22. Warn, Ranch hand, & 4WP: 2022 Ford F350 DRW Lariat Supercab Antimatter Blue Super duty

You killing me warren so when i picked up my ranch hand bumper from four wheel parts in redondo beach the other day and i asked them what the status was on my worn sixteen and a half thousand pound winch and they said oh we’re not expecting that in until next summer really next summer i ordered it in june it’s been five months already and now they

Said the winch won’t be in until next i don’t understand they said that they have another customer that ordered some in march and they’re not expecting them until january or february so i don’t know who’s telling me the truth but i really don’t but if you’re telling me that it takes a year to get a winch ordered put together and delivered somebody needs

To be fired somebody needs to lose their job because that’s ridiculous but they had plenty they said they had plenty of uh the 12 000 pound and under ones that are imported come from i presume china so there’s no problem with the supply chain there but the ones that are made in the united states can’t get them actually baffles me you’d think one of their

Highest that thing was 20 23 2400 you’d think it would be one of their higher profit items that they’d want to they’d want to pump it out but i guess not so i canceled that i’ll go a different route but if that’s true that it takes that long to get the product built and delivered then the retail seller for will parts should be getting on these companies and

Leveraging them to get the product out four wheel parts isn’t a small establishment they got 90 plus stores across the united states should i remember when they only had less than less than 10 or 20 stores back in the early 90s but they should be leveraging themselves to push these manufacturers to get this stuff same goes with the ranch hand bumper five

Months it’s a piece of steel it’s a piece of uh welded together tube steel and diamond plate i mean granted it looks great it’s fantastic i can’t wait to put it on the truck why does it take five months to put that together i mean they have to put somebody through welding school first i don’t know but uh and the people of ranch hand they are not friendly

Folks at least in my experience they weren’t friendly folks i don’t know so i’m gonna i’m gonna go a different route on the winch i don’t know what i’m gonna go with yet but it’s not gonna be a worn winch i’m ditching them i don’t care that they got others in stock heck with that i mean that’s your product is a winch and you can’t even make that i don’t get

It but anyway enough of my ranting uh what other besides installation videos that i’m doing for the truck which i said i have several more to do what other videos would would everyone like to see because i you know i wanna i wanna do interesting things i don’t wanna i want to do like videos with my trailer uh of which i’m actually going to sell and buy a

Bigger one so that’s going to be up for sale pretty as soon as i get the title in the mail i’m gonna i’m gonna buy a 40 foot i think i haven’t decided whether i’m going to get the pj or the big techs again but pj big tech same company now just different name but they’re owned by the same company but let me know what uh what other videos anybody would like to

See because i don’t i want to make the the channel about the truck not about me and not necessarily about me but if there’s other other things people would like to see let me know absolutely if you want to see some scenic videos of me driving down the road i can do that if you want to see some videos of paint drying on a wall let me know i’m glad to do that

Too um i don’t know so i like doing the installation videos and like i said before i do the the one and done sort of thing i don’t want people to to misunderstand me i i do the videos to show how i’m doing it not necessarily be the 100 right way to do it but i do the videos and i install them how i can do it best so i’m not scripting things pre-planning

Pre-installing things taking it off and reinstalling it as if it’s my first time and i’m uh super pro at doing it yeah no i’m not doing that i wanted to be authentic if everyone can appreciate that so if i screw up doing something then i screw up doing something like uh putting on the the hood deflector i didn’t like that video didn’t come out good um so let

Me know in the comments absolutely please if there’s something somebody else would like to see let me know but trying to keep the the channel about my truck somebody was asking me well why don’t we ever see you well i’m thinking it was the channel was about my truck but if somebody wants to see me here i am all right so i will end this and i will get back to

Doing some installs which i have a lot of other things to do a lot of other things it’s fun i enjoy those i didn’t think i’d be up to 21 videos by now but here i am all right let’s get back to something there is the ranch hand bumper it’s got the winch plate and then all the brackets over here it’s enormous it’s got a two inch receiver on the front it’s made

For the uh the camera system and it’s got the cutouts for the fog lights that thing is super heavy took a forklift to get it in the truck okay next type is something i am a bit perplexed on the wiring for the headache rack for the lights on the sides i want to be able to wire them so that they individually go on one two three as i choose so either can

Have this one on and nothing else on or i can put them all on or maybe just this one so that means i have to have six switches because i have three lights on each side this is going to one of my outfitter switches and the front one for the bumper will also go onto an outfitter switch but these since i want to be able to control them separately will need to go

On their own separate switches so i’m trying to figure out exactly how to wire those what is the best and most efficient way to wire it if anybody has any ideas please send me an email or put them in the comments i’m also working on here’s the cb mount and then over here i’ve i’ve decided i’m going to put my ham radio in my truck so this is my ham mount with

My ham antenna right here and here’s a cb radio antenna and this is my scanner antenna i’m gonna make a mount for that and then my wii boost will go over over here somewhere so i’m gonna end up having four antennas on here so until i figure out the how i’m going to do the wiring i’m going to hold off on installing it until i’ve got that solved a couple things

Uh a couple questions people were asking me they’re asking me how do i find loads for to haul well i i don’t um i’m just a guy with a truck i don’t have a business friends ask they need something moved i got trailer moved um so i just i’m a regular regular person with a regular job i have a cubicle in an office building and this is just my hobby now is

The is doing the truck so i enjoy it i guess i get a lot of really positive comments thank you very much the positive comments are vastly outweighing the negatives of which there are i didn’t think there was that much negativity but it’s okay it’s okay i can handle it so any other questions comments concerns let me know

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22. Warn, Ranch hand, & 4WP: 2022 Ford F350 DRW Lariat Supercab Antimatter Blue Super duty By Fun With Fords