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2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV Preview

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The new Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan is based on the same E-GMP as Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. This sedan from the future will soon be available to park in your driveway. Automotive specialist Tom Voelk gives you a preview of this all-electric range with an incredibly low coefficient of drag at .21.

I’ve always said competition is critical without it we wouldn’t have stuff like this this is the new hyundai ioniq 6 and yes this is a production vehicle remarkably close to the prophecy concept car here’s a preview hey everybody i’m tom volk and let me stress this is a preview not a review nobody’s driven the ionic six and hyundai hasn’t dropped all the specifications

But there are some things that we do know so let’s roll the videotape that hyundai has provided because this is a very attractive vehicle i’ll share everything i know about it hyundai hasn’t released any real details but it is built on the egmp platform that’s underneath the ionic 5 and kia ev6 so i think it’s safe to assume some things under those two cars there

Are two different battery sizes and a choice of rear or dual motor all-wheel drive ranges on the ionic 5 span from 220 miles to 330. also let’s not forget that the 800 volt charge speed on the egmp platform is among the quickest on any production electric vehicle that you can buy today and let’s talk about that body hyundai says it’s the company’s lowest coefficient

Of drag ever at .21 the slight boat tail structure and separation traps on both sides of the rear bumper help the undercarriage gets optimized deflectors and the wheel arch gap is narrowed i always reserve judgment on design until i’ve seen it in person i have to say i’m really looking forward to seeing this in the flesh when you talk to a designer all of them say

It’s very difficult to create something very simple like a river rock and keep it interesting this one has a porsche like simplicity to it or very reminiscent of the original mercedes cls which was a stunner in its time that’s not to say this is completely derivative the pixel details that first showed up on the ionic 5 are here for sure remember her that in morse

Code four dots means h for hyundai and maybe it’s because sister brand kia got a new logo the hyundai folks wanted one too it’s not overly different but this is a more streamlined version of the handshake h logo one of my favorite design elements on this car is the rear brake light chisml it’s an integrated spoiler nice touch no doubt it adds to the aerodynamic

Efficiency but it also gives it a porsche 911 like visual and while there is no indication of price i see this as a poor man’s porsche tycon sedan the germans starts at around 90 000. even if this one is priced a little higher than ionic 5 fully loaded it shouldn’t crest past 65 grand because anything higher than that is genesis brand territory let’s get into

The interior all of the press releases and video stress nature the press kit uses a lot of language and visuals that suggest the aurora borealis it looks like the designers and engineers went for that look inside the cabin i can tell you that the feeder-like ambient lighting in the ionic 5 is very soothing and that cabin is meant to be comfortable and calming it

Appears ionic 6 is taking that to the next level there are 64 colors and 6 dual color themes developed by color experts to help drivers and passengers feel relaxed now you might have noticed that there are no side view mirrors and there are monitors inside the car hyundai says that’s an option and those aren’t legal in the u.s at least yet so we won’t be seeing that

In the states but the dual 12-inch screens fused to look like one are here with a slightly different treatment than the five that commonality only makes sense financially hyundai uses an eco process for the leather and recycled p-e-t fabric will be used for the seats bio p-e-t fabric is used for the headliner and bio paint derived from vegetable oils will be used

For the doors yes it specifically says for the doors the carpet will be made from recycled fishing netting that’s everything i know about the hyundai ionic six at least for now hyundai will be dropping full specs soon so stay tuned for that no word when the ioniq 6 will hit hyundai dealerships check with them on a regular basis okay for the seattle international auto show i’m tom volk

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2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV Preview By Seattle International Auto Show