range perhaps

A little bit less performance but a bigger vehicle for the same price chevy’s going to give you that option with these two competing evs in these two different size categories this is logically more of a direct competitor to something like a tesla model y than the chevy equinox because of its performance you can get nearly 600 horsepower if you’re interested in that

In your blazer you won’t be able to do that in the equinox even though size-wise it’s about the same size as a tesla model y this is definitely on the larger side of things and it’s really going to be a new sort of entry for full evs in america because up till this point we’ve seen a lot of really small evs and a lot of luxury segment oriented evs fewer mainstream

Oriented evs like this all new blazer here at this point in time most of them again are really targeted at bmw mercedes-benz size segments this is quite different than that i’m really interested to see how this performs and of course how it goes on sale a little bit later this year be sure and stay tuned for that coming up in a separate video and likely sometime

In the first half of 2023 i should be able to get my hands on one and drive it now one key thing to know no storage space under here under the hood while we’re talking about storage and that’s because this does have that option of front wheel drive rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and they decided to honestly just save money by not giving it a front trunk uh

Logically there should be room in there if you get the rear wheel drive version because there’s no motor going on up front but there’s still all the plumbing for the standard heat pump system and everything else going on they just decided to just not bother with that particular option anyway hit that subscribe button down there find me on all the related channels

And of course on facebook twitter instagram all these other places i’ll see all of you next week you

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