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2024 Honda Prologue – NEW Fully Electric SUV | Detail Exterior, Interior and Specs

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Hi, Welcome back to Car Info Project Channel.

Foreign hi welcome back to car info project channel honda has been overly cautious on the transition to electric vehicles with its only ev offered in the u.s in recent years being the unsuccessful and very divisive clarity that’s all changing with the introduction of the new prologue a fully electric suv that will go on sale in the u.s in 2024. while honda

Isn’t ready to talk specs yet we know the prologue was jointly developed with general motors and uses the same multi and platform and batteries as the chevy blazer ev and that’s apparent from the overall proportions the prologue’s 121.8 inch wheelbase is almost a foot longer than that of the three-row pilot and honda says the prologue is five inches wider and eight

Inches longer overall than the crv it has a long low and wide silhouette with a rising beltline a tapering roof line and a raked rear hatch that gives the prologue an athletic stance the foreign styling was led by honda’s los angeles-based team of younger designers and it has a very attractive design with clean surfacing and some cool details the bluff front end

Features a black grille panel with horizontal led headlights flanking it and the lower bumper has a large intake and an interesting indentation in the bodywork just below the grill gloss black cladding surrounds the wheel arches side skirts and lower bumper areas and the prologue has short overhangs with 21 inch wheels pushed to the corners the tail lights look

Really good set into another black panel and instead of the classic h-batch the prologue gets the honda name written out in a futuristic font on the inside the prologue has the nicest cabin we’ve seen from a modern honda in the us the model in these photos is what seems like a fully loaded elite trim with a two-tone gray interior and features like ventilated

Seats an 11 inch gauge cluster screen and 11.3 inch touchscreen stand atop the low dash with the ladder featuring a prominent physical volume knob and the prologue looks to have new infotainment software it has the same horizontal theme as other new hondas with air vents that seem to extend across the entire dash but the prologue does without the honeycomb trim

That we’ve seen on cars like the civic and crv the prologue only has two rows of seats but it looks like rear passengers will have a lot of headroom and leg room the steering wheel and column stocks door handles window controls and lock switches have been taken directly from the blazer but otherwise the prologue switch gear and other interior elements look unique

To honda the prologue will go on sale in 2024 with no hint yet as to how much it will cost but with the 2022 pilot costing just under 40 000 and the blazer ev starting at around forty five thousand dollars expect the prologue to be in that ballpark honda says that the new crv hybrid will act as a natural starting point for its customers who want to transition

To owning an eb offering shorter two-year leases in markets that will be the first to get the prologue in 2026 the u.s will see the first evs based on honda z architecture that will be built in north america and in 2027 a new range of affordable evs also co-developed by gm and built in america will go on sale foreign foreign

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2024 Honda Prologue – NEW Fully Electric SUV | Detail Exterior, Interior and Specs By Car Info Project