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2JZGTE Swapped Lexus IS300 Sleeper

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2001 Lexus IS300 owned by Oklahoma based Kelly Riley. Kelly dove head first into this project never having completed a full motor swap personally, and without help! The result is an extremely fun and reliable 547HP sleeper car. I have driven it personally, and it could easily be a daily driver!

Hey kelly rally from tulsa oklahoma this is my latest bill 2001 lexus is 300 but maybe before we get into that we’ll maybe talk about some of the stuff that’s happened in the past for starters i’m 50 years old some kind of a boosted fogey old fogey whatever you want to call me boosted fogey old fogey whatever you want to call me back in the day you know twin turbo

302 bow miata – rode a couple of land cruisers for doing some rock crawling and stuff like that i always had my eyes set on doing like a 2 jc gte motor and something but at the time i really didn’t know what vehicle i would want to put that into did a little research on the internet and notice that is 300 + gs 300 were popular for doing the swap and i decided upon

May be doing the is being a smaller car ok i think i can make it go of this so the first step was to actually locate a car barn build status if you will you know it’s kind of like a low-budget type thing actually ran across this particular one here in dallas i think the car was 2 grand it’s a nice car but at the same time it’s uh it’s not pristine you know i kind of

Wanted to build like a sleeper type you know your average fun car you know what do i need it for i have no idea people ask me all the time what why do you need this car i mean you’re 50 years old i mean the build to be honest was a large majority of the passion for this project i mean i like i say i had turbos several different vehicles from scratch actually somewhere

You had maybe fabricated meta fold somewhere that there were existing manifolds for the particular engine i had never done a full-on motor swap the gte motor in in particular was always an alluring choice for me secured the car which was originally supposed to be for my 16 year old son but i ended up driving my land cruiser and i got things happen you know it ended

Up shopping for an aristo motor because obviously the super motors a lot more difficult to come by but basically the gt motors the same as a super motor other than having the vvt-i on this one as opposed to the non it’s done a really good deal on an engine transmission ecu and wiring harness out of california after that the swap began i get the motor and everything

You know put in a separate transmission off i would put on the engine stand and basically just resealed everything i ran the automatic transmission that came with the arista motor and factory ecu and i started out with a turbine etics 6662 and to be honest it really would not spool very well it was like something’s something’s amiss here because i’ve been hearing

Done this on other projects and i didn’t really run into that kind of problem so i ended up going to the manual transmission prior to swapping turbos which the first one was an earlier version out of probably in oh 405 350 actually ended up having some synchro issues on that one and what-have-you which is a pretty common knowledge for people that have done the swap

With that particular transmission eventually i secured a 2016 version out of a 370 that only had 16,000 miles on it that was been rock solid i mean the difference between the automatic and the manual is just a total transformation on top of that it allowed me to run a standalone ecu as where with the automatic there’s not too many easy use out there that’s capable

Of actually controlling toyota’s automatic transmissions a couple of companies out and or gonna believe where we’re putting together for a link stand alone for for this particular chassis and i decided let’s let’s go that route and and see what we can do with that and and it was you know obviously night and day difference between you know there’s nothing there’s

Not much you can do really with the factory see you turbo wasn’t spooling up with the turbo nedick’s i ended up deciding on a precision 6262 still maybe had some issues there and what-have-you and i’ve got this bottleneck somewhere the initial intercooler that i went with it turned out to be only like 575 cfm so therefore it just wasn’t flowing to the degree that

It need to be flowing for this you know for the horsepower of course this kind of thousand or spired we know this right because every every 2jz has a thousand horsepower you read on the internet anyway truth be known it’s got 450 at the wheel just changing to a larger intercooler like a little over a thousand cfm enabled it to breathe like it should and i mean from

The very first drive in the car after that intercooler it was like night and day difference i mean he was just like oh wow this is this is this was the problem i mean it just it just lit right up after we dine on heard it again it was good for about 60 horsepower roughly across the board i i did make the transition somewhere in all this between pump gas and an e85

Or a 66 if you’re in tulsa because that’s about the best we can get it’s been just a pleasure to do the car i mean like i said before where people say you know you’re 50 you’ve got kids you’ve got teenagers this and that woody what do you need this car for you know we’re all about motors and wheels and i’ve always been that way my whole life i just enjoyed building

The car and you know i like to get out on the highway do some pools in it got a little girl that we that we have that i go pick up from school in it i mean she’s like you know daddy go fast go superfast it’s just fun you know after a long day at work or whatever and you know stressed out one have you to come home and and go out and take this thing for a spin and

It’s just i just get it and have a good time really we’re rolling okay both of them can do it eddie murphy in the middle of then go expert at this man said i’m losing my losing my train here oh no cut that part out um is a 2jz gte and

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2JZGTE Swapped Lexus IS300 Sleeper By Side B Productions LLC