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2024 Polestar 5s Superglued

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Can you Superglue a mass production Sedan?

Hey everybody welcome to talk daily i’m your host eddie today we’re going to be talking about an article from motor trend and it’s written by frank marcus and what is it about it’s about this company if you never heard of it it’s pole star do you remember what pulsar used to be pulsars to be a company record racing company for volvo and volvo acquire pulse stores

Kind of like amg thingy and then amg just how like mg it’s his own brand and now whole story is his own brand um but obviously this company even volvo is owned by a you know chinese company gili and uh gilly’s a huge conglomerate machine anyway so what’s the story you say what okay so what’s the story this story is that this vehicle is going to become lighter

Because they’re not going to use welding they can use epoxy to build it pretty much glue they’re going to glue the car together by the way that’s gilly right here um here’s a picture of the vehicle and that’s the manufacturing that’s basically the frame and we’re just saying they’re both seeing that the frame will be lighter because we’re not going to use welding

Out of your familiar uh with the concept of seam welding um we do usually on race cars like um economy out of for example you’re going to where the car is met together with the metal comes together and you kind of spot weld it you seam welded because the manufacturing we’re going to basically spot weld it so they make it making making the structure structure

Stronger and they’re boasting that okay we don’t need to we don’t need to weld or seam weld what now we just use epoxy which is more forgiving because when you weld you also have using a lot of heat so you can warp anybody who work with like you know trying to weld too thin sheet of metal together you would understand right it is very difficult right it will work

Or you burn right through it so that’s saying to find a way to make that process much easier so you see this little jig where to just clamp things and bring it together what you’re looking at is just basically a jig they made so they put all the parts together and i clamp it so the parts will come together using that glue they’re going to be using and they’re

Just showing you a part of the process here all that thing goes around everything right here is basically epoxied together there’s nothing new a lot of companies do that so it’s it’s absolutely nothing new but that being they’re both seeing it are proud of it and it’s saying it’s gonna reduce the weight of the vehicle and make it more lightweight lightweight is

Always good who goes on saying it’s gonna be for the 2024 polestar 5. that’s the vehicle that’s going to be equipped with this technology and the company is making it into making five figure manufacturing okay so this is not for like 200 cars they’re making thousands of vehicles in that fashion so good for them and again they’re just showing you this that picture

That i showed you previously uh over here with that frame you could see on the top right here you can see all the clamps so you can see like a little clamps if you were looking at it you see clamps right here it’s almost like a toy car you’re just putting it together like the thing i i still do you know i have a plastic car and i glue them together make sure i don’t

Glue my fingers with the parts basically that’s what they’re doing so good for them they were able to find this technology and make it work out and i continue to talk about the epoxy this whole article basically nothing but epoxy that’s basically what they’re saying and see there’s a gentleman working right here just basically moving the vehicle around waiting for

The epoxy to set and i mentioned other vehicles they use that the jaguar i-pace for example and um again that i mentioned a pulsar f five higher anticipated five digit production volume it pays to find manufacturing efficiency and adhesive application with robotized assembly and two more elaborate jigs to hold certain parts together for the curing process make

Sense anybody who built again models would understand you need and put things together you can wait for it to cure so that’s really really exciting and um uh how much does making them uh the pulsar five work how does it you know etcetera they obviously don’t give me their in-house secrets but long story short that’s what they’re doing and they they’re both saying

That’s the same technology as an aston martin repeat for example um and again i i did kind of mention a little bit this is the same company as so this is paul starting on a website that’s what pulsar is well i mean i’m going on gili to be more specific and let’s all start who we are it’s sir but here’s my favorite part and look what ghillie owns they own a lot of

Company lotus volvo space queen volvo corporate benelli star rates i mean there’s so many brands out there of course is amazing so uh this is the this is the parent company uh so hopefully that helps um hopefully that will help pulstar to grow because if it’s based in china china usually have a lot of manufacturing a lot of batteries so maybe that’s the reason

Why uh and you know i hope uh pulsar grows because i do like the vehicle look how chic and elegant this car is it’s really pretty it’s really really really pretty again when i see those mirrors i don’t know if it’s gonna maybe in europe i don’t know but it always when it comes to united states those things disappear it’s always on a concept car i love the side

View mirrors and i always anticipate them but every time a production car comes it never has this they never had those cameras it always has them here i don’t know why maybe it’s some federal regulation uh hopefully that will change and i don’t know what that scoop on the top it looks like the wrc rally scoop you know if we get some fresh air i don’t know what

That is um i have no idea what that thing is i i can see the camera i can see a couple of inlets i see the lip um probably the port for the charging the door handle flush in line with the body that’s gorgeous a lot of roomy space a lot of glass is beautiful that is very very beautiful car and it’s going to be for the pole star 5. anyways let me know what you

Everybody thinks because um i think it’s really exciting i think it’s really pretty in fact it’s glued together amazing but i don’t know how the insurance is gonna if you wreck this car i think you will wreck this car i don’t think i don’t know if anybody watching works at a body shop let me know how do you repair when you have things that are um kind of glued

Would that may be easier for repair maybe just take the broken part um or just everything just breaks apart i i don’t know and i’ll be very interesting a point uh to uh uh to get answered i’ll try to research it i’m curious there’s a couple of body shops not too far away from where i live i’ll just you know go there and be like hey how do you guys repair a car

That’s glued together epoxied anyways as always thank you for watching it’s been a short video i uploaded another short video so i’m trying to put two together so it’ll be enough material or for you guys to enjoy anyways as always thank you for watching if you like this video and you like this context please do a like and subscribe it helps a lot and thank you as

Always take care and i’ll see you next time bye

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