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4-Door Muscle Cars that Carry on the Legacy of Classic Models

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When you think of muscle cars, the first thing that comes to mind is a high performance coupe with a solid potential for drag strip racing. But trust us, beginning from the golden era, this category has always included 4-door models like the legendary Ford Thunderbird Landau Sedan or Dodge Coronet. So in today’s video we will explore the spiritual descendants of these classics; they defy the old standards by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the horsepower and torque figures.

Foreign muscle cars the first thing that comes to mind is the high performance scoop with a solid potential for drag strip racing but trust us beginning from the golden era this category has always included four door models like the iconic fort thunderbird landau sedan or dutch coronet soon today’s video will explore the spiritual descendants of these classics

They defy the old standards by doubling tripling or even quadrupling the horsepower and torque figures before we begin subscribe to automotive territory and let’s enjoy these practical tire burning masterpieces we start the engines now chrysler 300c the 300 moniker has made an imprint throughout different stages of chrysler’s history it existed in various forms

But all of them shared the spirits of a luxury high performance auto the latest incarnation of the 300s is the full size sedan with the most distinguishable looks and an engine’s portfolio that has always ridiculed fuel efficiency in 2023 it was sentenced to discontinuation so the model will attempt to solidify its legacy with the final 2200 units limited edition 2k

Will be sold in the states and 200 more in canada the chrysler 300c goes out on a powerful note featuring a 6.4 liter hemi v8 with 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque it will get stuck for piston brembo brakes a 3.09 limited slip differential active damping suspension active exhaust and black rounded tailpipes the cabin will be upholstered and black laguna

Leather decorated with carbon fiber inserts and shall feature a 19 speaker harman kardon audio foreign bmw m760e the seventh generation flagship sedan from munich made its debut with the host of powertrain options among which is this performance focused plug-in hybrid launching in spring 2023 the m760e is the first m-batched model with the pgv drive system the

Latter combines the power of a 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder with the m twin power turbo technology and a 145 kilowatt electric motor the setup is rated for 571 hp and 590 pound-feet of torque which means that the heavy sedan can run from a standstill to 16 ph in just 4.3 seconds an electric power alone the m760e can cover up to 53 miles supplied by its 18 kilowatt

Hour battery the model retains overall styling of the new 7 series family getting a massive kidney krill and a new controversial split headlight setup at the same time it can be differentiated by the bmw’s first two-tone paint opting for the amp sport package adds the m sport brakes with black or blue calipers a smaller rear spoiler and 20 or 21 inch amp wheels

Mercedes amg c63se performance the all-new generation of the c-class flagship makes quite a divisive comeback on one hand we get the most powerful most efficient most technological and quickest version of all time on the other we lose 4 cylinders and dynamism of the rear wheel drive the mercedes mgc63se performance mikum c plug-in hybrid model that combines the

World’s most powerful and torqueous production for cylinder engine with a rear mounted electric motor the 476 horsepower produced by the internal combustion unit are rematched to the previous generation v8 but the total system output of 680 hp dwarves the all generation achievements the 2023 c63s transitions to the all-wheel drive gets a conventional epicyclic

Watt clutch 9-speed automatic transmission and as a bonus possesses mobile steering the standard package also includes carbon brakes adaptive dampers and the new generation cockpit with 12 inch screens for the dashboard and and infotainment share your support for the modern four-door muscle cars by smashing the like button we need each thumbs up so thanks for

The feedback and we keep crawling bentley flying spur speed with the emission restrictions tightening each model here the 2023 flying spur will be among the last bentleys that you can get with the w12 engine offered exclusively for the speed model the 602 turbo mil has an 85 horsepower edge over the flying spur s producing 626 horses and 664 pound-feet these

Numbers turn into solid performance on the roads 207 miles per hour top speed and 3.7 seconds 0 to 60. the engine is paired with an 8-speed cfdct and a standard it directs all the output to the rear wheels when conditions require the active all-wheel drive system can automatically send up to 354 pound-feet of torque to the front axle in addition to the unique

Drivetrain the speed benefits from bentley’s dynamic right chassis control electronic opioid steering and several driving modes this car rides on unique 21-inch wheels it’s an optional black line exterior’s back and impact standards a dynamical leather interior as usual you will find 24 way power front seats with massage heating and cooling plus a 12.3 inch rotating

Infotainment display lucid air sapphire in early 2023 the fast-growing american v manufacturer will bring to the markets the most extreme version of their luxurious air for door dubbed the sapphire the new model distances itself from its less expensive siblings by the lucid’s first triple motor powertrain the front axle gets the existing 670 horsepower motor from

The air performance while the rear axle is propelled by a new dual motor setup with the combined output of 1200 horses lucid claims 0 to 60 acceleration in less than 2 seconds and the top speed over 200 miles per hour to properly manage the increased power the car requires an upgraded heat exchanger and an improved coolant flow while its twin motor unit allows

For previously and available torque factoring lucid has not specified the battery and range details for the sapphire but we say that it’s still going to be over 400 miles the car’s campaign wears new black leather and alcantra upholstery and houses sport seats with 18 way power adjustability foreign gt63se performance mercedes amg are transitioning to the era

