22 Ford Escape Plug-in hybrid FWD | The Almost Electric Plug-in Hybrid.

The escape plug in hybrid is one of the better on the market. I like how it drives and works well. With the ability to charge for all electric driving it is a very cool feature. For those that don’t drive far each day you will use minimal gasoline.

Oh what’s up yens this week on car dad bill we have a 2021 ford escape and guess what it’s another plug-in hybrid this one has some good power to it this is similar to the one i tested last year this is a titanium model and it’s the front wheel drive model not the all-wheel drive model let’s go for a ride so first impressions of the ford escape plug-in hybrid uh

Full disclosure i drove one last year similar to this a different color i think i think it was black this one’s red uh but you plug the car in you get some electric mileage some electric range and then you have the hybrid motor that can kick in for the rest of the gasoline engine that’s or gasoline tank that’s there so you kind of have the best of both worlds when

You have something like this and it’s a good entry-level vehicle for those who are looking for electric vehicles um but don’t want to make that electric switch just yet like completely too electric so the plug-in hybrid is definitely something that’s worth looking at all right guys standing outside the ford escape plug-in hybrid there’s the plug and there’s your

Gas tank so a couple things on the titanium model that i want to go over for sure first thing is the headlights wonderful led reverse reflection headlights then you have the nice led fogs down below the overall handsome appearance of the exterior of this suv is probably something that goes underrated just because it’s a ford escape and people are used to it it’s

Definitely stylish it has very nice clean lines it has a flat back just like everything else does everything waterfalls straight down love the indentations of the reflectors nice led backlit tail lights the ford escape logo in the back it’s just a clean it’s just a clean suv and the plug-in hybrid really gives it a little bit of a boost as far as technology and

The ability to do things so those are the design elements on the outside that i found to be some of the nicer ones let’s go on the inside and take a look all right guys inside the ford escape plug-in hybrid we’re going to turn it on so you guys can see some of the stuff that happens when you turn the vehicle on so it tells you how much you have charged and then

Down here is your mileage so that’s actually what you have left in the battery so i’ve driven around a little bit um since i charged it last night and that’s where you get that so on the main screen here this is where your whole sync setup is you plug your phone in down here and this becomes your phone basically with the carplay and the apple android as well so

Down here you have two different types of usbs you have the old red usb and then you have the new one as well with the 12 volt charger next to it you also have wireless charging here coming back these are your settings for your ev so these are the different drive settings this is your parking assist parking assist and then this ev button here when you press it it

Gives you those selections so evie now later charge and auto ev this one’s the way it comes auto ev goes back and forth between hybrid and electric let’s clear that screen as well so now we have the regular screen there if we change over to all electric driving what it’s going to do is it’s going to remove see how it gives you a check mark there and it’s ready

Up here it’s going to be all battery until it runs out of charge so it’s definitely and it keeps the motor on see how it says it keeps the motor on now for performance but that’s technically the all ecosystem that’s the all ev electric car system if you go to the next one this one here ev later what this does is it takes away that the motor is running and what

It does is it uses the fuel mileage to get you where you need to go then you can come back and you can change this you can go back to if you’re if you get if you get off the highway let’s say you drive on the highway you use the gasoline engine then you get off the highway you get to an area of a town you can switch it back to automatic or you can go to all ev

And drive it as an electric vehicle so that’s the cool part of these plug-in hybrids because as you can see everything else remains the same as far as the interior design as far as the usability you have the b o sound system in this one the titanium you have the nice rotary gear selector you have a great seated position driving position you have some decent room

In the back and you have a full sunroof up there let’s take a look in the back real quick pop it in the back seat similar design on the sides plastics things like that then you have the nice two-tone leather seats just like in the front good amount of space that’s me pushed all the way back and that’s the leg room that’s there and honestly i could probably fit

Behind myself in this vehicle but you have big seats otherwise and then you have these seat belts that slide down and disappear so you don’t need them and then they come up like this and they’re static like they can push on them and get them in which is a big big deal in these cars get the kiddos buckled up come around back underneath here opens the trunk i

Left all this stuff in here so you guys could see the space that there is back here because there is a lot two small junior golf bags and a full-size hockey bag for my son and there’s plenty of room to put like another bag back here i can probably stack some more things on top maybe do a better job of of organizing it and make more room but those seats also

Flip forward if you need that so you’re going to have a whole lot of storage space back here once those things are moved down as well let’s go for a ride all right again real quick couple of things we’ll go over some notes the monroe from the manufacturer 21 ford escape front wheel drive titanium plug-in hybrid um they’re saying 105 mpge which is electric and

Gas it’s like the hybrid version um the automatic hybrid setting that i showed you earlier that gives you that 105 mpge they say 40 miles per gallon um just the gasoline engine running you know by itself it’s hard to say what your mileage is for instance this week of me driving this vehicle i plugged it in almost every night so i had a full charge the next

Day i drove kind of how i showed you earlier and i manipulated the system to you know drive ev in town and then like under you know 35 miles an hour and below i was in ev range the whole time when i got onto the highway i switched it over and held the electric charge and drove the vehicle uh as a hybrid using the motor on the highway and i would i would venture

To say that i’m getting upwards of 40 maybe even 45 miles of the gallon as far as the hybrid goes but i don’t know what my electric bill how it’s going to change with charging this every day i’ll let you know i’ll follow follow up on that one in another review but this ford escape front wheel drive 2001 it has 221 horsepower combined with the motor the 2.5 liter

