208mph Bentley GT Speed review: see how quick it really is.

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This is the new bentley continental gt speed and it’s a little bit like world boxing heavyweight champion anthony joshua because it’s british it’s a big heavy brute and it packs one serious punch however being the speed it’s been to training you know to make it more agile yeah yeah yeah like that you see i’ve done two lessons of boxing’s eyes and now i think i’m

A contender don’t i and this car is it a contender well to find out i’m going to talk you through the upgrades visually externally and internally over the normal gt speed image out breath i’ll be no good at boxing get my head kicked in i’m going to talk you through the engine upgrades the chassis upgrades of course i’m going to drive it see what it’s like and

I’m going to launch it see how quick it is from naught to 60 miles an hour now i’ve come here to a disused us air base in sicily to test a car from britain just up the road from me obviously anyway i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car

Buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the power so you’ve got a six liter twin turbo w12 but unlike the one that you get in the normal continental gt has been increased from 635 horsepower to 659 you still get the same 900 newton meters of torque and it still drives all four wheels via an eight-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with

Launch control as for node 16 should take 3.5 seconds which is 0.1 of a second quicker than the normal w12 conti gt but what will it do in reality well stick with this video because i will be launching it later and timing it myself styling upgrades on the speed are minimal here at the back there’s not much that’s different you can get an optional gt speed styling

Pack which includes this carbon fiber strip here and you can get an upgraded a crapovich exhaust with quad tail pipes but this car obviously doesn’t have that it’s just got the normal ovals oh crap of itch at the side the speed gets more pronounced side sails and these are in carbon fiber because it’s got that upgrade pack you’ve also got the speed logo there

You’ve got unique 22-inch alloy welds and look you get the metallic fuel filler cap as standard here at the front the only design change for the speed is this sort of like smoked effect on the grill mesh and down here as well and that’s a lot subtle ish well not that solid it’s a big bentley but you get the idea here on the inside upgrades for this speed include

Alcantara on the steering wheel feels nice and sporty alcantara on this center console alcantara on the seats here to help grip your body and keep in place when you’re going fast round corners there’s also two-tone leather trim then you’ve got speed logo up there speed logo on the dash and speed logo on the cells you also get this diamond quilting as standard and

A new type of brushed aluminium dark grey trim for the center console all very nice but all very expensive so i’ve got the spec sheet for this car here and this one starts at two hundred and nine thousand nine hundred pounds which is quite a lot now if you fancy a luxurious feeding sport you could pay but for a lot less money than that cling on the pop-up banner up

There to go to car wow or put a link in the description below go check out the car and the saving you can get on it actually there’s there’s even more spent on this car it’s got like fifty thousand pounds worth of options so yeah one of them costs twelve thousand pounds let’s find out what that is so this car is fitted with the upgraded carbon ceramic brakes so

You’ve got 440 millimeter disc up front gripped by 10 piston calipers 410 millimeter discs at the back grip by four piston calipers so apparently these give you really consistent stopping performance without fade you can do 10 hard stops with this car and the braking distance should only increase by one meter but how good are they in reality at bringing this big

Thing to a complete stop let’s find out we’re gonna do a break test see how long it takes this car to start from 70 miles an hour let’s do it full emergency stop oh bentley safeguard flipped up on the screen thought i was gonna have a massive accident okay oh it stopped from 70 miles an hour in 44 meters which isn’t bad for such a big heavy car those brakes

Work the biggest changes to this speed over the normal continental gt or to the chassis for instance it gets rear-wheel steering as standard which makes it more maneuverable in town and more agile when you’re driving it bentley’s engineers have also recalibrated the stability control system to make the car more playful the four-wheel drive system has been set

Up to be specifically rear-wheel drive in feel so only 30 percent of the available torque will ever go to the front wheels and if you’re sliding the car the car will only send 80 newton meters to the front wheels so it doesn’t pull you out of your drift so you can just slide for as long as you dare the steering ratio has been quickened for faster responses and

Finally there’s now an electronically controlled limited slip differential on the rear axle which should make the car easier to skid so shall we test that out let’s see if it’s possible to behave badly in a bentley darling so i’m going to turn the stability off i’m going to get rid of this stupid accent and see what we can do oh yeah there we go there we go

I’ll go it will go it all go can we go the other way though that’s a question let’s give it the other way oh yeah it’s a bit of a crazy big car that’s in it right that’s enough for that it’s a bit silly it’s a bit silly let’s be sensible still got to drive on the road and launch it i need to save some tires for that here in the back it’s very much like the normal

Continental gt so it’s fairly tight thankfully you can roll down the rear windows let some air in but being the speed you do get the nice seats like in the front like with the speed logo and the alcantara and the two-tone colourway it’s all right of course the boot is the same size as the normal continental gt so you can fit some golf clubs in here some luggage a

Human being as well but the capacity is only 358 liters if you need more space you’re probably going to want a bentley bentayga and if you click on the pop-out banner up there you can go watch my in-depth video review of that car there’s also a link in the description as well anyway that brings you on to five annoying things about this car the speed is supposed

