2024 Ford Mustang | The Last Manual V8 Pony?

We missed out on the Detroit Auto Show this year but we thought we’d give you an update & a quick look at the all new 2024 Ford Mustang Ecoboost, GT & Dark Horse!

What is up internet world and welcome back to the channel we did not make it to the detroit auto show but the new mustang did and because it did and the world’s going crazy about it and the fact that you can actually rev it with a key fob is crazy to me we figured we’d drop a video so let’s get into it so i’m gonna read word for word on what ford’s press release

Was nearly 60 years after it’s not interested the car is badass first things first is design because of course image is everything the next time you see me this beard will be black and not gray ecoboost gt and dark horse but when i see that picture all i think about is subaru hood scoop hood scoop on a mustang i know they got vents in the front hood but a hood

Scoop anyways second paragraph immersive digital cockpit inspired by fighter jets look at that mercedes that thing is also inspired by airplanes airplanes mustang and fighter jets manufacturers anyways overall it’s got a fairly similar design to the last gen it’s definitely wider and more edgy now the rear end has been widened you can seriously see that on the

Quarter panel it’s got this massive big crease where there’s a bend in the lights and on the front it’s got a total redesign on the headlights it now has a multi-beam led three strip look as far as engines go it’s the same 2.3 liter ecoboost turbocharged four cylinder and the coyote 5-liter v8 engine but they’ve been updated no horsepower numbers and torque numbers

Have been released yet but we’ll get them to you as fast as we can as soon as that happens however ford says it should be the most powerful naturally aspirated v8 engine ever put in a mustang well duh it’s a brand new mustang i’d expect it to have more power yeah you change the throttle bodies you did some stuff to make more power but yes don’t be like subaru

Give us a new double rx with a larger engine and make three more horsepower with the same torque but the coolest feature ever dropped on any manufacturer is something called remote rev where you can sit outside your car like a total pressing a button on your fob and the car will rev how do she is that let me know in the comments below it’s got something called

Electronic drift break so when you lift up the handbrake and as soon as you let go the thing pulls down and disengages so it’s easier to drift this thing that is a cool feature so this is offered on performance packages on either engines and thank god there’s two modes one for amateurs and one for professionals however it’ll only work in track mode well because

You know how mustangs are around crowds aerodynamically this mustang will have full length underbody panels and a standard spoiler on the gt apparently ford says that this thing has less coefficient of drag than anything they’ve produced in the past but hey final figures are available soon as usual so the mustang will be offered in 17 18 and 19 inch wheels but

For the first time ever it’ll say brembo but i’ll also have the mustang logo and there’s three available brembo colors black red and grabber blue now on the side ford says that the roofline has been optimized for driver entry and exit so you can get in and out of the vehicle without taking off your helmet because any of us that have been on the track will know

That when you try to get out of a car with your helmet it basically snaps your neck off so hey thanks for thinking about us now this all new mustang is going to launch with 11 exterior colors including two new shades vapor blue and yellow splash complemented by some new stripes they’re talking about but brand new for 2024 is something called the mustang design

Series where you can basically customize your vehicle which is totally cool tool that you can actually add bronze wheels totally out there stuff by ford it’s amazing that’s a total book play book out of porsche that’s what i think even the base one has a new steering system that has a faster ratio new rack stiffer connections and a cross car beam to improve the

Feel the active exhaust system matches different driving modes and can be used for quiet stealth starts in the morning or if you’re remote revving when you’re not in the car i don’t know anybody that’s going to remote rev and then put their car on quiet the gt and the ecoboost are both available with an optional performance pack which basically gives you a bunch

Of stuff that’s designed for the track including the front tower brace torsion lipid slip differential optional mag ride wider rear wheels and tires larger brakes 390s in the front 355s in the back and then of course when you buy a gt you get a little bit more including added brake ducts for even more cooling and a standard auxiliary engine oil cooler there are

Six available drive modes normal sport slippery drag track plus an individual setting where you can adjust up to six different profiles so when you open the door and you jump in the first thing you see is screens welcome to 2022 that thing’s got screens that thing’s got screens everything’s got screens so they have no choice but to put screens and if you notice

That the hvac controls are now in the screen and they’re disappeared from the car itself it’s moved up but having the hvac control in the screen can get tricky when you’re driving it’s hard to press buttons so i hope ford does something really interesting like making it massive where you basically can put your hand like this and it changes the hvac controls

Because listen i have that problem with this mercedes-benz because it’s so small and i gotta go upward or downward and it’s impossible when you live in canada and the temperature fluctuates like crazy so how large are these screens actually with 12.4 inches for the configurable instrument cluster and then there’s a 13.2 inch touchscreen center stack now in the

Gt they’ll be connected by a glass panel so when you have this glass panel it gives you an impression of a wide continuous screen that’s amplified by a ring of lights however for it says we’re taking advantage of every single pixel in here so so i hope that the hvac controls are nice and big so what is the dark horse a special team of ford engineers designers

And expert have worked three years to create this thing it’s a street and track capable performance mustang with some pretty sexy cues as you see in these pictures but it’s the first new performance name for the brand since the mustang bullet since 2001. it is visually differentiated from any other 5-liter v8 mustang before it it includes a dual throttle body

Intake designed to improve engine breathing accentuated by some nostrils in the front grille now this dark horse has a ton of extra stuff it’s got brake cooling ducts it’s got an engine oil cooler a rear axle cooler a lightweight radiator it’s got larger sway bars heavy duty front shocks it’s got six piston 19 inch brembo brakes on the front and 13.9 inch rotors

Obviously got a whole bunch of performance stuff so i expect this thing to be crazy because it has staggered fitted wheels nine and a half’s on the front tens in the back obviously got mag ride and if you’re a real track junkie you can equip this thing with lightweight carbon 5 wheels from carbon revolution and if you’re super crazy and you only want a track

Focused car while they have the dark horse s and a dark horse r the dark horse s gets a roll cage race seats in an adjustable rear wing a revised suspension while the dark horse r takes things one crazy step further you get a fuel cell a stiffer body and unique wheels damn that’s some real track stuff right there all right so if you guys didn’t know we are

Accelerate and we’re based in canada and we try to get cars as fast as we can and thank god ford is one of the brands that we get really really fast we shot the bronco and that video really really killed it for us which is sweet so we hope to get our hands on the 2024 mustang 2024 ford mustang and when we do we want to bring it to you as fast as we can so let us

Know if you like this type of video in the comments below see you in the next one

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2024 Ford Mustang | The Last Manual V8 Pony? By ACCELER8