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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we are checking out another viewers car because reik contacted us and asked us if we wanted to drive their volvo t6 pull star with a little tune on it and a couple of modifications so of course we said yes and today reich showed up with his dad and this awesome

Volvo v60 pole star with the inline six the good engine because after this came the pulsar v60 with the four cylinder which is also a pretty cool car but not as cool as the six cylinder of course now this is a fast volvo in a long line of fast volvos so of course we had the 850 t5r the v70r the s60r but this is one of the few modern volvos that is properly quick

And also has some very cool hardware so today i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you all the cool stuff on it and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for another man blast hopefully if the fog clears up a bit because yeah it’s a bit foggy so this fact we’ve got this paul star blue which is actually called rebel blue but it’s known

As paul star blue because this is their color you can see the logo here very cool with all the water drops on there but it is a beautiful color and you don’t see it that often you could also get it in white and in black i believe and silver as well but this of course is the most full story of pulsars but it’s a very very pretty front end i have to say i really

Like this v60 generation front end of course the pulsar also gets these little bumper extensions little splitter parts basically that give it a little bit more stance more angry look as well and then one of the highlights for me of this car is this 20 inch wheel design now i don’t know what it is maybe it’s because the center is a bit more inwards and then the

Spokes come out like that i don’t know i i really really like that design behind that we’ve got brembo brakes six piston calipers and pirelli p0 tires normally i think as standard this car was delivered on super sports by michele but anyway so we’ve got this very cool golden cap as well that looks pretty awesome black mirror caps black window surrounds you can

Go follow the owner volvo for all on instagram go check him out at the rear we’ve got a two and a half inch stainless exhaust for the pull star with valves in there as well so if you go to sport mode in the gearbox the valves open but rike and his dad got rid of the fuse for the valve so it’s always open another pool star badge right there and then let’s take

A look at the engine so we’ve got the inline six which is actually mounted transversely never thought about that uh three liter inline six twin scroll turbo from borg wagner which is an upgrade over the standard t6 which had 300 horsepower you could also go for a tune by the volvo dealer also like a pole star tune which was 329 horsepower and then this full-blown

Pole star version has 350 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque as i said it’s not stock so we’ve got a tune by rika and it now delivers 380 horsepower and 565 newton meters of torque which is very nice but the problem is that this is linked to the old six-speed automatic gearbox by volvo which is well not great i would say not great it’s uh it’s a bit of an

Old fella and you really feel that so we’ve also got a carbon fiber strut brace right there as you can see that’s actually quite pretty for this pull star a lot has been changed on the suspension on the chassis so we’ve got stiffer uh subframe bushings we’ve got 80 stiffer springs than on the r design erlens dampers which are magnificent and manually adjustable

So that forms another highlight of this car it’s basically all there so let me check if we can see that erlang’s damper no not really but uh it is really really cool and that means because you have those stiffer springs 80 percent and stiffer than the r design the dampers can be a little bit softer and it means that you have this perfect setup it it feels like

The car absorbs everything but you still maintain control and it’s not super hard it’s not super firm so it’s a really good setup now the pulsar also gets a bigger intercooler and some very nice interior trim so we’ve got carbon fiber we’ve got alcantara on the steering wheel and this very cool seat with leather and alcantara as well on the center console it is

A very nice interior and the pulsar comes with basically everything as standard so we’ve got a heated steering wheel we’ve got a heated rear seat stuff like that now let’s start it up i’ll open the door a bit so you guys can hear that as i said they removed the fuse for the exhaust valve so it’s always open which means that it’s pretty loud it sounds really good

That’s also because we’ve got a different downpipe so i don’t know it i i think it’s a 200 or a 300 cell cat downpipe but that makes a big difference it sounds really really good actually and i wasn’t really expecting that so sport mode let’s go for a little drive very cool yellow seat belts as well by the way okay now as you can hear that exhaust is always

There it is very very loud and that is that is a choice that like and his made to go for this exhaust that is always open for me personally i would if you have it in drive i would have liked it to be closed right now because i can imagine that on longer journeys it could get a bit tiring to have this sound all the time but anyway i i do like them for just ripping

Out the fuse and going for the loud sound because it is very very loud does sound very good now as i said um that gearbox that six-speed automatic is a bit of a letdown for this car and it’s actually not as bad as i was expecting because i’ll show you we’ve got pedals behind the steering wheel as well so i’ll shift down a couple of times second gear it’s not

Bad both the shift time and the response to the pedal i have to say i was expecting it to be worse but you can feel that there is some slipping going on sometimes and the gearbox doesn’t really like this tune with this improved torque improved increased so as long as you’re full throttle basically it’s not a problem but sometimes you can feel it slipping a

Bit in gear that sounds really good it’s a very distinct sound i can’t really compare it to anything okay so if we put this in sport mode and then we go into the menu here my v60 and we can turn off the esc that means we’ve got launch control foot on the brake full throttle there we go a little bit of wheel spin and the automatic up shift uh stock this car

Should do 4.9 seconds i believe i don’t know what we’ve been able to do yet because of the fog but go check out the video in the top right corner for the sound and acceleration video alrighty let’s take it to the ultraman and as i said we’ve not been able to record any stuff on the autobahn because of the fork so i’m also going to do a 100 to 200 measurements

So i can give you guys some idea of what this car performs like alright here we go full throttle i’ll just leave it in sport mode i mean it is it is quite quick it’s not blowing my mind but it will you know it is pulling quite nicely that was 13.26 but i feel like it can do a bit better than that i would say 380 horsepower seems legit now as i said those

Erlens dampers mean that it is very nice and comfy it is a very compliant setup um meaning that it soaks up everything you want to be soaked up while still giving you the feeling that you’re connected and that is a very nice feeling it is actually a really really good suspension setup now of course back when this car came out it had to compete with an audi

S4 or a bmw 335i and it was quite expensive this car when it came out there are only 750 of these worldwide so it is quite a rare car wow this is a bit too foggy to go any faster um it is quite an expensive car it was quite an expensive car but it also came with a lot of optional extras so when you start speccing an s4 or a 335i back in the day you would

End up with basically the same price this however was a little bit more powerful and the fact that it is a volvo i think speaks to a lot of people as well a fast folder just has something cool it does pick up very nicely i have to say it’s a nice engine it’s just the gearbox that lets it down a little bit i’m not going to go any faster than this because it’s

Just too foggy so we’re going to wait it out and the automan video with hopefully a top speed run will come a little bit later so i’m going to end it here guys i want to thank reik and his dad for coming to us really awesome thank you guys so much you have an awesome awesome car i think you know this will be a cool car for a very long time you don’t see them that

Often so that makes it extra special to you guys thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video on the right or go check out this playlist on the left thanks see you at the next one bye

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380HP Volvo V60 Polestar T6 | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL