2024 Ford Mustang Redesign – Ford ALMOST HAD IT

2024 Ford Mustang Redesign – Ford ALMOST HAD IT!!

The new mustang is finally here and i already made a video on it on my second channel talking a little bit more about the spec and tech but in this video we’re going to focus on the exterior design first of all let me say that i’m a huge fan of the direction ford took the ford mustang because they moved away from the face lifted i think it was 2018 or something

Like that the facelift the last generation mustang it got so sporty and lost some of the muscle car feel but i think they’re going back to that with this design this coyote v8 is still alive and well and we have up to over i think over 500 horsepower in this new dark horse mustang which is definitely my favorite of these but we do have some problems in my opinion

In the rear and that’s what i want to redesign in this video i want to show you the the different uh styles of the new mustang up top we have the base model which uh i think is the 2.3 liter inline four with a turbo on it and it looks like this i think the front end is absolutely stunning look at this line that we have that kind of starts the front fascia it has

A clear defined starting point where the front fascia starts and that’s i think it’s essential if you want to have it be more of a muscle car than a sports car then we have the three leds in the front end as you can see right here bringing back that mustang graphic features in the front end a very simple graphics in the front we have the traditional mustang grille

Here which has this in the base model at least it is a an extended sort of plastic trim piece that we have below it which makes it look makes the grill look bigger but i love this front end it’s very clean and very simple and that’s exactly what i want to see in a mustang and then we have the rear view here as well which this is where i think the the problem is

For this mustang the the overhang in the rear is shorter than it was before and you can see that the graphics in the rear they feel to me they feel all over the place there are too many angles here we have this cut line which is pretty thick first of all but we have these corners of this cut line and then we have these corners in the taillights as well i like the

Taillights of course there are the three bars that is so synonymous with mustang rear ends i love that they kept those but i think we can work on the the rear end here to create some more uh confidence in the rear and also some more mass in the rear because i think the rear looks too weak specifically when you compare it to the front end so this is the gt in the

Middle and you can see that the grille has now changed from the base model we have these gt wing winglets in the front end and we still have this plastic trim piece but the air vents in the side are bigger and we have a bigger overall grill it looks like the lower part from this point looks to be the same as the base in the rear we have a wing now on the gt model

You can see that it has all these angles to it as well and this is something i really want to change this wing because honestly i’m not a huge fan of the way it looks i’m not a huge fan of these things that supports it in the middle as well i want to have a simple wing similar to the gt350 for example the rear end of that car looks solid and confident i want

To bring some of that feel into the rear end of the new mustang and we have four bazooka tailpipes which i love i love that it comes with a manual still a proper manual transmission connected to a v8 rear-wheel drive that’s all you want in a muscle car but the beast of the lineup is definitely the dark horse as you can see right here it has a bigger wing but in

Pretty much the same style as the gt wing we have bigger exhaust and these are definitely the zoom kick saws down here and we have a different front end as well with some black plasti or trim piece here that’s not body colored what i love about the grill in the dark horse is you see the angles here in the gt they’re now straight they go straight up and down which

I think suits a muscle car more i want to show you some of the initial sketches here from the design process of the official ford design team you can see that when we start up top here they went very sporty so this is super sports car like sketches in my opinion i love this treatment of the taillights this 3d effect that we have almost in an ellipse and then we

Have the taillights being these three dimensional pieces going into this ellipse very cool way but you can see some different iterations of ideas of the of the taillights here you have some more organic looking tail lights this looks pretty cool but i don’t just don’t think that this would be suitable for a muscle car maybe some sort of mustang sports car could

Have something like this the closer we get to the final iteration of the new mustang the more restrained it got and the the less curvature there’s a lot of curvature for example in this sketch right here that looks very good but it doesn’t look muscle car either and same thing with these sketches uh all over this sheet but then when we get into the you can see

These are the the clay models here and one clay model that i wish ford would have gone with is this rear end i absolutely love the way this looks and this to me would have been such a better rear end for the mustang we have one framing of the taillights and sharp chisels and no edges or no corners in these lines and then we have these lights tilting slightly outwards

As you can see they’re tilted a little bit this way which creates a plantedness when you look at it from a rear rear end like this you can see this is more like we have in the production version where they go inwards i would like to have them go outwards instead like we have in this gorgeous sketch right here so they didn’t go with that suggestion they went with