Of performance hybrid powertrains the very first model to receive the phv technology is the flagship for tor coupe with the e performance patch the amg gt63s it’s a characteristic front apron wide air intakes a rear apron with an integrated plug-in charging flap and trapezoidal to an exhaust tailpipes it tried some unique 20 or 21 inch alloy wheels and gets

Revised amg right control plus suspension with a new damping system this four seater is aiming for the hypercar territory since the 4 liter by triple v8 aided by a rear axle electric motor is now making quite bonkers 846 horsepower and 1033 pound feet for the first model here the millionaires of this world can own this amg and a special formula 1 edition will

Be non-metallic alpine gray paintwork red accents and 21 inch amg forged 520 spoke wheels foreign ghost expanding beyond mercedes models brabus is trying itself at modifying the car that embodies the idea of luxury transportation the rolls-royce ghost is being enhanced with the proper 700 package that both boasts its performance potential and adds a few visual

Refinements from the outside you will recognize the brabus ghost with its exposed carbon fiber spoilers and front fascia attachments there are four new exhaust steps in titanium and tailor-made 22-inch monoblock wheels the performance upgrade means that 700 horsepower per and 701 pound feet can be extracted from the car’s 6.7 liter twin turbo v12 while acceleration

To 60 now takes 4.6 seconds additionally the chassis benefits from a brabus sport extra module that lowers the right height by three quarters of an inch the ghost’s interior is preparized as well you get masterpiece leather upholstery 24 piece carbon package and a new led illumination foreign -g eqe the smaller electric sedan from mercedes gets amg treatment and

Arrives into modifications the models carry the same 90.6 kilowatt hour battery pack as the non-amg eqis but they do gain an extra permanent magnet electric motor and the front axle in case of the eqe43 this means 469 horses and 633 pound-feet while the eq 53 raises the output bar to 617 hp and 701 pound-feet of torque with the optional dynamic plus package these

Numbers can be further bumped up to 677 and 738 units respectively enabling the fastest acceleration to 60 in 3.3 seconds and the top speed of 149 mph the range figures reach 331 miles and the wltp cycle plus emg claimed that the models will support the dc fast charging at 170 kilowatts unfortunately not standard as the recently debuted 56-inch long hyper screen

Mpx system which actually consists of three screens and three single curved sheet of glass the system is offered with a special amg functions and also allows the front passenger to watch video content and use the internet on the move dodge charger the french overlords from stalantis are forcing dodge to forfeit its iconic heritage of v8 power and transition

To all electric drivetrains therefore 2023 will be the last production year for the charger with all of the models being decorated with the last gold plaques the farewell lineup will consist of five regular trams three srt modifications and all new special editions for the charger those are super b king daytona and scat pack swanger unlike before the jailbreak

Package will be available on both radii and non-radi srt models plus the charger’s color palette will add plum crazy b5 blue and sublime green paint options as before this four-door muscle car will be powered by the range of powerful engines including the 3.6 liter pentastar v6 scat pack 6.4 liter v8 and surely the crown jewel 6.2 liter supercharged hellcat hemi v8

With 807 horsepower foreign mercedes amg e63s once again the performer of the e-class is getting an enhancement package from brabus previously offered with the brand’s 800 kids the e6d3s arrives with the flagship 900 treatment it traces the four doors outputs to 900 horsepower achieved thanks to the several engine revisions as well as the installation of two

New turbochargers into the 4.5 liter v8 engine the torque figure was also bumped to 900 pound feet though to protect the hardware brabus limited to 774. this mill also gets new ecu units and exhales through an updated sports exhaust system with corbin titanium tips paired to a 9-speed automatic and all-wheel drive it promises 205 miles per hour top speed and 2.8

Seconds 0 to 60. other brabus revisions include the obvious carbon fiber exterior kit plus a last visible aromatic sport air suspension unit that can further decrease the car’s ride height by 0.8 inches leslie which did mention the new 21-inch monoblock c wheels any custom interior performance and the finest lathers manhart mh3 gtr following the last year’s

Mh3 the german tuner has prepared the second take on the new bmw m3g80 this time manhart made sure to squeeze out all the juices from the 3 liter by turbo and line 6. the smell received the mh tronic control unit the note produces 650 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of twist in addition the company fitted the four-door with a new stainless steel exhaust system with

Beefy quads 100 millimeter tailpipes and a new suspension the latter either includes four coil loafers by kw suspensions or a lowering kit based on the hnr spring setup of course the mh3 gtr wears plenty of carbon fiber including bumper canards side seal extensions lip spoiler and rear diffuser finishing the builds are 20 inch manhart satin black alloy wheels shot

In michelin tires the modern four-door muscle is far more luxurious and drivable but is it a good thing or would you prefer to own an uncontrollable gas gustling beast from the past let’s talk this over in the comment section below and remember to mention your favorite model subscribe to automotive territory like this video if you haven’t already ring the bell and

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