4 2 22 2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime Plug In Hybrid

Perfect family car with 42 mile electric range then gas!

O’clock hour on a saturday morning, so the 2022 rav four prime continues to apparently redefine what it means to be a future forward. scb auto expert dave stalls on the patio with more on what sets this vehicle apart. you’re a fan of this one, dave. well, you know, i really am. in fact, toyota’s really coming out with some pretty amazing electric vehicle. stay tuned. ah

But this right here this is your you know, this is a plug in hybrid. it is the 2022 ralph four prime plug in. you can get just the regular hybrid without the plug in. but the benefit of having the plug in is about what another 42 miles of electric range, which will put you up. 38 mpg. if you just use gas at 94, if you add that extra 40 two mile range. it’s your typical

Rav four. it’s rumi if they upgrade this is the prime so this is pretty much almost the top of the line. this is the excess e but i love this thing. it drives phenomenal. it looks good. it hauls everything that she’d want to haul 3.3 onboard charger. the interior is done extremely well. you’ve got the nice sort of ipad the dash. 2.5 liter four cylinder puts out about 302

Horse. got an electronic cvt transmission, which. normally i’ve never been a cbt guy, but this one works out extremely well. great back seat room of the seats fold down . you can get all your gear in. um you also get heated seats. ah and this one has got one of the bigger electric motors, which is helpful. charging has always been an issue and this one i was really happy

With. look, i forgot to take my stuff out of the back. but that’s okay. 12 hours. if you’re gonna plug it charges on 1 10 only four hours on 2 40, which is really kind of nice. and you can tow with this. you know if your adventure person and you like to get out and you know, do things told little motorcycle trailer or even a little camp trailer £2500 the rack will do

Just about anything and everything you want. styling is great led headlights. you know, it’s just really a fun little car, and like i said, toyota is really spreading out. their electorate electrified vehicles to give you choices that you can choose from. now i will admit this is a tad pricey bases at 43 1 25. this tests out at 7 50,031. but it is a toyota and you know,

Once you jump into a toyota, they have a tendency to last for ever so you know, if you’re looking for a little suv that will get you some decent fuel mileage with these lovely gas prices that we’re dealing with here in the sunshine state, even though it’s raining right now. ah, i think the rav four is a great family vehicle. maybe you’ve got a couple of kids. or maybe just

A husband and wife getting ready to have kids. this is a vehicle to build the family with. so if you’re looking for some fun this would be the vehicle i would highly looked, you know, by the way, this is all well, dr so and you can get into well, driver all will drive to will probably get you a little bit more mileage. but, hey, i think this is going to be wonderful. well,

Hey. don’t turn off your dial because there’s a whole lot more here on k u aside. i’m going to take a run out to delmar hang out with liz and we’re going to go check out the good guy car show. i know all the good guy folks are going crazy because it’s drizzling up in del mar as well. and i’ve got a really good car show coming up next. make sure you stay tuned for that. so

I’ve got it all. all right, i’m gonna throw it back to you guys on the deck. alright are you here tomorrow? two days? yeah you gotta be here with dale weston talking about the log beach crop. brief. very cool. all right. good to see deal again, dave. i have two questions for you. can i ask you one? what was in that brown bag? you got lunch in there? are you ready for

That? that little metal thing i bought a little monkey motorcycle because i’m going to barona speedway tonight. and i’m just too old to be hiking the hills. so i bought this little motorcycle and i got a little trailer. that’s where the wheel goes in the bag is will the nuts and bolts because i got to go drill holes and mount that thing today and then also, i want to know

Just roughly an estimate of how many cats or dogs can you fit in that back seat? well i don’t have children. funny. you should say that since i have rottweilers and dioxins at home, and my wife comes out with a tape measure on a regular basis. she hasn’t got to this yet. she’s at a toyota hot. she’s gonna try to press v and she hates toyota because they won’t build it anymore. so

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4 2 22 2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime Plug In Hybrid By Dave Stall