This one down here in the interior we have i talked about this i’m not going to talk about it that much in this video but we have this dash which in the base model you have a separate two separate screens like this and in the premium gt for example you have one continuous big piece of glass stuck on to the dash i think that could have been done differently as

Well this is fine for a cute little city ev you can have a big screen like that i don’t mind that but if you have a muscle car specifically if you have a mustang i want to have more of a proper gauge cluster it can still be digital don’t just put a screen like that on a mustang i just don’t feel like it’s the right approach for the interior design however looking

At the steering wheel yes we now have a flat bottom steering wheel so thank you ford for that right so this is the view that i’m going to be redesigning quickly just talk about what i want to do so the rear view is what we’re going to focus on obviously i’m going to extend the taillights down to this point make this line almost uh straight like this and have the

Taillights connect to this line similar to what we had in this gorgeous sketch right here but work more with these final graphics and implement some features from that sketch into this design and you see that the the overhang in the rear is shorter than the previous model i want to move this angle out more like this so have it be almost more vertical i think pulling

The diffuser out it’s going to create more of a solid confident powerful rear end and we need to have that in a mustang i think this looks a little too weak in my opinion then i’m going to add a sharp shoulder line right here that fades into this muscle and i’m also going to add the hockey stick design line that we have in the 2010 to 2014 mustang that we also

Had in the original mustangs i think bringing that back will break up this big surface that is a calm ocean with no waves there’s it makes it look a little heavier in this section and i want to break that up with these two lines to uh to reduce the the visual weight of this design so with that said let’s continue here in photoshop and let’s see how this result

Is going to turn out as i said i’m a huge fan of the mustang and i’m really glad that ford went in this direction specifically with the front end the front end looks absolutely fantastic in my opinion i think it looks way more muscle carry than the previous generation ford mustang and i’m glad to see that but i think the rear end needs some work and i wish they

Would have worked a little bit more with the with the same kind of simplicity that they had in the front end bring that simplicity into the back this feels like the the front is super simple in its approach to both the graphics the dimensions the proportions and then the further back you get the busier it gets specifically when they added this this really busy

Wing in the rear end so i want to simplify all that and i think i’m going to experiment with the making the decklid the black because we had that in a in a few mustangs in the past and i think that would also break up some of the uh visual uh busyness in the rear but just having that desaturated and have it be black it’s gonna look really cool but i’m gonna focus

On working on the proportions of the lower end of the diffuser bring that out just a tiny bit and i think these changes will really transform the the uh the plantedness and the mass the strength of the rear end and that’s the whole purpose of this redesign you can see that the taillights they feel like they are they feel like almost like a tape red tape that they

Put on they’re very flat they don’t have any sort of three-dimensional feel to them and i want to change that and also add a bit of curvature to the center part where it kind of cuts really sharp in the middle of this these two chamfers i want to have a bit of a curvature there to connect it specifically with the chamfers that is actually housing this whole graphics

Of the rear and you have the cut line that goes in the corner it goes up to the very end end point of the housing of the taillights you have a nice corner there that’s not 90 degrees sharp so let’s bring that corner in to the actual taillights of the design and for the wheels i want to change the wheels up to the gt350r wheels i think those are simple and will

Suit any type of mustang because mustang in its essence is supposed to be a powerful fun car with very simple graphics and design and that’s kind of want to bring out in this redesign for the side view as i said i think the side view specifically where the 5-0 badge sits it there’s nothing going on there if you zoom in you’re just going to have a blue ocean with

A 5-0 badge no sort of creases or lines in the body and the further you zoom out the the heavier this piece this area of the car gets so let’s break that up by having a line that goes from the door handle and then stretches into the front corner of the front headlights but kind of fades in when you when it goes across the front wheel arch and then coming back in

The front headlights so you can connect that line from the front headlights going in straight into the door handle as it fades out again in the rear muscle in the lower part of the side i want to add this hockey stick design i think that adds some forward movement to this car as well and i think it just suits the car both from a styling standpoint and also from

A historical standpoint as i said they had this line in the very early mustangs overall fantastic job by ford and i can’t wait to see what people are actually gonna modify this and and make it make these mustangs their own and i’m looking forward to see all these mustangs out on the road in about a year or so they’re gonna be so many of them and i think overall

It’s just a great design thanks for watching and i’ll see you in the next video

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2024 Ford Mustang Redesign – Ford ALMOST HAD IT!! By TheSketchMonkey