2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Launch Event

Here is the official Launch Event of the all new 2024 Chevy Blazer EV. It will be available in four trims 1LT, 2LT, RS and SS. Both 2LT and RS will be available from summer 2023, while SS will be available from late 2023 and the base 1LT will be available from early 2024.

Please welcome the vice president of global chevrolet scott bell all right good evening everybody welcome welcome welcome thank you for joining us we’re very excited to be with you tonight because today is a very big day for chevrolet and for our dealers and for our customers who many are with us here this evening i’m sure you’ve heard this before but honestly

There’s been no better time to be in this business every new launch is an opportunity to rethink transportation as we know it and to put the customer at the center of everything that we do that’s what we’ve done with the all-new all-electric blazer ev and we are pumped to show it to you here tonight it’s amazing to think just how integral evs have become in

Chevrolet’s lineup we’ve been in the market delivering electric vehicles for well over a decade and during that time we’ve gained invaluable experiences it started with the bolt in 2010 or the volt i’m sorry in 2010 and then we introduced industry’s first long-range affordable all-electric bolt in 2016. in fact the bolt eb and its sibling the euv continue to bring

New customers into the chevy brand now earlier this year we debuted the revolutionary all-electric silverado pickup which goes on sale next spring it’s a huge inflection point for chevrolet since silverado was the number one selling nameplate and was developed from the ground up as an ev leveraging the power of gm’s game-changing ultim platform and in september

Just a few weeks from now we’ll reveal the much anticipated equinox ev now we know our customers as well as anyone and we’re introducing groundbreaking products in the industry’s three biggest segments the scope and scale of our commitment means our customers are the ones who benefit and to put it simply no matter what type of customer you are regardless of

Your needs or lifestyle you’ll be able to turn to chevrolet for an ev which brings us to today’s debut now when we first introduced the gas power blazer four years ago it made a major design statement not just in the mid-size segment but for chevrolet overall the all-new blazer ev shares the same name and spirit of its gas-powered counterpart but that is where

The similarities end and thanks to the innovative altium platform we’ve reimagined what blazer has to offer in design performance and technology and that’s one of the reasons we’re here tonight in this iconic location which is home to many of today’s leading designers the pacific design center so please take everything you know and believe about what an suv is

Supposed to be and reimagine it introducing the 2024 chevrolet blazer evs please welcome blazer ev executive chief engineer doug houlihan good evening everyone this is the first chevrolet ev to wear the ss name when you put on an ss on a chevrolet it has a high bar to clear it has to be fast has to be exciting has to be athletic and above all it has to

Be a chevrolet that you love to drive every day when you engage the accelerator it rewards you with near instant response and plus it puts a grin on your face pushing you back into your seat with outstanding acceleration with standard all-wheel drive in our unique wow mode which stands for wide open watts the ss is designed to produce up to 557 horsepower and up

To 648 pounds of torque that means zero to 60 miles an hour in less than four seconds the ss even looks fast standing still its sculptured appearance powers the dna of the performance car siblings it’s designed to elicit that emotional response worthy of an ss and it’s built to live up to the athletic looks but it’s not just about the ss it’s also about choice

In addition to the ss the blazer ev will feature lt and rs trims with equally compelling performance and styling we’ll offer three drive trains front rear and all-wheel drive we’ll also offer several range options including a gm estimated range of up to 320 miles on a full charge and regardless of which model customers choose with blazer ev’s 190 kilowatt public

Dc fast charging capability they’ll get approximately 78 miles of range in 10 minutes blazer ev’s different personalities are made possible by the revolutionary altium ev platform the low wide proportions of the altium platform and the structural positioning of the battery pack contribute to a low center of gravity that enhances driving stability and regardless

Of the propulsion system independent front rear suspensions offer exceptional ride comfort and responsiveness add on the front brembo brakes front rear skid plates and a specific track tuned suspension and you have a vehicle you can take on the track while still maintaining the ride characteristics that make it a pleasure to drive around town or on longer highway

Trips supercruise the industry’s first true hands-free driving assistant technology is standard on the ss and available on the lt and the rs trims and it allows drivers to travel hands-free on compatible roads across the us and canada now let’s take a closer look at this stunning blazer ev through the eyes of our creative designer justin salmon so i just have

