3148-1 – 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4×4 Blue 19k


2007 chevy silverado crew cab three quarter ton it’s a 2500 heavy duty four by four with 19,000 miles super low miles this 07 even in its a short lifespan and low miles has been a work truck and we’re going to walk around and show you mechanically it’s some phenomenal condition still under some existing manufacturer warranty through chevrolet but there are some

Dings and some scuffs here and there and we’ll point those out to you so starting on the right fender a very clean looks great front right door looks very nice as well rear right door looks pretty good on the outer edge here there’s a few little scuffs that have been touched up with some factory touch-up paint here and then on the outer edge here or the cab there

Are a few more scratches in the work bed area that have been scratched up and i don’t know if that’s from you know some trash debris tree limbs so on and so forth might cause that but there are little scoffs nothing looks like it’s gone down through the base coat and into the bottom coat of paint and into the metal but these are clear coat scratches and there is

Some factory touch-up paint there to cover that on the side of the the right side of the truck bed more scratches here looks like there was probably a rail cap at one time because there’s some scuffing of the clear coat here and along the rail cap and easiest solution there would be to just put a new rail cap on there and those are pretty inexpensive a couple

Little white clearcoat scratches here and here once again there’s no big dents or there’s no rust or anything like that on this side of the bed just a lot of little clear coat scratches from being used as a utility in a work truck tailgate actually looks pretty good no major blemishes or flaws there the cap to that to that rear gate does have quite a few little

Scratches and cuts and that has been used to load things in and out of no question about it and some more we’re here this actually is worn to the base metal here you want to touch that up or once again cover it with a with the rail cap so on the right side that’s apparent same thing on the left side tail lights are both intact and in good shape the left side of the

Truck bed a lot of little clear coat scratches through here once again when you get up close on it you notice all these when you stand back you know 10 15 feet you don’t notice them quite so much some touch-up paint here on some of the bigger scratches and then once again on the corner of the cab some more scratches with touch-up paint there on the rear left door

Door looks pretty good overall except for the corner edge here once again just towards the back of that cab few scratches that have been touched up with factory paint driver’s door looks looks great looks good a couple little little scratches here a little factory touch-up paint there and down here overall door looks really good though pretty intact flat fender

Looks beautiful from bumper looks good in good condition front hood also very nice condition windshields in great shape no sizable rock chips that need attention or cracks so that’s all intact and the roof looks great no major blemishes there this truck came to us with some very basic steel wheels and some rather crummy tires and these rims 8 lug alloy wheels we

Found em be motoring is the brand on the rim and then it’s a dominator sport 80 tire they’re all for matching tires and they’ve got phenomenal tread they’re easily well over half life maybe three quarter life left and they’re all in great condition there is a brand new full-size spare under there with the perfect tread the little nubbies are still on it’s a brand

New tire never been used let’s take a look inside being the work truck as it is it does have manual windows and manual door locks the seats are in a dark gray vinyl and they’re all in perfect conditions super clean that’s one beautiful thing about these vinyl upholstery work trucks they they wipe up and clean up beautifully we’ve also got the rubber floor down and

As you can see looks beautiful car smells good the truck doesn’t have any hint of any smoke odor or pet odor we’ve got a real basic am/fm radio here dual zone climate control with air conditioning and heat does have cruise control automatic auto lights on it and we’ll take a look in the rear pulse trees great here and beautiful condition and the rubber floors are also an excellent shape

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3148-1 – 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4×4 Blue 19k By Forrest Hale