370z VS Q60 #nissan 370z #infiniti q60 #370z vs q60

Which is better? You decide for yourself in this video we will be going over both the 370z and the Infiniti Q60 such as 0 to 60 times and weight distribution and horse power as well as looks. I was pretty excited about making this video because i work at nissan and right beside the Infiniti Plant so i hope you enjoy the video and you get to decide for yourself which you prefer. Thanks For Watching!!!

Quick question for you guys in the audience have you ever been in a predicament where you’re just like hmm i wonder if i should go with a sporty vehicle or should i go with a luxury vehicle which we are going to be talking about 370z and the q60 at the end of this video i will give you my personal opinion on which one i would rather have so let’s get into it

Starting everything off we have the 370z which brings my heart joy to say this has a six-speed manual in it and it comes with a 3.7 6 v e l which means variable valve event lift this car also is good for 350 horsepower comes with a double wishbone suspension setup along with 55 to 45 weight distribution nissan’s interior is also pretty nice it’s not as nice

As the car that we’re going to be talking about next but this is the standard 300 z so this car is actually very good for doing some uh butt turns around the corner if you know what i mean drifting so this car has been in production from 2008 to 2020 depending on the trim level you’re wanting 0 to 60 time is 4.7 seconds for this two-door coupe which is not

Too bad considering most cars hit 0-60 in 5 seconds or more i have always been a z-lover and this car hits me right in the heart and plus with a six-speed manual can’t go wrong the formidable foe we are going to talk about the infiniti q60 the luxury sports coupe i like this car as well this car comes with a nissan vr 30 dett which is good for 300 horsepower

0 to 60 times in five seconds flat this car also has basically a 50 50 weight distribution so some dress around the corner you a little bit i mean you can still do that with this as well this car has been in production 2014 to the present and as you can see this car looks good i mean i love the way this looks the interior’s nice and it’s just a gorgeous car

And you can tell that it’s a luxury vehicle because of the interior and how it’s made it has a seven speed shiftable automatic transmission which if it’s shiftable sounds pretty cool alright so we’ve reached the end of the video to where we figure out which car we would rather have me personally i would all i would always go with a 300 not to knock on the q60

The q60 is a sick car and it’s something that i would definitely look into so i mean they’re both really cool cars they’re both sports cars put down in the comments which car you would rather have and then i will see you in the next video

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370z VS Q60 #nissan 370z #infiniti q60 #370z vs q60 By Pjcars