2024 GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD First Look: Denali Goes Ultimate, AT4X Joins the Ranks

An upgraded Duramax engine, all-new interior, and impressive tech suite anchor GMC’s new heavy-duty.

An upgraded duramax engine all-new interior and impressive tech suite anchor gmc’s new heavy duty when chevrolet introduced its all-new 2020 silverado hd the reception was understandably mixed thanks mostly to the truck’s polarizing exterior design and lackluster interior thankfully gmc’s 2020 sierra hd faced far less criticism arriving with a far more handsome

Exterior but the same uninspiring interior and tech suite fast forward four years to last month when chevrolet introduced its updated 2024 silverado hd lineup to much fanfare with new exterior styling that was on point and the fabulous new interior similar to what originally launched on the 2022 silverado 1500 the silverado hd was finally what we had all been

Wishing for this just left one question what about sierra though the prospect of a fresh interior and advanced technology excited us we couldn’t help but be a touch concerned about what the future held for the sierra hd’s already classy styling gmc has finally pulled back the curtain on its new 2024 sierra hd and were happy to report that any concerns we may have

Had were quickly dispatched much like the star of each new season of the bachelor the new sierra hd is even more chiseled sculpted and handsome than the one that came before let’s dig in improved 6.6 liter duramax diesel engine gas circuits and allison power is the name of the game when it comes to getting work done and the 2024 gmc sierra hd’s 6.6 liter duramax

Diesel comes ready to party with 470 horsepower and 975 pounds to foot of torque which represents an increase of 25 horsepower and 65 pounds to foot to facilitate this increase the l5p duramax engine received an all-new and more efficient turbocharger new cylinder heads with improved cooling capability new pistons with redesigned bowls new fuel injectors increased

Injection pressure and a new engine controller this led to not just an overall increase in power but torque increases across the rpm range as well with the bulk of the improvement being found in the bottom half of the curve in practical terms this means better acceleration when pulling heavy loads the duramax diesel’s engine braking function has also been improved by

Way of a more powerful turbo vane actuator and uprated engine valve springs backing the duramax diesel engine is the fabulous 10-speed allison transmission which was first introduced for the 2020 model year for 2024 that same gearbox will find its way behind gmc’s 6.6 liter gasoline v8 engine as well moving from the old six-speed automatic to the allison allows for

Smaller steps between gear ratios which will enable the gasser to remain closer to its peak power 401 horsepower and 464 pounds to foot for longer from behind the wheel this will result in a more confident feeling of power whether empty or towing having experienced the improvements in drivability that simply adding more gears can provide for a pickup this one has

Us quite excited more towing where it matters most no manufacturers willing to dish on the exact split between three quarters and one ton model sales but word on the street is that it’s somewhere in the 75-25 range with paper going to the three-quarters ton trucks unsurprisingly for the 2024 model year gmc has increased the sierra hd’s maximum towing capability

But in a surprising place the maximum trailer weight of 36 000 pounds with a regular cab short bed dually stays in place but sierra 2500 hd crew cab towing capacity increases to a best-in-class 21 900 pounds and goes further to 22 500 pounds with an optional max tow package naturally regular cab and extended cab pickup should come with a higher tow rating but

With this gmc is specifically taking aim at the heart of the market not just a claim on paper in addition all sierra 3500 hd dual rear wheel pickups will continue to be rated to tow more than 30 000 pounds updated exterior styling the bulk of the 2024 sierra hd pickups exterior enhancement center around the grill front bumper and fascia area with each trim level

Receiving its own unique front-end treatment in addition denali and denali ultimate trims receive a unique crossbar element through the functional hood scoop on duramax diesel models though much of the exterior attention was given to the nose improved tail lamps adorn the rear of the sierra hd new lighting also gives weight a new animated lighting sequences when

Approaching starting or using the turn signals sle at4 and denali models receive new wheel options including optional 22-inch rolling stock even dual rear wheel models get in on the wheel action with a new larger 18-inch wheel six new colors are available and include titanium rush metallic sterling metallic volcanic red tin coat redwood metallic meteorite metallic

And dampor metallic a modern interior finally until now gmcc era hd interior design and technology suite lag behind the truck’s exterior styling and drivetrain capability for 2024 that all changes gmc designers created new and unique interiors for the sle and slt trims along with distinctive premium interiors for the at4 denali and denali ultimate trims the base

Model pro series sierra hd continues with a carryover interior from the outgoing 2023 model the centerpiece of the sierra hd’s improved cap and is a new 13.4 inch diagonal infotainment screen which is the largest in the class and which runs google built-in while also offering wireless apple carplay and android auto connectivity also available are a 12.3 inch

Digital instrument cluster and a large 15-inch full color head-up display altogether this gives the sierra hd more than 40 inches of combined screen space for 2024 gmc has finally added adaptive cruise control to the sierra hd which also works with a trailer in tow there’s also a full suite of standard safety features which include forward collision warning lane

Departure warning auto emergency braking front pedestrian braking intellibeam automatic high beams and a following distance indicator optional through the pro safety plus package is rear cross traffic braking and trailer side blind zone alert towing assistance technology the 2024 gmc sierra hd suite of advanced technology doesn’t stop at just entertainment and

Safety it also extends into the realm of towing through gmc’s available pro-grade trailering system anchoring the system is a massive 14 different camera views which include hitch guidance with hitch view bed view with zoom bed hitch guidance for fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers and rear side view with trailer length indicator also new is gcw alert which uses

Acceleration data to warn the driver of the truck and trailer see the vehicle’s gross combined weight rating gcwr finally an enhanced version of gmc’s impressive transparent trailer camera function is available for the 2024 sierra hd and is now compatible with gooseneck and fifth wheel trailers transparent trailer utilizes a camera on the back of the truck along

With an accessory camera mounted to the rear of the trailer and stitches together a view of the area behind the truck as if the trailer were not there allowing the driver to virtually see through the trailer denali goes ultimate following the 2022 sierra and 2023 yukon gmc is adding a top spec denali ultimate trim to the 2024 sierra hd think of the denali ultimate

As checking all of the proverbial boxes with the only major option to choose being exterior color the sierra denali hd ultimate will be the most premium luxurious and technologically advanced sierra hd to date the truck comes fitted with a unique grille and exterior batching that come in dark fader chrome around back a multi-pro tailgate with kicker audio system

Is standard as are power side steps inside the denali ultimates exclusive alpine number interior comes with full grain leather appointments on not only the seats but also the door panels center console lid and wrapped on the a and b pillar grab handles genuine oven poor paltrow trim is found on the instrument panel along with real aluminum accents speaker grills

Are etched stainless steel and cover a bose 12 speaker premium audio system with center points around technology headline advisors are premium micro suede along with the a and b pillar trim a rear camera mirror 15-inch head up display and power sunroof are also standard we’ve gotten to spend a bit of time sitting in the new 2024 sierra denali hd ultimate and we

Must say that we are impressed rugged et4x is coming when chevy teased that a zr2 hd model was coming late in 2023 we suspected that a sierra hd 84x wouldn’t be far behind we’re pleased to report that we were not wrong as gmc has dropped a similarly vague one-line statement that the 2024 sierra hd at4x will arrive late in 2023. we sure hope that gmc is ready to

Bring the heat as the sierra hd at4x will have big shoes to fill following the impressive sierra at4x and canyon 84x

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