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3 Things About America That Dont Make Sense After Living in Sweden

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Hey guys what’s going on andrew coming at you in this one we’re gonna in this one we’re going to talk about three things that just don’t make sense to me after living in sweden about the united states and uh we’ll get into it number one here we have to talk about student loans and our attitude around student loans because in sweden they do have student loans but

A lot of university is publicly funded and where people get student loans from is like for their housing costs and the fact that they’re usually not working while they’re going to university uh and it’s about i don’t know a hundred dollars to maybe 150 dollars a month payment that swedes need to make for like 50 years or something like that like they can stretch

It out for such a long time that it doesn’t become this big monthly bill we’re in the united states it’s not strange to be paying 450 500 maybe 800 a month on your university and a lot of students get maybe a hundred thousand dollars in debt if they get a really really big job like if you want to be a doctor it’s not strange to be 250 000 in debt and so biden has

Just trying to pass through this student loan for giving this is going to blanketly forgive ten thousand dollars in student loans and if you’ve got a pell grant it’s going to try to forgive up to twenty thousand now i’m sure this is going to be fighted in the court systems now even though i talked about the swedish system what doesn’t make sense in the states is they

Just talked about the student loan forgiveness and i’ve seen so many people post on social media like what about the people that paid their student loans which to me after living in europe doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because you’re just saying that you’re unhappy that other people are getting help and you didn’t get help that you no longer need which to me i

Feel like if you paid off your student loans you would also feel like wow that was really tough i’m happy that other people can get help but this thought process of it doesn’t benefit me so it’s not a good thing doesn’t make sense because i don’t understand how we can’t understand how when every one person does better we all do better like if people didn’t help get

Help then we do better as a society as a whole and we have to stop with this individualism of it doesn’t help me when i think that that’s a bad way to look at it because we need people to go to university we need people to become teachers we need people to become doctors now one thing that maybe in the united states can do which i would agree with is maybe certain

Professions that are needed for example uh there’s a there’s a teaching shortage in the united states well what if you forgive people that become teachers uh student loans but overall i do think that we need to get a control of the college situation and i think americans need to shift their attitude towards student loans because it is such a big hurdle you’re

Unable to buy a home in a lot of cases get a car you just get bogged down by debt and there’s nothing good about it the number two thing that doesn’t make sense about america is how we embrace always like doing a lot uh but because we don’t have universal health care that’s such an american thing so i’ll give an example like we eat to an excess we we drink to in

Excess consume consume we use probably the most prescription drugs than any other country you know you go to a doctor and you want to get that medication right away but when it comes to messy maybe living healthy maybe you’re getting enough sleep maybe having a healthy work balance work-life balance a lot of americans we don’t have that and because health care

Is not publicly funded it doesn’t matter that people just do whatever they want where what i’ve seen in like european systems where because healthcare is publicly funded i kind of feel like people are ashamed a little bit more like i don’t want to say shames like you shouldn’t be shamed if you’re uh overweight or based on the way you look so please don’t take it

That way but what i mean is shamed if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle if you’re not making good decisions everybody else that’s paying into the system has to pay for you so i’ll give an example if you’re smoking cigarettes all the time that might be looked down in the society if you’re not eating healthy that might be let down in the society where in america

We don’t have that mentality a lot of times i’m not saying that again we should judge people but simply put um maybe we don’t sell like gigantic drinks in the store for people because if basically the u.s government had to pay for medication and they had to pay for people’s health care they would make all these changes to make people more healthy and people would

Probably be happier if they were healthy at the same time make no mistake if the united states government was paying for insulin for example it would drop dramatically so yes i think that we need to have a better collective mentality of each other uh our overall health and i think that kovitz showed that because we had such high numbers of death because we have

A lot of people in the country that are out of shape of course also covet is dangerous and everybody should get vaccinated or should have got vaccinated at the time but at the same time we need to live healthier lifestyles and we just simply don’t do it and we live in a society where the car is just everybody uses the car constantly and you’re not getting around

And you’re not walking a lot so those are things that don’t make sense to me now in the united states we need to up our health systems in the u.s the number three thing that doesn’t make sense in the united states is how so many things are still done by paperwork when i talk about the irs it just feels like when it comes to paying taxes doing anything government

Related wise we’re still shifting from paper to electric and it’s like 2022 like doing things online doing things on the internet it is still slow it is still so much like paper signing documents so that it’s just getting old and old so hopefully the irs is going to change this because they are talking about offering this because paying taxes in the states is a

Complicated process where a lot of people actually have to spend money and hire someone privately to just help them with their taxes when they could just make it easy and do it online or there’s companies like h r block where they sell these computer programs that people buy to be able to pay for their taxes when in reality the irs the taxes we pay should just offer

Us something like this online for free that doesn’t make sense we need to move up in technology and part of the reason i think we haven’t moved up in technology is because we have a bunch of dinosaurs in congress uh a lot of people in leadership in the united states are way too old we got 80 or 80 year old people running in the government so no wonder things are

Still on paper we need to move to electronic i think it’ll save us costs it’ll cut down on a lot of waste and it’ll get things done smoother and quicker for everybody we can we can help each other out more if we can move a lot more things electronic and that’s not going to happen as long as we have very old people running everything in the government so i’m hoping

For term limits so yes i i guess i bounced around in this video just a little bit but uh yeah it was interesting this is my feeling on this tell me what you guys think in the comments below and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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3 Things About America That Don't Make Sense After Living in Sweden By Andrew Austin