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2J Racing catback exhaust | Corolla hatchback | E210

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In this video I install the 2j racing catback exhaust along with Tom’s racing style diffuser from ebay.

What’s going on guys back with another video today we’re going to be installing the 2j racing cat-back exhaust on the 2022 corolla hatchback along with the toms racing ebay diffuser style diffuser um up bright and early this morning trying to beat the heat so we’re going to get cracking here um just real quick just a little preview of what’s going to happen here

Um as you can see got the exhaust laid out here ready to go very nice nice looking exhaust got some great welds on there as you might be able to notice from the videos looks like pretty good quality work here if i do say so myself hoping that it sounds just as good as it looks and the uh box that came with it as the looks to be the y pipe along with some hardware

And gaskets and uh i opted for these hard bushings or a hard exhaust hangers uh i guess the stock ones they they claim are a little bit too soft and maybe you’ll droop or give you some unnecessary uh movement vibrations so opted for these it was like a 30 option give them a shot but uh yeah so got that going on and as you can see i got it all laid out here the

Ebay diffuser it’s the tom style i got it all finished off in a as you can see sem trim black ultra it’s a 49 133 matte finish i cleaned it all up sanded it down got actually ended up going a little bit over the top on this one i kind of was just going to spray it and call it a day but after doing a first coat on it i realized it had some some imperfections in

It and i wanted to kind of give it a nice smooth finish so i ended up taking a little bit of bondo and just filling in some of the uh some of the areas up on the top where you could see where it was um bonded together the parts were bonded together so just you know kind of just smooth it all out real real simple prep work nothing nothing too expensive you know

Probably put about an hour’s worth of uh finishing work into it to get it nice and smooth and then uh yeah did a little primer uh in this in this black color here the dupli-color primer sanded it up scuffed it up with some 600 grit and then added the final coat there the top coat the trim black ultra and again 49 133 that’s the matte finish i chose to go with

That because it’s um that’s what the toms i was trying to go for that look but not with the the tom’s price there so that’s what they say they finish theirs off in is the matte finish so that’s what i went with um so yeah i mean between the the diffuser and the and the paint i’m probably in at about i don’t even know 260 bucks or something like that so certainly a

Big a big cost savings when uh you know compared to that um branded one so definitely an option if you’re if you’re trying to save some cash but um yeah that’s pretty much it right there what we’re going to be installing and i’ll have some some before and after shots here so stay with me all right so as you can see got the quad tip exhaust by 2j racing installed

On the hatchback along with the ebay’s uh diffuser that’s the tom style diffuser on ebay that came out really nice overall the exhaust is pretty decent took a lot of time more time to get the thing pretty much centered with the cutouts on the diffuser it’s not a hundred percent but it’s getting too hot out i don’t wanna spend any more time on it but it’s close

Enough um i got a couple of things that i need to address on it as you’ll hear in a few moments the exhaust note on it is is perfect it’s got a real nice exhaust note very subtle but it’s noticeable um no drone you know noise inside the cabin is is very minimal i mean it’s it’s perfect for the for the daily driver not too extreme um i think if you went with the

Mid pipe and the header and all that it would definitely wake this thing up a little bit more but i’m not even going down that road i’m more than satisfied with the way it sounds my biggest issue with it is the fitment on these tips i’m trying to get a hold of 2j right now to see i’m waiting for a return call to see if there’s any adjustability on these things

In my opinion they just stick out way too far honestly i think that to make this thing really really nice it should have been these tips should have been angled with the diffuser you know i mean like they should have been cut right at an angle so i’m going to try and source out either some aftermarket tips or even a dual tip clamp-on style pipe the y-pipe with

Two tips off of it and you clamp it on and just cut it off at the weld where this y-pipe was welded on or these y-pipes were welded on and just replaced the whole thing and and then and that would give me some adjustability too um but yeah for me this the amount of chrome sticking out of the back of this is as unacceptable to me but other than that uh i have

No i have no qualms about this thing it’s it sounds good and uh you know again the materials that were used and the welds everything’s top-notch there just this the finish on this is just not it’s not up to par for me so stay tuned for a new another video on that though i’ll have an update at some point when i figure out exactly what i’m going to do and and source

Out the the appropriate parts for it but let’s get into the sound clips here and enjoy and thanks for watching stay tuned for more content um you

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2J Racing catback exhaust | Corolla hatchback | E210 By Mick76