2024 Chevy Equinox EV – FINALLY a 0,000 Electric SUV

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Here we are back again with another eevee unveiling from gm and today’s video is the all-new 2024 chevy equinox ev it’s an affordable all-electric suv tailored to help modern families make a seamless confident and uncompromising transition to an ev that’s gm’s words and not mine you know starting at thirty thousand dollars for the 1lt trim at that price you can get

Up to 250 miles worth of range now right now that price there isn’t another suv ev or sort of crossover type of vehicle now tesla promised a 30 000 model three and they never reached that price point so i think this would be a huge deal for mass adoption as this is the magic number for people looking to go to ev i don’t have pricing for every single trim but as you

Can see there’s a lot of different trims that are available for this car so hopefully you can find the one that matches your budget and also matches your needs it’s using the rtm platform which you’re going to be hearing a lot when talking about evs coming to the market from gm you know i had about an hour with the vehicle and as always it’s a pre-production car

So many things aren’t working yet and it’s more so just to show you what it’ll look like when it does come out now first of all the car we are seeing is not the 30 000 trim this is more of an upgraded trim the lt1 which is 30 thousand dollars i didn’t get a chance to see i know the big difference is going to be a smaller screen on the inside and there’s also not

The lighting bar and it has smaller wheels now i’m sure there are a few more things but those are the ones that stuck out to me so the equinox is a good-looking suv it’s compact but it does have some aggressive styling now one thing i do like is the front there’s a light bar on it which obviously provides lights and daytime running lights but it’s also statuses so

For example i was charging the front will show you the status of the charge now when you’re walking up to the car it does a little animation and we walk away from the car it does another animation like sort of a shutdown animation it’s a super nice touch and the back lighting system has a similar light cadence too and also you activate the blinker it does kind

Of a cool animation so the lighting package for me is really good back to the front of the car it has a nice carbon fiber look and it has a textured front fascia there are little air slits that allows air to go through the car for better aerodynamics you can get up to a 21 inch wheel depending on the trim but 19s will be the standard now as you can see on this

Lt it has a white roof where the rs will have a black roof i do think this blue and white combination is pretty cool but i am a big fan of the red and black i didn’t see it in person but looking at images i think it looks pretty dope now one thing i was disappointed about is that there’s no front storage on this suv now frunk is a great way to add more space but

Sadly this car does not have it in total the equinox can seat 5 people and there’s up to 57 cubic feet of storage with the seats folded down now there is additional storage throughout the whole cabin and also there’s a lot of different usb-c ports there’s also going to be ambient lighting which wasn’t available at the time but inside the car the main show has to

Be the huge 17-inch screen that goes from the driver all the way to the passenger it’s also tilted towards the driver a little bit more which can help you see all the information at once the screen also supports apple carplay and android auto there are physical switches for the hvac controls and there’s also a physical volume control knob too now beyond that all

The controls will be on the touchscreen you know some people still like physical buttons and that’s a great compromise in my opinion there’s also a heads up display a camera mirror and those are really nice touches that are really not found on cars in this price range so it’s nice that chevy was able to add these things in there now included in all the trims there

Are a lot of smart safety features and i’ll talk about a couple of them it has the automatic emergency braking it has the fall of distance indicator for collision alert front pedestrian braking lane keep assist lane departure warning and intellibeam automatic high beam also rear park assist reverse automatic braking safety alert seat rear cross traffic braking and

Blind zone steering assistance of course super cruise is an optional available at the time of purchase but pricing for that was not available for me at the time a standard front-wheel drive system with gm estimates 210 horsepower and 242 pounds of torque and 242 pounds of torque there’s also an option with 290 horsepower and 346 pounds of torque with the all-wheel

Drive system available now as far as charging we’re looking at a standard 11.5 kilowatt level two charging which can add up to 34 miles of range one hour per charging 19.2 kilowatt level two ac charging which is only available on the three rs all-wheel drive and that can add up to 50 miles of range per hour of charging and then we have the standard dc fast charging

Up to 150 kilowatts which enables around 70 miles of range to be added in 10 minutes so there’s a lot of options for charging at home and also fast charging over the road as well now this is pretty exciting for me as you guys know i love evs and more affordable options are coming down the pipeline now stay tuned to my channel for more information on evs as they pop

Up and hopefully i have more evs to show you really soon anyways guys kevin the tech ninja here have a wonderful day i’ll talk to you guys later peace

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2024 Chevy Equinox EV – FINALLY a $30,000 Electric SUV! By Kevin The Tech Ninja