To say up front i’m a big fan of performance cars when chevy introduced the camaro years ago it was the perfect expression of what we all loved about the car’s heritage but executed in a very modern and cool way likewise the first mid-engine corvette stingray marked a reinvention of the historic corvette design both of these cars had a significant influence on

The interior and the exterior design of the blazer ev having these vehicles as inspiration has made designing the blazer ev a rewarding journey we took the sleek and sporty aesthetic of the current blazer and made it even more dynamic and expressive with the blazer ev with these sculpted and taut lines we had a mantra in the design studio we wanted to create a

Design that raises your heartbeat whether you choose the lt the rs or even the ss the rs and the ss trims are decked out with this full led exterior lighting package as you can see a creatively choreographed light show greets you as you approach the vehicle it even communicates its charging status to you through the speed and intensity of the lighting signature

We wanted to accentuate the sport and sport utility with this unique front end these prominent front fender vents and striking two-tone color scheme with this contrasting black roof and a-pillars like the exterior many of the blazer uv’s interior elements draw inspiration from chevrolet’s performance cars as doug mentioned you’ll see the dna of the camaro and the

Corvette in this vehicle for example the cockpit is wrapped in an expansive touch screen that’s slightly angled toward the driver a flat bottom steering wheel and the round sculpted hvac vents are inspired by jet turbines we wanted to keep the interior as clean looking as possible so the blazer ev has a hands-free start feature and overall it’s way more spacious

Than you might expect the otm platform really was a designer’s dream it allowed us to accentuate the designs with and push packaging further from the occupants leaving us with very few barriers to creating a leaner and more expressive design customers will fall in love with this interior as they experience the environment feel the materials and interact with

The technology this kind of lean spacious and driver-centric interior sets the tone for where we’re headed with future chevrolet designs drawing on our history but really executing in a way that pushes the boundaries everything about the blazer ev is intuitive and thoughtful the driver side powered charge port door opens with a gentle push and when you make your

Way to the rear of the vehicle the presence baits liftgate will be open for you without having to open anything those are just a few of the features that are really going to elevate this experience for our customers and to me it’s a rolling piece of art i can’t wait to see it out in the world exciting our customers for years to come thank you all right what

Do you think this is the chevrolet blazer eb rs and like the ss the rs is for that customer who desires an suv that stands out the black grill the black accents these black 21 inch wheels really give it a sporty appearance and inside you experience the racy flat bottom steering wheel on a spacious gorgeous interior the rs will come standard in either front or

Rear-wheel drive with all-wheel drive available as an option and because this is such a remarkable machine we didn’t stop there and that is what led us to this don’t worry nobody’s getting pulled over here um this is the first look at our newest specialty version exclusively for law enforcement the blazer ev police pursuit vehicle it will be based off the ss

And use the largest ultimate altium battery in our lineup it will be available in rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a specially designed interior it’ll have ample room for emergency equipment and gear now outside of this variant the blazer ev will be a great vehicle for other commercial and fleet business now those are the details now i want to leave you

With a thought about the big picture we are certainly living in disruptive times no doubt and so we’ve been laser focused on the best path forward for the customers who rely on us as they navigate their futures our approach is to be the best chevrolet we can be by doing what we are good at staying true to our dna but doing it better than ever before we have

An awesome foundation we have 3 000 plus dealers in the us 87 percent of the population live within 10 miles of one and we want our customers to know they have our commitment to lead them into the future we are committed to evs for all selling servicing and growing our portfolio of great looking fun to drive and affordable evs in every segment we’re committed

To making the eb life easy and fun with new apps and in-home accessories and services we’re committed to creating innovative digital retail tools to make shopping as easy as the customer wants it to be we’re committed to leveraging nearly three-quarters of a billion dollar investment in improving and simplifying the charging experience in all areas of business

And personal transportation and we’re committed to making good on the promise of the chevrolet brand and then some we are all in all of us this entire team that you see around me and the talented designers and engineers who bring you these awesome vehicles and who continue to push the boundaries day in and day out it’s true we’ve been at this for a while but i

Promise you i’ve seen what’s coming and what is yet to be reimagined and in many ways we’re just getting started now customers can reserve the 2024 blazer ev now and it will go on sale next summer so please come up and have a closer look at these stunning new evs and with that thank you for being here tonight on this very very special evening for chevrolet thank you

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