To be the most dynamic version of the continental gt yet it weighs 30 kilos more than the standard car tips are scales at 2.3 tonnes which means it’s heavier than a lamborghini aurus even though this car has the mightiest engine at the bentley range you can only rev it to 3000 rpm when you’re standing still so you can’t really enjoy the exhaust waffle it’s all

Right but i’d like to be able to redline it standing still to be a total bentley hula hooligan sometimes when a car manufacturer makes a sportier model they upgrade the tyres to those that are more grippy however with this continental gt speed you get the same pirelli p0s as on the normal car not really a pirelli fan more of a michelin guy hashtag no ad you

Think that on a car that costs 210 000 pounds you get adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assistance standard like you do on something like a toyota yaris but oh no it’s part of a six thousand pound touring pack the cheeky bags for some reason when you’re maneuvering at low speeds the rather expensive optional carbon ceramic brakes make the noise of a gaggle

Of geese listen and that brings me on to five cool things about this car so bentley has re-tuned the active anti-roll control and the three-chamber air suspension so that it’s sportier when you have the car in sport mode than the standard continental gt yet they’ve managed to retain the comfort when you have it in comfort mode the 8-speed dual clutch automatic

Gearbox has been re-tuned so when you put it into sports mode the shifts are 50 faster than in the normal continental gt the optional carbon ceramic brakes actually reduce the car’s weight by total of 33 kilograms and that’s 33 kilograms of unsprung mass and if you can reduce the unspring mass you can improve the handling there’s lots of interior personalization

Available with this car so you can get 15 different colors of male interior leather and 11 different colours of the secondary leather oh the poor cows the gt speed is the fastest serious production bentley you can currently buy with a top speed of 208 miles an hour that is only just one mile an hour more than the standard w12 continental gt but anyway it’s still

A bragging right in it oh look at this i think i might steal this it’s falling off ah seriously right off right let’s see what this continental gt speed is like to drive whack it straight into sports mode no messing around first bend very tight now this is a big heavy car it is you know 2.2 2.3 tonnes and so you do have to watch it but they have done so much

To this car chassis that it really does just grip and hold on where you would expect it to start pushing wide you can really feel the drive to the back so only 30 of the power going to the front so it’s got this real rear drive feel to it they’ve recalibrated the steering to make it sharper that limited slip differential on the rear axle just helps put the power

Down where you’ve got the most grip you’re combining with this bonkers engine and you’ve got so much performance it’s nuts right now i could be brave and put the stability control in sport because they’ve tweaked it slightly to make the car more playful just got to find it looking down can i do it maybe my cameraman can help guy can you press the button for the

Stability is it that’s it not all the way off you’ll have me dead we’ll just do sport mode there we go so it’ll let the car be a little bit looser but not too loose that we end up going off and into an olive grove oh yes it’s amazing that a car like this that is brilliant for just cruising around looks great it’s like sitting inside some expensive handbag can

Actually give you a sporty almost sports car like driving experience they are quite sharp when you first touch them so when you’re just pooping around you can end up head banging the steering wheel because they do just bite really hard but when you’re on a twisty road like this and you’re trying to reduce a lot of speed from such a big heavy car and you’ve got

All that kinetic energy just like building up in the car they are so good at just staying strong and not fading and having you just run off the road and into a tree which obviously isn’t a good thing especially when you’re in a car that’s over 200 000 pounds and you’ve signed a disclaimer which means that you’ll pay for it if you break it i’m not going to break

It one of the reasons i’m not going to break it is the fact that this car has special suspension which it’s an anti-roll system that stops it leaning so much in the bend so it really does just hook up and grip so you can go round faster than you really should be able to and it does just add to the fun but bending aren’t just about fun they’re about luxury and

Comfort so i’m going to whack the car into comfort mode and my three chamber air suspension now is all slackened off and i can just waft around and let’s go into automatic mode for the gearbox it’s an eight speed dual clutch system so when you’re changing gears yourself it’s lightning fast it’s the same gearbox you’re getting porsches by the way however when you

Put into automatic mode it’s pretty good at slurring the gears together so you can just waft about in bentley luxury oh yes what’s that you want to know how quick this thing is for north 60 don’t you let’s do it this car’s supposed to not 60 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds but what’s the reality specialist timing gear up here going to launch it left foot on the

Brake everything in sports mode for the throttle launch control is activated release brake that hooked up 3.56 seconds three point five six a point naught six of a second slow than it should be bad bad work bentley bad anyway let’s try again i’m talking to bentley like they’re blooming dog it’s just on the floor let’s do it again because you can do it over

And over again 3.61 bad bentley bad i’m picturing bentleys being like this big old golden retriever that slobbers a lot anyway one last time 3.61 again do you know what what’s 0.1 of a second between friends eh so then what’s my final verdict on the new bentley continental gt speed should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should

You just go right ahead and buy it well the bentley continental gt is a lovely car and the speed is the pinnacle of the range and so if you can afford it you should just go right ahead and buy it yes i’m very good at spending your 210 000 pounds for you i hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like if you haven’t done so already subscribe to this

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