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We will compare stock performance to race chip what is that army green stop it oh my god i figured it out the stupid new system tuning on race to the autobahn this is actually seriously impressive what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autotop now my name is max and today we have a vw golf gti mark viii by race chip so today i’m going

To walk around it really quickly because we’ve covered the mark 8 gti already and then we are going to get in i’ll show you the race chip and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old van where we will compare the stock performance to the race chip performance but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to receive updates

When we upload a new video and check us out on instagram if you like at other top now for some behind the scenes footage now as i said we’re going to cover the mark 8 gti quickly on the outside because we’ve covered it before big bumper many air intakes lights are new still have the red stripe in there and a led bar running across the front which does look quite

Theatrical at night i have to say uh this race chip version has barracuda racing wheels as well which i think do look pretty nice on this car these are 19 inch with winter tires the wrap is what is that army green sort of i would say urban green army green and we have a lot of race chip stickers of course so they call it the the rc 8.0 with eibach suspension

Michelette tires barracuda wheels although these are hankook tires you can follow race chip chip tuning on instagram if you like some more stickers double exhaust of course for the gti and well this it’s not this is not the stuff that’s most important i’m sorry the car is so dirty by the way i just spent like 10 minutes washing it but didn’t really work alright

So here we have the ea888 2-liter tsi engine stock 245 horsepower 370 newton meters of torque and well this engine is basically the same as in the golf 7.5 gti uh the ea888 but it does have a reworked turbo or a different turbo for this car for the new gti and you can see the race chip gts black right here installed which should deliver plus 55 horsepower and

Plus 50 newton meters so that is a total of 300 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque so that’s quite impressive actually that’s the same horsepower you get in a club sport gti mark 8 and it is more torque than you get in a golf 7.5 r which is 400 and this is 420 so the performance figures are pretty impressive for you know just a a race chip box installed

Like that because it is really simple to install as you know simply faster so on the inside yes yes stop it so on the inside um i showed you guys before the stupid new system where everything is in the screen and touch which doesn’t always work for instance if you want to turn off traction control you have to go to vehicle and then you have to go to takes a

Long time as well to breaks and then you have to select esc sport if you want to do launch control you can also add it to this shortcut menu but it doesn’t work for some reason no so you have to hold it and then you can add it or do you have to oh my god i figured it out honestly we spent like oh we tried we’ve tried that so many times and it didn’t work and

Now on camera it did work normally it’s the other way around but hallelujah okay so you have a shortcut right there which is a lot better other than that don’t like this system i miss my buttons on the steering wheel again a lot of touch haptic weird stuff i don’t like it you have to swipe here to do the volume you can also click but it i don’t understand anyway

That’s not the point of this review the point of this review is that we are going to see what it’s like to drive now i do have the race chip app right here so um i already connected it you have three driving modes race sport and eco you can also turn it off right there and you can also go to fine tuning where you can configure the different driving modes so you

Can input the amount of tuning or aggressiveness you want for the different driving modes and you have a warmer timer as well but for now we’re going to keep it in race mode so the most aggressive setting we also have the xlr installed which is a throttle controlling device which has a lot of different settings as well so i don’t know if you guys can see that

But there’s a little screen here we can go to eco eco plus eco normal sport sport plus and race this is basically your throttle mapping so that’s it for the walk around stuff let’s go for a drive but before we go i just have to connect my phone to the draggy gps performance meter which i have installed right there so we’ll connect to that uh the draggy by the

Way we have added this product to our store on youtube so if you go below this video or any video of ours on youtube you can see the draggy and you can buy it directly in our store from now on so that’s a lot easier so that’s ready for when we get to the auto end now let’s drive it towards the old span why is it there it is okay so we now have a 300 horsepower

Golf mark 8 gti which you can really really feel the first time you get into this car you immediately feel that it is more than stock because it feels really powerful so i have driven a stock golf gti mark 8. we also drove the hg motorsports one which had a little bit of a power increase but when you get into this car especially that torque man it it’s

A really big difference because stock the gti is just it’s a fast golf but it’s not really that impressive but with this amount of power i mean you’re close to the horsepower of a golf r and you have more torque than a golf r as i said so but it is a lot lighter because you don’t have the four wheel drive system and with these conditions we have those winter

Tires and a dry tarmac right now it actually grips pretty well better than i was expecting to be honest all right little tunnel the sound of this car is not that impressive we know that anyway that’s really there’s so little sound on these engines now hmm that it the power increase is really nice because it feels really really strong and it’s a big bump i

Mean 55 horsepower that’s a lot so we’re going to stop here at this weird spot where people regularly park which i always find strange but anyway we’re going to do it as well we’re going to get the draghi and we are going to start with the tuning turned off so there we go tuning deactivated that was really easy draggy and we’re going to get that here and i’m

Going to record the screen for you guys so you can watch it with me all right here we go to the automatic now the purpose of this test is not to get the best 100 to 200 time it is just to demonstrate the difference between tuning on and off here we go this is tuning off golf gti mark 8 test one that’s we’ll make it all very official all righty 16.82 seconds and

We’ll just keep pulling till the next exit to also see how quickly it gets up there at these higher speeds oh unless someone else goes in front of us that’s 2 30 without too much trouble but you could feel it you know settling down already 16.82 we have been able to do a 16.23 100 to 200 earlier but martijn always does multiple runs on the ultimate pov at

Different points and stuff like that but now we are just going to do one run with the tuning off we are also going to get off here and turn around all right so 16.8 back to the race chip app tuning on race and we are going back to draghi reset all right here we go full throttle oh you can feel it immediately it is so obvious i don’t know if we’re going to make

That maybe if we go right here yep 13.13 that is already uh 3.7 seconds quicker 3.7 seconds and in our earlier tests we’ve been able to do 12.8 even so let’s see if we can go nearer to the top speed in the previous run we were able to do 230 something like that and you could feel it settling down another benefit of the race chip is that with these tuning boxes

Normally they only deliver the performance for a period of time that was 237 gps already that was much quicker than before and it keeps pulling much harder but normally with these tuning boxes they often have a designated time period so like 20 seconds wherein they deliver full power but the race chip just keeps working so as long as you have your foot down it

Will just keep delivering 300 horsepower and you can really see that in these long runs because at these high speeds it’s still much quicker than stock this is actually seriously impressive that’s 250. on the speedo that is quick so it is seriously impressive and i really like it because you can so easily tell the difference between tuning off and on other than

That the benefits of a race ship of course are that you don’t have to do anything to the car itself you just install this box which you can do yourself quite easily and you have this increase in performance and as you can see it is there the the increase in performance is there you go from 245 and 370 to 300 horsepower and 420 newton meters which is more than

The current mark viii gti club sport which has 300 horsepower and 400 newton meters so if you want one of these race chips go check them out you can find the website in the description below yeah it’s really nice this amount of power i can’t wait for the golf r to be here okay that’s it for this review guys i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the

Big button in the middle you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see you the next one bye

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