2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV

The Blazer EV will be an all-new model within the Blazer family, with its own distinct body and interior—it’s not a gas Blazer fitted with an EV propulsion system. It will be offered in four trims, with the mid-range 2LT and RS models hitting the market first in summer, 2023. The top-spec SS trim will follow shortly thereafter, going on sale before the end of 2023. The lowest-priced 1LT trim will join the lineup in early 2024.

The jordan 24 chevrolet blazer ev looks phenomenal folks now my chevrolet brought back the blazer that’s a two-row mid-sized crossover a few years ago people were just astonished folks and not only that some people were astonished but a lot of people are just disappointed now we have here the blazer yes the suv is back folks 2024 gas free the blazer eevee and

Hopefully it does not disappoint because it looks sharp i mean if this don’t remind you of the toyota design it’s like they took it and they took it to the next level unless i say the different lines the arches the the certain things you see about it and at the same time it still keeps the chevy identity boy is it sharp and it looks like thor’s hammer in the

Headlines you know the volvo going on but then it has the the light bar that goes all the way across so the design somehow you know at the same time it still looks sharp and without a question you see the chevy emblem in the front and it lets you know that yes it’s a chevy folks it’s not the volvo it’s the chevy and does it look phenomenal i mean it looks like

A racer that’s what it looks like it looks like something awesome this is something spectacular folks you’re talking about the pricing of this baby gonna be about 45 000 and every time i look at it i say to myself man does it have a presence a really nice presence i mean this just looks smooth i mean the designs the way that it looks the plastic the way that it

Melts in and the colors i ended up the panel gaps look perfect everywhere i mean from the the mirrors the housing the two-tone thing that they got going on is definitely nice and again the daytime running lamps and the chevy emblem being emblazed i must i say lit up makes it definitely look sharp folks is is what a presence you know they they got to do this to the

Carbon to the combustion engine as well i mean you got the you got the uh the camera up front you got all of the uh safety systems and in the back you have the nice spoiler the shark fin antenna you have the e lit up in blue then you know that this is something different here you have the place where you recharge the vehicle 2 looks almost like a fin leading out

Cool air but it’s the recharge definitely every time i look at the back i’m thinking about toyota and lexus but this is definitely definitely sharp there’s nothing on catchy attention now the blazer eva it’s gonna be it’s an all-new model of course and it’s going to be a family ev folks and this would mean it’s going to be quiet it’s going to be smooth talking

About the one lt coming in at 44 000 or actually 45 the 2lt coming into forty seven thousand and five ninety five and then you have the rs coming in at 51 995 and then you have the ss coming in at about 66 000. this is going to be phenomenal folks and man this is going to be one heck of a fast vehicle now the irs is going to be the one that’s probably mainly

Bought at a 51 000 or 52 000 price point that’s pretty nice for an all-electric ev something like this you expect to be almost close to the six figures they hey chevrolet is making it affordable and man does it look sharp now chevrolet hasn’t released the horsepower figures for the 1lt and the 2lt or the rs yeah but the range having ss 557 horsepower electric

Powertrain standard on all wheels there’s going to be something else folks it is going to be something bad yeah a long time ago we saw the model s plan tesla everybody looking around thinking that that was fast well that’s about to all change come five years from now it’s going to be a totally totally different field folks i think the evs has a strong strong

Presence i don’t think combustion is going anywhere folks and this shouldn’t go nowhere i think everything the technology should be hopefully sooner or later they’ll find some kind of you know coy’s existence and i think they have already have but it’s just not perfected yet to the point where it should be but just looking at the presence of this vehicle the

The different colors the dark top the the other vehicle is actually white on top this one is actually black and all-wheel drive this the the tail lights everything about it just screams out you got the panameric roof it just screams on a blazer that’s what makes it and that’s what’s going to make it a seller it’s got the again you definitely definitely without

Every time i see this i’m looking at chevy i’m gonna volvo i’m looking at toyota i’m looking at all that together but then you’re reminded that this is just telling you the direction that chevy is going in there and they’re not shy about it i mean they’re gonna they see something good such as thor hammer you see something good such as the lexus design and you see

Something and you grow on it and that’s what we’ve learned from south korea as far as kia genesis um hyundai we learn from them and if you don’t learn from them you get left behind in the dust and chevy is doing something phenomenal now the range has something like this you’re looking at 320 miles that’s the entry level one lt that’s what it looks like it’s going

To be like and in some situations even better but right now the high of 320 miles look at the interior folks that interior is nice i mean just look at it and the quality and build of a chevrolet and general motors has just has just been phenomenal folks you got the ss badging on this baby and it sort of reminds me of the corvette some of them with gauges and

That’s how it’s supposed to be you gotta let the best vehicles find his way down all the models and that’s how you get a bestseller but boy i mean look at the setup with the infotainment system it’s quite huge and you got the nice hvac vent system which is quite nice definitely a beautiful tactile feel to it the turbines for the ventilation you got all of the

Uh the regular you got the max all the buttons they’re quite shiny but at the same time you got the the blue for cool and red for for hot all in the right places on the driver and the passenger side you get the nice big cup holders you got the nice nice seating you got and it looks like it’s actually ventilated you know if they’re not ventilated usually in the

Back seat it’s not ventilated but in the front it is but if in the back if it’s ventilated hey that’s a super plus but at the same time because of those perforated holes it’s going to allow you to breathe it’s gonna and it’s going to allow a lot of comfort you get the nice adjustable headrests and just a nice stitching overall the quality is just second to none

Folks i mean chevy has done it i mean look at the back seat got the fold down flat seats you have the you have the um for the child seats you also have the you have the tethers here and you didn’t see that early on again on the equinox model but you have it here and it’s probably because it’s a pre-production model of course he has it out of here where you can

Pull this up i’m sure there’s a lot of space down here i’m the battery pack and everything else don’t know where that is at yet but we’ll find out sooner or later the exterior is definitely on point as you can see thor’s hammer and chevy in the middle um chevy relationship with this with sweden which is definitely something that i’m seeing here and it works it

Definitely works i see the japanese i see the the design and i see you also know that in fact look at that what a light show folks and that’s what you’ll see as you come out to your vehicle as it comes on oh that’s a good feeling knowing hey i spend his money for this light show and you’re gonna expect this light show to always be working because if it doesn’t

Then people are going to talk about you like a dog but besides that what a nice suv folks what a nice suv awesome performance rs to the ss what we have here and everything else about this is just phenomenal this is a 2024 chevrolet blazer ev thanks for watching remember like share and subscribe and have a fantastic day boy this is bad

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