Under the hood with the ev ecvt transmission and the atkinson cycle motors bring it up to 221 that’s not bad horsepower rating for something this size and it feels good when you’re driving it and we’ll talk about that when we get on the road so the mileage comes in at 37 miles just strict ev range so that means when i plug it in and it’s 100 charged and i start

The day i have 37 miles of ev range and that’s what’s happening and consistently while i’m driving this vehicle so a total mileage of 350 miles with your fully charged battery and a full tank of gas i hope all that makes sense if you guys have questions comment below i’ll be happy to answer any questions if i can or get the information from ford if i can’t find

It myself let’s get on the road and talk about how it drives all right again out on the road and i have to say the ford escape is a good vehicle it drives really well it’s very comfortable to sit in i’ve driven this thing in a variety of different environments highway travel backcountry road travel tight little country road travel like we’re on now urban areas

I kind of bounced around this last week i have to say that the ford is escape drives well so where do i start my go at my good and bad list and really the plug-in hybrid theory and the way that it works and the application of it now into all these new vehicles i think is a really good place for that technology folks that don’t want to have a regular ev vehicle

Because they’re worried about charge they’re worried about charging it all that stuff the you know the infrastructure what not this is a good entry level it gets you that taste of electric vehicle and how it would perform and you don’t have to kind of and you still have your gasoline baby you know binky to keep you happy if that makes any sense without further ado

The good and bad all right so starting off the list the good list and it really is that marriage of electric vehicle it’s a hybrid vehicle to combine to make a plug-in hybrid vehicle that’s my number one good and that’s on all of these types of vehicles i’ve driven cadillacs like this i’ve driven kias like this i’ve driven fords like this i’ve driven hondas like

This they all have that ability to have an electric range and have a hybrid gas vehicle to rely on so that’s number one on my goodness number two on my good list is the comfort and the drivability of this vehicle overall it’s a small suv it’s a five passenger suv it’s got decent storage in the back but you’re able to drive this thing and use it and it’s very easy

To do you don’t have to like learn a new infotainment system you know to learn what gauges mean what even as a novice level you look at this screen and you know that there’s miles per hour on the left and you know that when you step on the gas pedal that’s what it does that’s what the motor does that’s what the battery does it shows you all that stuff so it’s kind

Of like a no-brainer in that regard and it’s just very it steers well it has great road manners it handles what bends really well it’s just a good overall driving vehicle and that’s number two on my good list the last thing on my good list is is just that let’s get to the bad and let’s start off again disclosure it’s not horrible there’s nothing really horrible

About this vehicle because if you’re looking for a small suv that you can charge at home you can drive as a hybrid as well when needed get a decent amount of range out of and it’s comfortable this fits the bit you know this is what’s gonna you know make you happy but i wonder and i always wondered why they didn’t put more mileage more battery you know range in

These plug-in hybrids because you’re only getting 30 35 40 at the most files out of a charge that takes a while because i only have a home charger i don’t have a high output charger yet yet but why not give it more range why not give it a bigger battery so that you have you know 100 miles of range of electric driving and then maybe a smaller gas tank you know the

Extended range electric vehicles like the chevy volt those were i thought that was exactly what was needed you know it was an electric vehicle basically that that had that generator on board kind of a it’s kind of a cool scenario and it worked well but needless to say why not more range in the plug-in hybrid i don’t know number two on my list front wheel drive i

Know it’s available in all-wheel drive but this one’s not and if this one if it was winter and there was snow on the ground i don’t know how well the front wheel drive would work now i drew i grew up driving in the snow in pittsburgh um and with front-wheel drive vehicles so it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to get around but at the same time if you have all-wheel

Drive option why not get it so that’s my second thing on my bad list and the last thing and it’s such it’s such a little quibble that i hate to even bring it up because it’s kind of like you could just get it fixed but the stereo system while very good in the b o sound system is good in most vehicles that i’ve tested and then it’s equipped with this one rattles

And it rattles inside and it rattles outside and it’s the door panels it’s parts of the inside it’s the doors on the outside it all rattles and i listen to hip hop r b 90s all this stuff you know rock and roll all kinds of stuff so i have a lot of bass and like you can just it just rattles the car and it’s kind of bizarre how that sounds and i hate to bring it up

In a quibble but it is it’s one of those things that’s card dad bill this week i’m gonna wrap this up real quick with a hop on the highway where you guys can hear it there’s like a there’s like hardly any noise that comes out of this vehicle even when you’re stepping on the throttle and you’re trying to get moving um it doesn’t it it doesn’t make a whole lot of

Noise all right getting on the highway up here let’s hope that there’s not a million people in front of me looks like maybe two you never know how that’s gonna go i also like the the turn signal blinker noise is very nice it’s a very subtle clicking noise that reminds you that it’s on but it’s not overly annoying all different manufacturers use different blinker

Sounds so i’m in electric right now automatic it’s right now only electric as i step on the throttle more and more and more to pick up highway speed to get on the highway the electric motor kicks in over 50 percent of my throttle is now electric motor now i have throttle all the way down you can’t really hear anything it’s a pretty seamless system now that i’m

Letting off the throttle it’s becoming less of the engine and more of the electric and it shows you on the gauge that it’s going up and down that range it’s using which one which one’s using more than the other one pretty cool system card app build this week real cars real people real life thanks for tuning in i will see you guys next week

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22’ Ford Escape Plug-in hybrid FWD | The Almost Electric Plug-in Hybrid. By CarDadBill